~ The Secret ~

I promised myself to read 5 books this year…
and here by the end of the year i managed to make that promise comes true…
I read 5 different books and i can say 3 of them were worthy of my time…
well, wanted to speak about the last one of them ” The Secret ” by Rohanda Byrne
so this entry will be for the books lovers…

The Secret ~ Know it, Use it, Feel it ~
when i went to buy my last and 5th book for this year there was a weird cover which attracted me in a glance, like a magnet i went to see what is this book ummmm the title is weird, is it a poetry or a story ?!!!
i picked the book up and i started to read for few seconds…
” The Secret is the way the universe is working ”
” Using The Secret will make your life much better ”
” With The Secret I got everything i wanted from my life ”
i got confused and carious to find what his secret is all about
so i decided to buy this book
and here where the magic begins…

The Secret ~ The Law of The Universe ~
yeah, i experienced a weird feeling with that book !!!
what this book is talking about is ” The Law of Attraction ”
simply, everything we think about is the reason to get it
at the start what poped in my mind ” what is she talking about ?!!! there is no way that i think about something and i can get it ”
but as i went through the book she was making some sense !!!
well, feeling good about yourself and seeing yourself doing it is a key for making it becomes true
i mean don’t think BIG, like ” i want 1 million dollar ” it’s just kinda of Challenging the law of attraction as she said !!!
but let me tell you, one day you were at work thinking about the lunch or dinner your mother/wife is making, you just felt like having a dish of Bashamel for example, and you get home to see it ?!!!
or maybe one day you were thinking of a friend deeply that you didn’t see in 2 years and he calls you or pop on your face ?!!!
this is what she is talking about
well, i didn’t believe every single world she said but it was a good experience

The Secret ~ did it work ?!! ~
I decided to make some tests about the teqnuices she mentioned in the book, to see if that law works or not…
and well, it worked well most of the time, well it gives you the feeling of being attractive and confident of yourself, you can DO IT if you felt that way
i loved how she hard a full section about feeling gratitude about what do you have in life very cool stuff !!!

The Secret ~ Quotes of The Book ~
here are some quotes from the book that i like:
” Thoughts are sending out that magnetic signal that is drawing the parallel back to you ”
” You attract to you the predominant thoughts that you are holding in your awareness, weather those are conscious or unconsicous ”
” Our feelings are the feedback of our actions ”
” You create your universe, you are the owner of your universe ”
” Your thoughts and your feeling create Your life, it will always be that way, PERIOD ”

and Finally:
Book Rating: 8.5/10


7 Responses to ~ The Secret ~

  1. Couldn’t imagine how would a better writer of skill would write.

  2. aizmov says:

    i wrote this in few minutes only…
    though the BOOK is originaly a MOVIE
    so all the reviews about it was about the movie
    thanks for passing by, hope to hear from you more ^_^

  3. VnikkiR says:

    Yeah, I heard about the movie, but haven’t seen it.

    I HAVE seen the book, and I agree, there’s something very interesting about the cover that just draws you in. I’ve picked it up before, curious about what’s inside, but I haven’t had a chance to read it yet. So is it like… a self-help/inspirational kinda book? Cuz I sure could use some inspiration now, muahahaaa =]

  4. aizmov says:

    it is very inspirational book, though what is written in there not nessecry believable but it’s not FALSE as well ^^

  5. aizmov says:

    to karimu, i love reading these kind of book ((as well as fictions books))…
    but the story is there are no one to discuss these matters with lol i was hopping that using the blog will open a discussion door but 2 comments so far 😛
    the problem is no one around me reads, to tell the truth, i asked number of people and they said ” it is wasting of time we have internet “,,, HUH WTF ?!!! no internet can cover what ALL the books has =/
    well, i loved that book and another book called ” How to speak with anyone ” that i read last year

  6. karimu says:

    ^sorry for the delay, I’ve just notied it XD

    Reading = LOVE! I didn’t read “The Secret” yet. I still have 3 books to go including Agatha Christie’s “Murder with Mirrors”. Too bad I only have the french translated version “Le Miroir du Mort”, I want to read the original version 😦

    I really recommend Agatha’s books if you never tried them. So mysterious!!! OMG I LOVE HER! XD

    I’m planning to read Harry Potter’s latest book after that. Is it as good as the previous ones? because the 6th was the weakest IMO.

  7. aizmov says:

    never tried Agatha’s because almost all the ones here are in Arabic i can’t stand reading arabic books lol…
    i have just finished reading ” a million little pieces ” that book was good, lol how bad that scandal it follows its success XD
    about Harry’s i am kinda half way and it is well, as it is going to conclude the whole story, i can’t judge by now, i stopped reading it a while ago i may go and read it once again T_T

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