~ Winter Lovers ~

who loves winter ?!!,,, well today the weather is kinda VERY cold,,, it’s only 12C but it is VERY COLD…

I LOVE WINTER, my best memroies are hidden within winter holidays…

if you would, share with me a nice story of winter time that happned for you,,,

or maybe tell me your plans for the upcoming holiday seasons ^__^


9 Responses to ~ Winter Lovers ~

  1. Zyerie says:

    honestly i never experienced the real winter..
    i live in a tropical zone..Indonesia,…and i really want to feel winter..
    seems cool when you can eat a bowl of ramyeon or ramen while it;s verrrryyyy….cold..ah..
    i’ve dreamed of having a winter holiday in another country…
    Japan or korea or a place with snow…wah..that;s gonna be COOL!!!

    ah..hope that i can go back to my hometown..
    and go the the nearby lake for vacation…or by the coming Chinese new year – i want to spend my chinese newyear in HK or Taiwan..
    ah that;s gonna Rock!!!

    hope that my dreams gonna come true…

  2. aizmov says:

    never been to Indonesia but i can understand the concept of ” RAIN ALL THE TIME WITH NO SNOW ” weather lol
    unfortunatly this holiday season am not going anywhere T_T
    our plans to get outside got cancled because my father couldn’t get a vacation from his work XD
    so we gonna stick in local places XD
    but i really hope I can do something good localy 😛
    any advices 😛 ?!!!

  3. Zyerie says:

    eating a nice hot pot or a dimsum party…yeah gonna be nice..
    holding up karaoke nite with friends..wow..
    or go to the beach..eh?
    where is your place..where do you live…?

  4. aizmov says:

    I live in the middle east, at a beach city as well 😀
    I love to go to beach T_T
    but hey, BEACH AT WINTER O___O ?!!!
    isn’t it COLD for that kind of acttivites ?!!!
    wow karaoke nite T_T
    we don’t have these stuff here T_T
    though i can make a dance party, where we dance but they don’t sing XD
    most of the winter we spend hanging out in coffies with friends and stuff like these XD
    you think there is something OUT-OF-ORDINARY that i can do ?!!! your and mine country are ALIKE in many ways 😀

  5. Zyerie says:

    jaaa….ehn…beach is too cold…
    no karaoke?!…hmph…kinda hard…
    and you said they dont sing?
    aa…so sad..

    Sth that out of ordinary?!
    gaaaa…i dont know..
    we usually make a kind of party like this..
    well it;s cold right…Pyjamas party with some games of course..
    we watch horror movie together by using my friend’s projector
    with soju or sake or sth warms..

    but with family? ehn…ah dimsum party or hot pot, we call it Steamboat..^^ very delicious…^^

    waaa..i dont know anymore….what about your own plan?

  6. aizmov says:

    Pyjamas party i want to try that __> ?!!!
    there will be one week left after that for my vacation and i guess i will be at home doing ordinary stuff unless my family decide to do something crazy for me 😛

  7. aizmov says:

    wow what happended for what i wrote XD ?!!!
    wait i wrote this:
    Pyjamas party i want to try that.
    *calls his friends*
    *they picked up*
    *he told him about the party*
    *they hang on his face*
    well, i have 2 weeks in Decemeber and 3 weeks in Jan as vacation
    on Decemeber i will go to our capital to meet friends there for like 3-4 days
    on 15th of Decemeber, it’s who was my best friend birthday… he is angry of me since like last April >__>

  8. zyerie says:

    someday you should try dat pyjamas party..waahh everyone is wearing their best pyjamas n pillow fight…wakakkaa…

    then…if it’s ur friends birthday, you should buy him or her a surprise party..that’s gonna be fun…
    well your friend’s gonna like that i guess.^^ and one more guess, he’s not gonna be mad at you anymore..

  9. aizmov says:

    gonna make a pyjamas party 😀
    on ummmmm 13th of Decemeber XD
    or maybe 14th but not far from these 2 days XD
    wooohaaaa XD
    i better go and buy some cool pyjama 😛
    about his birthday it’s kinda hard he will KILL me
    or let’s say he will completely IGNORE my calls, but i really want to make something nice to him T_T
    it’s getting colder now, the temp is about 12C in here O_O

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