AnyBand ~ DayDream ~

AnyBand ~ DayDream ~


AnyBand should be something EVERLASTING
yes, this is the new song that included in the CD Single for AnyBand
the song is electro flavor like TPL but with a Dark Melody
yeah i don’t understand Korean so the lyrcis part is missing
good song >_>
PS: i hate Xiah when he says ” Uh ” lol XD

Download it
Rating: 9/10


5 Responses to AnyBand ~ DayDream ~

  1. VnikkiR says:

    Is that Boa in the picture?

    Who’s AnyBand?

    Do you listen to Hyori Lee? She has like 100 songs that start with “Any_____”. Heh.

    Boa > Hyolee. I like Boa better, hands down. x]

  2. aizmov says:

    AnyBans is a group of (BoA, Xiah, Tablo and another girl)
    they made 3 songs (TPL, Promise U and DayDream)
    they pulled the Any___ stuff contract from Hyolee lol 😛
    you can find TPL and Promise U in here:

  3. TLFantasy says:

    Awesome one.. Just awesome!!
    The band is doing very well!! love their songs.

  4. Aracus says:

    The other girl is Jin Bora, she’s a pianist prodigy.

  5. aizmov says:

    Jin Bora ?!!!
    is she releasing albums or just get into the songs as feat like in here ?!!!

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