Mai Kuraki ~ Silent Love ~ (Review + Download)

Mai Kuraki ~ Silent Love Single ~

so she is back, and she is having an album coming 1/1/2008 as well
and this consider the last single before the album
i’m a secret fan for Mai Kuraki, because she was the first JPOP singer i tried when i was in Japan lol
so let’s see what we have in this single:

Silent Love ~ Open My Heart ~:
her third ballad single of the year O_O
well, MAI KURAKI what’s with you and the BALLADS LOL
she released early this year a wintery ballad then she released another semi-ballad seasons of love and now another wintery Ballad, well i love the lyrics for this song but it wasn’t special like Shiroi Yuki at all, Shiroi Yuki always gives me the feeling of a good memory box song lol !!!
anyways it was cool to hear Mai Kuraki back

Rating: 7.5/10

Download Links: Full Song | Instrumental

MUCH BETTER song than Silent Love, it’s so motivative and energetic
but still not what i want Mai Kuraki to song T_T
she has done better work T_T
but it does worth it, better than the first one

Rating: 8/10

Download Links: Full Song | Instrumental

BONUS: because Zyerie don’t know Mai Kuraki and am sure there more people who doesn’t know her i uploaded this song ” Seasons of Love ” which is her best single for 2007 I REALLY LOVE IT… though she has also better songs than this but keep up with this for that time until i make a “Specail Mai Kuraki Entry” one day lol

Seasons of Love (( R&B Ballad ))
Rating: 9/10

Dowenload Links: Full Song


10 Responses to Mai Kuraki ~ Silent Love ~ (Review + Download)

  1. Crac KED says:

    I have to say that I’m also a big fan of hers…and I’ve been looking forward to this new CD! Cool Blog, also! ^_^

  2. aizmov says:

    i miss Mai-K of the old days
    but well she maintain produce the same kind of music that i like 😀
    thanks alot 😀
    hope to hear from you soon ^__^

  3. TLFantasy says:

    8/10 for Silent Love.
    It’s not the song I was waiting for.

  4. VnikkiR says:

    Hello (^o^)

    Mai Kuraki? I’ve never heard of her until now… Guess I’m gonna have to check out her music, huh?!

    You’ve got some great songs in here, though. Thanks so much for sharing great music with the world! I’ve been introduced to many new Asian artists because of you! =)

    My all time favorite though is Ayumi Hamasaki .<Q)

    It’s a beautiful ballad, as expected from Ayu. It maaay sound boring at first, but if you listen to it a few more times, you really come to appreciate it :3

    Do you have any of her other songs?

    And I remember you mentioned Olivia when you posted Tommy Heavenly 6’s “Heavy Starry Chain”. I love Olivia too! But it’s so hard for me to find her music =( What songs/albums do you have?

  5. VnikkiR says:

    Wow, it’s already 11/29 over there? And 4am? :-O It’s still 11/28 and 11pm over here! So there’s a 5 hour difference? I dunno, I’m looking at the date/time I left the comment, and that’s what it says…

    One of my smileys turned out retarded, I guess I can’t type those in here can I? Booo x]

  6. aizmov says:

    I am glad that my blog comes to benfit you 😀 <<< a smily lol 😛
    though I am still haven’t introduced every single Asian singer i know, just because i can’t mix the old things i have with that new ones it gets confusing but soon with some special entries you will get to know more 😀
    about Olivia i have every single song she released, yes I am a fan lol ^__^
    i guess i have to put Olivia up in my to-do-list XD
    i have a file i called ” Best of Olivia ” i will uplaod this first soon, then I may start uplaoding indvisual albums and singles…
    and yes there is a difference of 6 hours i guess lol
    i was asleep when you wrote this XD

  7. aizmov says:

    8 is so muchfor this song 😛
    it makes me LOVE Smile Again 😛

  8. Zyerie says:

    i’ve listened..
    yeah.. 8…hahaha…like it..

  9. aizmov says:

    why you people giving it more than me
    LOL XD

  10. Janrae Mendoza says:

    10/10 for silent love, be with you and season of love….

    Mai-K is still the best when it comes to j-pop….hehehehe

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