YES, finally new project…
since Sara’s death last April i stopped working on 3D projects just like i used to before
today my agent called and told me that she got new project for me if i am ready and i agreed directly lol… i need some excitement and hard work in my life XD
the statement was ” We need a movie can be suitable for a mobile advertisement campaign “…
so i got this Idea in mind of a movie i called ” LOST IN THE RAIN ” which inspired by the famous amarican series LOST…
as of now the Movie will be for 30 mins only that can be played at the next generation mobiles as NOKIA/TOSHIBA/SAMSUNG/iPhone mobiles…
I am not sure how the company want this project to be announced but i don’t care lol
and for copy right reasons i won’t mention the company name until we finish the first phase of the project…
so, i decided to put DAY1 of the story, LOSE IN THE RAIN, i need to see your responses about it, because it will HELP

Written By: Aizmov

1st Day:
I woke up,,, and the only thing I remember is my name and that face of hers, who the hell is she ?!!!
I am in a dark place and I can hear the sound of the sea waves
it echos all around, it is annoying, i feel the temptation to move, but i am paralyzed
I gathered my power and I got out of there, there was no sea ?!!!
TREES and TREES and TREES only…
what is this place ?!!! why I am here ?!!!
there is no sense of life
not a single one
no humans
no animals
no bugs
not even one creature
I walked and walked and walked,,, and all what I am seeing are tress and more trees
I don’t know what time is it but it is getting dark
I am tired I am hungry I am thirsty I am sick
*an attack hit him while he was walking*
aaaaaaaaugh MY HANDS, WHAT THE !!!!!!!!!!!
AAAAUGH, it feels like there is something inside of me, IT IS MOVING
it is starting to rain, I can’t move, I have to ….. find ……… a
*he falls on the floor*


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