BoA “Lost Direction” of her Life!?

n a recent interview with the Japanese press, she made confessions that no fan of hers or the press expected to hear: that she “no longer” enjoys working, and that she plans to take a break from her usual routine and pursue her study in America.She told interviewers that she was feeling “exhausted”, which is hardly surprising, considering her incredibly busy schedules in the past seven years, going back and forth between Korea and Japan. However, her emotional problem apparently goes far deeper than that; she confessed that she felt as if her identity as a human has been lost“.

BoA said this is not a recent development. She felt that she had “lost direction” of her life ever since releasing Best of Soul, her best-of compilation that has sold more than a million copies in Japan. Since then she never really had time to reflect on her life and her goals.

Her plan to overcome this slump is to realize her teenage dream, which is to go to a university in America and pursue the studies that she has always wanted to do. She said that she was “certain” that in four years’ time she’d be attending a university in the U.S., improving her English and dance skills.

Credits: BoAjjang + Yahoo! News

Well, I’m quite shocked! I mean, I know she must extremely tired but, did it come to this?


26 Responses to BoA “Lost Direction” of her Life!?

  1. aizmov says:

    GOOOOOOOOOOO GIRL, well i am surprised she got sick of what she is doing…
    that’s why she is not having a Korean album maybe XD
    but seems like they force her in Japan
    i am with taking a brake and go to USA to study…
    2 years and coming back again won’t harm THAT MUCH, singers like Namie Amuro done that lol

  2. karimu says:

    2 years with NO BoA is going to be hard for us :/

    but at least good for her!

    btw: she said 4 years not 2 XD

  3. aizmov says:

    i don’t believe SM and AVEX will let her disappear for 4 years..
    she is still a money maker and a big star out there

  4. TLFantasy says:

    Yes, surely she won’t disappear for years.
    Maybe 1 album every year without releasing singles.

    Anyway, we all wish you luck!

  5. aizmov says:

    you mean Korean album i believe…
    no such ” an album without singles ” in Japan unless it is MINI ALBUM… although 80% of the singers who releases mini albums make 1 single before that…
    in Japan the singles shows how the album is going to be…
    so, a new album without singles would propably leads to instant fail !!!
    i know this is wierd but it is how it works

  6. yournot says:

    “It was probably after the release of my compilation album (Best Of Soul), that I began to lose my aim in life. I guess in a way, it was having to work constantly with no breather in betweeneach moment, that made me feel that way. From time to time, I will think back and reflect, whether I am being too contented with what I have now. Honestly, I always wonder what will happen to me if I were to give up singing one day, but because singing has been my life, the thought of it is enough to just jolt me back to my senses that I need to go on with singing. But I guess it is the fact that I hadn’t have a break for so long that it is making me burnt out.”
    atlantis-x from soompi.

    theres a better trnaslation.

  7. Dr. Tran says:

    aww poor baby. well she does deserve a break from all this. and to further her education, i dont’ think anybody would have a problem with that.

  8. karimu says:

    They made her feel/work like a robot :/

  9. aizmov says:

    yeah AVEX was pushing her so hard the past 2 years
    that’s why it seems like she is not choosing what is she doing at all…
    dunno what’s that going to lead

  10. Broken_Dust says:

    It was clear, without saying it by words, you could read it easily on her pretty face =(
    Even if you do what you like but not the way you like it will be boring, she was used to make money not to make people happy.. damn stupid companies!!

    She her the best ^^
    The only thing is.. why America if you want dancing? lol hollywood makes America look good in everyway =P
    *burns hollywood*

  11. aizmov says:

    don’t burn it i have people i love over there 😛
    well, she got tired after Girls on TOP
    that’s why she ran off Korea

  12. Zyerie says:

    ah….just go for da dreams..
    and i guess the company has earned enough from her..^^
    ah..come on !! Chase the dream!!

  13. Aya says:

    Poor BoA…She has been to pushed too hard. She does need a break. And why not let her study for a while? Even if she doesn’t want to be a singer anymore, we will still have the legacy she left behind. We shouldn’t be selfish and want her stay just because we want more of her amazing music. :3

    As fans we all ❤ BoA! So whatever she chooses to do, we should support her all the way. =D

  14. aizmov says:

    i don’t want her to stop singing >_> !!!
    i can’t live without her XD
    just imagen guys if she quit singing and went to be full-time actor XD
    that WILL KILL ME

  15. karimu says:

    Most people will commit suicide if she acts, because of her bad acting :p

  16. aizmov says:

    nah i will take it as a comedy series even if the drama in it was like 1 Liter of Tears XD
    i will laugh at her forever XD

  17. karimu says:

    ^ Go laugh at her LYM sales, funnier!!

  18. aizmov says:

    ^ i rolled on the floor on laughing for like a whole hour now…
    what’s going on with that gurl lol ?!!!
    last year she was selling ” MIDURATE ” sales, Winter Love was a HIT ?!!!
    this year’s single were MUCH better, but i guess Japan maybe know that all her songs will be included in the album lol ?!!!
    well AVEX better work thier @$$ out for the album lol
    well lol i already buying 2 copies of the album for the first time in my life
    and yeah, X-mas live people said it was cool so i guess it will help the album sales, well, not in Japan, thier market is wierd, GURL GO MAKE A KOREAN STUFF, and yeah, CHANGE YOUR MANAGERS lolz

  19. TLFantasy says:

    Did she act before? I doubt it.
    I dunno how you guys judged that she’s a bad actress.

    Anyway, I hope not.. I don’t want her to be an actress.
    Being a singer is MORE than enough for me ;D
    lol hey.. she won’t be!! :p

  20. karimu says:

    ^ She acted in a Korean Drama long ago. She had a pretty small role though -she was an evil little girl!-

    I couldn’t judge her acting, I was just kidding.

  21. Nicole says:

    I’m happy for her. Good for you BoA take all the time you need.

    The music industry treats stars like work horses. They don’t care about how tired they are all they think about is money! I can understand how she lost her identity because the music industry created a Pop image for her and she can only express the emotions her fans want to see, not the emotions she truly holds deep inside. She hasn’t had time to find herself.

    It’s a shame how they make her work so much, they turned her dream to be a singer into a burden. She’s so on demand because of her powerful singing and dancing skills, but she does need a break even though I don’t want her to leave. She needs to forget about what people will say about her and do whats right for her.

  22. aizmov says:

    well as i saw BoA in BEST IN SOUL TOUR she was talking with the us freely
    i mean i don’t think she has to force herself to speak with the fans
    look at Namie Amuro’s tours she bearly speaks with them lol

  23. CBloss says:

    *whistles* Can’t say I saw this coming. I think this will be for the better, though. She’s released so many songs. Just put them on repeat until she comes back! 😉 Think of it this way, when she comes back, she’ll be a lot stronger and more powerful!

    Sorry i’ve been silent as of late. Just got back from NZ.

  24. Ratoshi.Yamiyo says:

    I suporrt her all the way. I wish her the best of luck in my country and hope that I can meet up with her. ^^

    I can kinda understand. She is a celeb anyway. It must of been hard for her then.

    Good Luck in what your doing BoA!

  25. CBloss says:

    I agree with Ratoshi.Yamiyo. Chances are she might be able to live a half-way normal life in a country where she’s not from.

  26. lost says:

    i know wat she means..i hate it when they push her so hard to work 7years.. with out her wanting to.. i wouldn’t mind if she was pushing herself cuz its from her.. they’re also treating her like a puppet.. not even like human beings at all… i just hope that she gets to achieve her teenage goal.!!!!

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