~ Alicia Keys, The Pianist ~

~ Alicia Keys, The Pianist ~

I am a fan of this girl, look what i brought to you today

~ Karma ~
this song ROX, well it’s not THAT new song but I LOVE IT, it’s kinda what am living at
i feel my life is forcing on me that Karma of what I’ve done
and actually i can’t hold it, what goes around must comes around
this as the most songs i am sharing today is R&B/Ballad

Rating: 9/10

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11 Responses to ~ Alicia Keys, The Pianist ~

  1. Alicia keys is gorgeous young lady she sings good I love your song the one I like best is never see you again that a great song to sing to a boy friend

  2. ellison80 says:

    as i was saying earlier i enjoy bon jovi and rainbow
    i m not keen on alesha

  3. Homer Markarian says:

    I really want to let you know that I am so excited for you finally having a family …. i love you and your music. It has really change my life…Alicia Keys you are amazing!

  4. Clay Shawhan says:

    I look forward to another record that Alicia Keys will have. all the best with your baby. You are the best singer!

  5. I love Alicia Keys’s songs a lot. The message of her every song are awesome encouraging and very addictive. You deserve everything you have now

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