~ OLIVIA, The Rocker ~

~ OLIVIA, The Rocker ~


this singer that we shared once and twice last year together ha
i believe she is one of the coolest Rocker in Japan…
i promised before that i will make her a ” SPECIAL ” but i decided to make it after this ” SPECIAL ” entries ^__^
so here is OLIVIA’s stuff:

~ tears & rainbow ~
the first song i heard for OLIVIA, i got it from my friend Sehro
i got addicted to this song, it’s an ADDICTED song
lol the song might be repetitive and all for some people
but still OLIVIA’s vocals and the slow repeated beats make this song WOW
not my best song of her but still i has some place in my heart

Rating: 8/10

Download Link

~ Cut Me Free ~
this song is the song made me hook up in with OLIVIA
it’s in English this time, and it has same repetitive addictive style as tears and rainbow
actually, this is catchier song, i made a dance for it
though the lyrics is not THAT good, but still i LOVE IT

Rating: 8.5/10

Download Link

~ Winter Sleep ~
this one of the songs that touched my heart last winter…
well, the first single tear wasn’t with that song
but this sing really touched me…
lyrics and melody are smooth and lovely

Rating: 9.5/10

Download Link

that’s all from OLIVIA…
i will put more ” HARDER ” songs of her in her special soon ^__^


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