~ Revolution-CODE: 2006-1212 ~

~ Revolution-CODE: 2006-1212 ~


well, i didn’t announce this earlier, but this is the first anniversary for me and Hyo-san hehe…
though we are not as friend as we used to be, or well, we are not friends at all
but this day used to be one of my best days eva… it is not because i met Hyo only
around this day i met Karimu 2 years ago, i publish my best list and make my friends happier, i meet new people and do alot of stuff, this day and what’s around it always special for me…
so i decided to make special entries celebrating this anniversary
and by any chance, i wanted to mention that i want him to know that i really would like to speak my word one day, it’s hard to live with a sin i didn’t do, well it gives you the  feeling of guilt that keeps you away from sleeping…
DUH, i am so emo right ?!!!
well don’t put in your mind that you will get the HOT DANCY song special like the previous (( 10000 VISIT )) one, but you will be getting punch of R&B/ROCK/Ballad songs haaaaa
and they all express my feelings mean while in the lyrics or beats
and for anyone reading this, can you do me a favor ?!!!
close your eyes, and send a prayer for me to get the courage to finish what i couldn’t finish, to succeed on my mission, please !!!
so starting up with:

~ BoA, The Angel ~
yeah i am not Aizmov if BoA is not involved…
so what we got:

Can’t Let Go:
well this ballad cuzed the one single tear from the first place…
it’s from Girls on TOP album…
this sweet Ballad can do it for you, so touchable

Rating: 9.2

Download Link

i just discovered this song and it is AMAZING
it would get the 10 mark of this year if i wasn’t found by REMEMBER THIS from ARIA
the vocals and the music arrangement was just AMAZING

Rating: 9.8

Download Link


5 Responses to ~ Revolution-CODE: 2006-1212 ~

  1. VnikkiR says:

    I’m Veronica by the way… I don’t think I really introduced myself, haha. Nice to meet you!

    Is your name the same as your screen name?

    Of course you have to include BoA, LOL! So what do you think… is she gonna “retire” in four years time or stay in the music business? (o.O)

  2. aizmov says:

    oh hey Veronica been a while, i was thinking where have you been lol
    my name is Fe-Ra-S, Feras lol, Aizmov is just an ALIAS lol
    and about BoA am not seeing her retiring before 30 same as Namie Amuro, just a guess lol

  3. VnikkiR says:

    I’ve been around =)

    Been busy I guess. Wrapping up finals for school, cases for work, recording my first album (!), and packing cuz tomorrow I’m flying out to CAMBODIA! .<Q) <— begins writing a list of “suck up” lines.

    Yeah, me too actually, I don’t think it’s the best idea for her to leave the music scene for an extended period of time when she’s as popular as she is now… but if her music’s not gonna get any better, maybe this break is just what she needs? I always thought she lacked that “piece of humanity” that she claims to have been missing in the past few years, so a part of me feels that studying in college abroad may be the best experience for her… plus, I’ll be stalking her, wherever she may be going :3 Well, if she does do that four years from now, by then I’ll already have graduated, buuut we can never learn enough, right right? 😀

  4. VnikkiR says:

    Eek, my comment got messed up, booo. Oh well 😀 I was just saying that you’re really good at grading and reviewing music, so I was wondering if you had any time you can be my critic? I’m definitely not as good as the artists you post up here… probably won’t get higher than a 5 x]… buuut at least I’ll get a super Feras score! 😀 Yeaaay. Well, I’m flying out tomorrow, so I probably won’t see your response till I get back, but yeah. I posted my songs here: myspace.com/veronicaros. It’s just me singing and playing the piano, no fancy arrangements or anything. I wrote the lyrics and composed the music, so they are my babies ❤ hehe

  5. aizmov says:

    sur ei can be your critic but unfortunalty myspace.com never work with me, it is blocked by my fire wall 😦
    it’s good thing that you can play the piano, i play it as well, but not something pro lol
    good luck in your trip and when you get back i will really be gald to hear your songs 😀

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