~ SATOMI’, Thw Wanderer ~

~ SATOMI’, The Wanderer ~


i believe not alot of people know SATOMI’ but she is one of the best japanese urban singer i listen to…
try her out

Darlin’ x2
i wasn’t found of this song when i saw the MV few weeks ago, but when i got the MP3 on my MP3 Player, i got addicted to Darlin Darlin lol,,, i was walking on the university and shout ” Darlin’ Darlin’ kougo ne kouta ” lolz… this is a good R&B Ballad song you should try it

Rating: 8.5/10

Download Link

And Myself
when this song started i was like O_______________O;
but when the Jazz part came i cooled down lol
though still a good R&B/Jazz/Ballad that deserves to be tried

Rating: 8/10

Download Link


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