GreeeeN – Hito (REVIEW)


The 1st song I’ve heard of GreeeeN‘s was 愛唄 (Ai Uta) and I’ve become a fan since. Ai Uta was their breakthrough hit single which helped their first Album A, Domo. Hajimemashite. to peak at #2 (for 3 whole weeks) and to sell more than 450,000 copies. GreeeeN is actually the only Boy-Band I listen to, so, this should indicate how good they are 🙂


Hito is GreeeeN’s 4th Singl and the 1st since they released their first Album. It was released on November 14th ranking at #8 and selling 35,000 copies in total. Though the single did not have the same success as Ai Uta, it’s still their 2nd best selling single.


Hito opens with a guitar introduction, it was a nice start and it gets you to the mood of the song. The verses are sung in quite low pitched vocals. The song continues like that to the chorus part which is very upbeat and quite catchy. The song is very energetic overall but I found it quite similar to the album tracks in their first Album. The bridge was kind of disappointing but the final chorus made it up. It was more upbeat and more fun.

Rating: 8/10 (Enjoyable)

Machi is the B-Side of the Single, and I wish it was the A-Side! I love the female voice they added to the Intro, Outro and the Bridge, I thought it was quite refreshing. The chorus is very catchy and the overall atmosphere is very good.

Rating: 8.5 (Very Good)


the cover:

I love almost all GreeeeN’s covers but, this one is HORRIBLE! Check: Machi, High G.K Low, Ai Uta & A, Domo. Hajimemashite.

the Ai Uta Power:

I laughed when I saw this pic, I thought it was the actual cover but it’s not. It’s a Promotional painting. Ai Uta helped the Album, but it won’t just help every single release 😉



Hito is a very good single. It’s their best actually since Ai Uta‘s B-Side didn’t rock anyway.

I recommend this single and I recommend GreeeeN as a very good Boy-Band.

Overall Rating: 82%


One Response to GreeeeN – Hito (REVIEW)

  1. Lynchan says:

    lol we’re the same., GReeeeN is actually the only jap. band I listen to. I think I’m already obsessed with them!!

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