Ayumi Hamasaki – Mirror (FULL VERSION )

Yup, leaked!





6 Responses to Ayumi Hamasaki – Mirror (FULL VERSION )

  1. aizmov says:

    i loved it, but it is soooooooooooooooo short ?!!!
    i was told by Hikari Ayumi that the album leaked yesterday or something, so get ready for full review + download everyone

  2. karimu says:

    ^ It’s the intro track. That’s why it’s short.

  3. VnikkiR says:

    ……YESSS! 😀

    And “nooo” at the same time, cuz I’m flying out tomorrow and you probably won’t have it posted till later *tear* I can’t wait to hear it 😀 I’ve only heard previews, but I didn’t get to hear Mirror yet…

    Ayu likes to put filler music in her albums (such as Mirror) and I’m guessing Marrionette is gonna be the same… I think it’s a musical way to transition between her songs, plus she uses them in her Arena Tour concerts for when she’s backstage changing in between songs and stuff. :3

  4. JJ says:


    It’s great! Totally sets the serious, kind of angry mood of GUILTY. I love the weird puppet/circus sounds of it, and how it explodes into a rock track after.

  5. konayuki28 says:

    THANK YOU ❤ now iknow what to expect from guilty album ❤

    =) ur the best !

  6. mellody says:

    The same Mirror in the track 1 Guilty album??

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