~ I’m Back + HELP ME CHOOSE ~

hello everyone, I AM BACK, i missed you all T_T … yeah welcome back CBloss from NZ and welcome all the people who posted in here while i was away, and hope you get back to us Zyerie soon have a good vacation, i think i mentioned in previous entry that am going to my country’s capital for few days… lol it was 3 days plan which became 5 loooooool… full entry about it will be posted late today or early tomorrow

mean while i really need your help, ummmm, i think i can get someone into BoA, he asked me to lol,,, so i was thinking if I am going to buy him a SINLGE and an ALBUM which will they be ?!!! he has the same taste as me the same exact taste lol, but as of me, i love ALL BoA’s stuff so it will be be ALL SINGLE + ALL ALBUMS lol XD… ummmm let’s see, you know Karma i posted for Alicia Keys ?!!! he likes it as much as i like it, well while i am R&B, Fast Based and HIP HOP fan i think he is as well lol, so guys what do you think ?!!!


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  1. karimu says:

    Welcome back! I missed you!!

    ummm… the Album should be VALENTI, since it contains great pop tracks and sweeping ballads. VALENTI is what I call LOVE from the first LISTEN. So, it should be the convenient Album IMO.

    As for singles, it depends on what he’s into. Dance = QUINCY or LTMH
    Ballads = Winter Love or Meri Kuri…etc

    EDIT: Buy BEST OF SOUL -Perfect Edition-. It should cover Albums. And for singles, any post BOS single is fine.

  2. aizmov says:

    i’m thinking of OUTGROW+DVD, since the MVs in that album is awsome, BEST OF SOUL + DVD will show everything about BoA
    single ummmmmmmmmm cuz i am sure he will love Your Color but i actully doesn’t LIKE nanairo no ashita lol XD

    so i think i will nomenie these:


    – Winter Love
    – Mirikuri
    – Nanairo no Ashita/Your Color
    – Everlasting
    – Dakishimeru

    ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so what do you think ?!!!
    can we make a songs review or something see what we end up with XD ?!!

  3. TLFantasy says:

    It’s decided..
    Buy it!

  4. karimu says:

    ^ OUTGROW is BoA’s BEST ALBUM nonetheless but, what I’m saying is: to introduce an Artist for someone, you should choose less risky songs, songs that they’ll most likely “love”. OUTGROW has some risky tracks including the title track “Ready Butterfly”. VALENTI, LOVE & HONESTY and BEST OF SOUL are the safest way IMO.

    Aizy: As for 7Iro… it IS definitely one of those songs that you either LOVE or simply HATE!! XD

    I forgot about LOVE LETTER thogh, it’s quite varied..so, I’d say yes.

  5. aizmov says:

    ok, give me 1 hour until i finish my fast and has my fa6oor we shall review each album in here… and come up with the conclusion cuz i have to make the order now i am going back to Riyadh inshalla after 1 month ^__^
    which reminds me, i finally met TLFantasy over there lol
    more will be discussed on the special entry…
    TLFantasy wanna any BoA stuff on my way next time ?!!!

  6. VnikkiR says:

    I’m not sure about albums, but for singles, Love Letter was refreshingly good. The musical arrangement was very polished, Boa’s vocals sound great (mature, not as young like when she first debuted), and the lyrics are beautiful. Plus it has two other songs on it! 😀

    Oh yeah, and I definitely agree with what kamiru said. I listen to Asian music 95% of the time, so I tend to get my friends to get into some of the artists I like, but it’s tricky though, cuz American music lovers hold high standards for music (most of the time *cough cough*) so if they hear something “weird” or it’s “not that good”, then they don’t have as much patience to give it a chance.

  7. aizmov says:

    I understand that, but with the good approach is going to hit, for example approach them by giving them LADY GALAXY, it’s the type amarican listeners may love…
    my list is ready

  8. aizmov says:

    i reviewed all the albums here are what i got ((I excluded BEST OF SOUL SONGS from count))

    – Power: I LOVE IT
    – Dreams Come True: aha maybe
    – Happiness: i like the rap lol
    – Nobody But You: one of my best

    STRONG POINTS: 4/8 ((with singles 7/14))

    – B.I.O
    – Sekai no Katasumi de
    – Moon & Sunraise
    – Discovery
    – flower
    – Beside You

    STRONG POINTS: 7/9 ((with singles 11/13 ))

    – Midnight Parade
    – Be The One
    – OVER ~ accross the time ~
    – kokoro no tegami
    – song with no name

    STRONG POINTS: 6/10 (( with singles 8/13))

    – Kimi Ne Tonari De
    – OUTGROW ~ Ready Butterfly ~
    – make a secret
    – Everlasting
    – Dakishimeru
    – Love is what you can’t see
    – soundscape


    – Lady Galaxy
    – Winter Love
    – No More Make Me Sick
    – Revolution Code: 1986-1105
    – Your Color
    – Candel Light
    – Last Christmase


    VALENTI is a must as showen, ummmm a tie with OUTGORW and MI20 AND L&H ?!!!
    seems i can’t find BEST OF SOUL – Perfect Edition – anywhere so it seems i have to pick up 2 albums now, sooooo ?!!! it’s getting confuser XD

  9. karimu says:

    L&H>VAL for me… but VALENTI has her catchiest pop titles she’s ever done (ie. VALENTI, Kiseki)…etc

  10. aizmov says:

    well I had an IDEA…
    i ordered VALENTI and OUTGROW
    just to be sure of hitting the old BoA stuff and the New BoA stuff ((I mean pre-BEST OF SOUL and post-BEST OF SOUL))
    and i have ordered the COMPLETE VIDEO COLLECTION for the MVs
    i will make 2 MIX CDs, one i call ” Single Tear with BoA ” the second one called ” Shake it With BoA ”

    Single Tear will have songs as:
    * OVER ~ accross the time ~
    * Your Color
    * Winter Love
    * Mirikuri
    * Can’t Let You Go

    Shake it With BoA will have songs as:
    * Lady Galaxy
    * Revalotion Code: 1986-1105
    * QUINCY
    * TOUCH
    * Girls on TOP
    * My Name

    and extra CD called ((WATCH HER)) which contains 25 Preforamances from her career starting from Girls on TOP ending with LOSE YOUR MIND…

    the other option is to move VALENTI and buy MI20 instead and put the songs in VALENTI in the MIX CDs ?!!!
    yeah this gift must be THE PERFECT I REALLY NEED a new BoA fan 😛

  11. karimu says:

    I think he’ll be overwhelmed with BoA and eventually..he’ll hate her o.o;

    You should give it one by one or he’ll be bored with her in a short time. VALENTI & OUGROW first.. then he should start digging her by himself if he likes her.

  12. aizmov says:

    i put the overwhilming in my mind hmmmmm….
    but for example i can’t see myself introducing anyone to BoA without letting him hear Your Color T_T
    so you think, VALENTI + DVD and OUTGROW + DVD can work it up… i cancle the MV COLLECTION 2004-2007 ?!!!

  13. aizmov says:

    and why i removed Girls on TOP from my mind, i keep asking myself that for a while lol XD

  14. Ninpon says:

    i think BoA’s best album is (Girls On Top) all my non-asain music fans loved it and said they finally got why i love BoA and stuff

    as for the singles it think her latest ones are better like (LOVE LETTER) and (WINTER LOVE)


  15. aizmov says:

    the only problem is that Girls on Top package SUX

  16. TLFantasy says:

    Check your E-mail!

  17. aizmov says:

    nothing from you in my E-mail >_> ?!!!

  18. karimu says:

    I forgot about her Korean works too… :/
    Girls on Top is great! Moto should make him “lose his mind” XD

    My final Opinion:


  19. aizmov says:

    no BEST OF SOUL – Perfect Edition –
    i revolved the whole internet
    about LOVE LETTER, i gues i am buying the new album for him along with my album if he loved BoA…
    previously my cart contained:


    now it contains:
    Girls on TOP + OUTGORW and the third CD will be a MIX preformances and MVs i choose… cool ?!!!

    Karimu if you found the Perfect Edition of BEST OF SOUL tell me because it is the mid solution and the best as well

  20. TLFantasy says:

    Yup.. That should do it.

    Me as an example, GoT made me lose my mind, got blown away.. and then I’m a fan! : P
    Along with OWTGROW which contains great song are fair enough, I think!

    The extra MV DVD you’re making is a nice addition.. the MV Complete Collection is very good though.. there’re great MVs in it.

    All in all, I agree!

    *hand up*

  21. karimu says:

    I didn’t find it as well, I found the CD Only version though. I guess it’s nice either way, don’t you think so?

    Anyway, {Girls on TOP + OUTGORW and the third CD will be a MIX preformances and MVs i choose…}


  22. aizmov says:

    CD Only lose its value, it is kinda like ” why i buy the CD only while it has A VERY COOL DVD CONTAINENT in the Perfect Edition “…
    i will put some MVs that is not in the OUTGROW DVD and some Spark, MOTO, Girls on TOP, TOURs preformances
    he will find that unique i hope 😀
    am so EXCITED XD

  23. aizmov says:

    you know what a cool containent as well, MI20 DVD lol, but the album itself can be easliy boring XD
    though i will include LADY GALAXY pref in the Special CD, i know he will like dis song XD

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