ONE SINGLE TEAR ~ Riyadh 2007 Special ~

~ RIYADH 2007, walking on new road ~


as been informed earlier i went to our capital city for 5 days…
well, that was hella of trip XD
i believe i never had that amount of laughing before !!!
the topic is long enough so i will cut it short, well red titles are very important and entertaining stuff, though the whole trip was BIG, met alot of new firends XD
so, let’s get started

i went out form my home at 8AM and caught my train at 10AM…
the whole trip i was playing Final Fantasy Tactics on the PSP
yeah about 5 hours XD
when i arrived i called my transportation tool, my friend Ahmed.Q
he said that he is coming, but i kept waiting alone at the train station for like 30 mins, lol i felt like i am in a Korean Drama scene, the rain is missing only lol XD

PART2 ~ RIYADH, i’m back, for the second time ~
the first thing i said when i got in Ahmed.Q’s car ” Ahmed, i can eat an elephant ” lol truly, was hungry since i got into the train and it is around 4PM there XD
i called Hussam and told him that we want to eat and he said i will meet you there…
so, Ahmed.Q decided to go and meet a new guy suppose to be called ” Majed “…
we decided to talk with him and pick him up and go with Hussam to eat something…
we arrived to Majed’s apartment we tried to reach him and we couldn’t XD
the most memorable thing is that blue shower cloth with dolphin in there XD
we couldn’t reach him so we thought of going, but somehow Ahmed.Q felt like going back and then we found him out there XD… yeah the new friend number 1 so far…

we were planning to trick up our friend ” Nawaf “, he knows me but never saw me, so we said that we are going to play a trick on him, i will act like a relative with a different name ” Dahoooom ” lol, only me, Ahmed.Q, Majed, Hussam and Aziz know about this trick, here where another guy called ” Adeel ” made a phone call to Ahmed.Q to go and pick him up from Majed’s apartment, yeah, that street which has Majed’s apartment, I MEMORIZED IT, we went there like 4 times and yeah hell yeah, we went there one more time to pick something from Adeel’s car… cut it short we went to some Video Games stores and then decided to go to ONE WAY, which is a cool caffe shop ^__^

we arrived there, i remember getting an ice tea…
and we were planning to trick Nawaf still…
so, someone else came ” Mishal.S ” ummm the 3rd new guy followed by TLFantasy and then Hussam and Aziz XD…
the funny thing that i know them all and they know me but still am Dahoom not Feras until Nawaf fall into it XD…
so, after a few chit chat about BoA with TLFantasy, and i was looking at hussam and he kept laughing XD…
Nawaf came and we decided to start the game… so Ahmed.Q started to ask him if he called ” Feras ” or not, and he said that ” Feras is in Q8 now “…
ahmed and hussam went out… and something happened >_>
Nawaf came to me, i was like ” Shit this is going to fuck up “…
he said ” Hey Dhoom how are you ? everything ok ? “…
i was like nodding and kept silence and look at him from the ends of my eyes XD
he said ” when did you came yesterday? 2 hours ago? ” i was like nodding and self centered lol, here where Ahmed.Q came… and Hussam started this ” Nawaf did you talk to feras ”
he answered ” NO, this stupid *** *&%^$ )()#*(% ^&^&%& &&^$&^ went to Q8 so (*&%(*&% *($*()* ” i was shocked he was hitting on me hard XD
so hussam called my number and i picked up, he looked at me and then smiled, he thought that hussam called Dhoom and it is a trick…
then i raise my voice ” so you were talking about me ”
he got the shock of his life after hearing my voice XD
lol guys you can’t imagine the view it needs a VIDEO XD
really needs a good one XD
he was screaming like if he met BoA XD
that ends the thing XD

PART5 ~ here there up down, oh new japanese guy ?!! ~
we were waiting for the guys to reunion and were waiting for the rest of people to gather, new more friends, Mishal and Yazeed-senpai…
yes, senpai, he studied in Japan longer than me XD
well, i wasn’t that ” look-I-know-Japanese-Too ” i hate to show off
but we were talking about our time over there…
he knows BoA and had bought Winter Love, and when hussam asked him about YUI he said he doesn’t know her XD
well he said ” the most popular one there is the tinned one ” i know he meant Koda Kumi and his best artist is Ken Hirai XD
after that we decided to go for dinner FINALLY, been like 12+ hours without food -___-;

god’s well and i got arranged with a mixed people lol we were like ummmmmm, 9 if i didn’t forget anyone lol XD…
well, got to know someone there with the same taste as mine XD
Mishal.S, it’s rare to find that exact taste lolz… yeah my taste is mixed up but unique and his as well XD me, him, nawaf and TLFantasy were speaking about games and games and games and TG, yes TG, they suck we all know XD
THEY SUCK XD <<< he hates them since he get out from there
well, you know, we were talking about how they kicked me because of BoA and i can see girls pictures in thier site everywhere now -__-; DUH
we finished the restaurant and went to Ahmed.Q house to finish off

PART7 ~ in da house ~
we arrived and start playing Xbox360 and stuff like these…
but what made us all laugh to heeeelll, is when Nawaf went HIGH
lol, he was speaking 5 different languages and speeches in 1 second…
Ahmed.Q was slapping him and he changes the hell of his voice and way to talk XD
i can’t stop laughing XD
not to mention when Ahmed.Q and Nawaf where cosplaying Resident Evil 2 and Final Fantasy 10 loooooooooooool yeah that was hilarious XD
” I like your **** ” Ahmed.Q you are C U R A I Z Y XD

PART8 ~ the other day ~
me and hamed picked Nawaf up and decided to go and eat at A&G we picked Majed and went there well, i met new friend Abou Norah :D, a nice guy really 😀
we had lunch and sopke a little about the movie Deja Vu, then we cracked up, we went to the down town and Ahmed.Q made us try THE BEST DESERT i even taste so far, Souflate or whatever it was lol… BUT THIS FOOD PICKED ITS PLACE ON THE FOOD OF THE YEAR…
later on we went to home and stayed for a while more people came Muhammed and his brother then we got out for dinner at a restaurant called TAXI eh, after that the clock dinnged for 15th of December the old Hyo guy birthday, well i was touched but ok, we went back home and met Mishal.S and Majed over there…
well something really ACTION happened, when Nawaf decided to dilever a baby, 2 Xbox games and an HDD 20GB XD ok this made me die from laughing XD shhhhhhhh secret XD
we then stayed for a while and watched a stupid movie with WIERD ENDING THAT PUT ME IN SHOCK XD… we went to sleep, well my first pajamas part ever XD…
well, i should not talk and say what happened in there but i say my STOMACH was dying out from laughter XD

Part9 ~ best day over there, new hope came ~
it’s fahad’s birthday today and i wasn’t able to call him eh… so decided to write an SMS, you know because of my disease i wake up early before the other guys, yeah i sleep at 6AM and wake up 10AM…
ok, we decided to meet over a place named TOKIO, yeah japanese restaurant for lunch…
we gather there, lol not to mention how much we laughed with Muhammed and Nawaf at the car talking about well yeah something but in the original arabic style 😛
so, we met at there and starting to order, well i saw some orders i used to eat in japan and ordered them, we you know when the food came, some of them LOVED the sushi and others didn’t XD… well, i got used to it so it is my fav food XD
noticeable thing that the guys there was trying to use the shopsticks, well i am an expert living there XD… so mishal was the one i was able to teach because he was next to me, i thought him how, he taught the others XD
well, after we done we got out got a picture of each other, and then met Abou Norah…
we decided to ride on Mishal’s car, and YEAH IT HAS A CD PLAYER WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO
i was about to JUMP and DANCE and REVOLVE around myself XD
FINALLY A CD PLAYER XD… though my BoA’s CDs was in the bag -____-;
we started it with Yara’s ” sodfah ” then Rihanna’s ” Umbrella ” ok and then i went HIGH and asked for Gimme More, yeah i started to dance the way Briteny was doing and that was HELRIOUS XD… yeah am a good HIP HOPer dance but Gimme More can’t be danced as HIP HOP XD… gimme gimme more gimme more gimme gimme… omg i am going to hear this song now
we went to a cool caffe after that… it makes you glow if you wear something white XD
i sent Fahad’s SMS there yeah he didn’t answer but tuz lol XD
somethings happened over there 😀
then we decided to go, we to the train station get my ticket and went playing in Ahmed.Q’s house… i introduced BoA and KODA KUMI to Nawaf lol, and the other guys saw Koda’s MV JUICY XD…
guys needed dinner so me and mishal went there to get, we got to know each other more along the road haheha… but as he said, i cursed MacDonalds they were slow and stupid XD
we went there, and watched a movie, it was like HOLLA XD never watched a movie with that number of people it was comedy movie and it was hilarious…

Part10 ~ shortcut ~
the other next days was the end of the trip, highlights was when we made up the names for every single guy of the group… and the FAMILY series was hilarious…
yeah i went out, i missed the train and then went out again lol~
so here is the last part

about everyone in the trip…

Ahmed.Q ~ The Relative ~
like relative to me, we were on each others face for almost all the time 😀
you ROCK dude :D… i will always remember you majles XD
alot of things happened there XD
thanks for holding me up for that few days ^_^
hope i didn’t get you over loaded ^_^

Nawaf ~ Madea ~
lol this boy HAS TALENT, he can do anything and be anything XD
well, am sorry for the game wa played over ya but wasn’t it a good one lol ?!!!
and thanks alot for the good laugh and being funny all the time 😀

Hussam ~ The Actor ~
lol, he really got earned this title from his act over Nawaf XD
you did a real good job dude XD
everytime i remember this i laugh XD
well i know you before so go away

Aziz ~ DELETE ~
well you name have been decided before i think about it
but you have to DELETE that laugh you were doing when i was looking at you
lol, imagen Nawaf saw you >_> the whole thing would have been destroied XD
keep the spirit duuude

Majed ~ The Golden Bomb ~
you know, Golden Bomb never BOMB, i mean it is gold, but still a BOMB lol
am i making any sense XD ?!!! this is a Japanese expression for the people who can’t get angry and they are always calm, i sware this man can walk behind you and you won’t notice it, but Nawaf made him laugh the hell of himself at the last days when we started ” The Family ” XD
dude, you got me infected with the ” al hakeer ” virus T_T, i hope to see you again when i come back T_T

Mishal.S ~ The Eye of Seah ~
lol, in arabic ein el seah XD… it’s just thing Nawaf pop it up and i cought it XD
lol when i asked my mom about the meaning of Seah she said it means Diamond XD
the Eye of Diamond XD, you earned yourself a cool name buddy 😀
yeah yar the only one who got to love FFX the way i love it, i mean people love it and hate it for stupid points XD…
one day i will make you play that ” childish art ” RPGs :P…
and cheer up for all Tetsuya Nomoura stuff :D, keep it cool buddy 😉

Abou Norah ~ The Big PAPA ~
lol, yeah PAPA is the japanese version of Dady XD…
this guy took the lead on make me laughing after Nawafoh XD
yeah we had that speech about the Deja Vu, and he believes in my hypothisis about it, maybe he has his own as well XD
but dude, i love Xbox360 more than PS3 😛
so far at least 😛

Muhammed ~ The DRIVER ~
ok you are not as scary in driving as they told me 😛
we could have cought the train that we missed if we got the CORRECT direction 😛
and yeah i couldn’t get your impression about the jap food we ate XD
and what you have done to Nawaf and Majed was helrious XD

Muhammed & His Bro ~ FAR AWAY ~
all i know about ya guys that you are really far away XD
i mean you are getting long time to meet the guys in here
lol same as me if i am going to the guys in the university XD
keep it up both of ya 😀 hope to meet ya again XD

Yaazed ~ The Senpai ~
so calm, he is sooooooo clam i was dragging him to make some noise but no use 😛
all what i know that he won a competition in Japanese language XD
well, we need a day where we speak only Japanese and leave the other guys look at us with 100 qeustion mark and laugh at them XD
yeah we can talk about them using Japanese :P, yeah i feel evil XD
didn’t see you in the other days T_T
hope to see you again later, i guess XD

Mishal ~ The Unknown ~
hmmmm i didn’t get to xcontac thim ALOT, but i know he can beat a whole croop in Halo 3 lol

Aziz ~ The Last Fantasy ~
ok dude, you know, i didn’t expect you to be THAT CALM XD
yeah i guess you saw me and you saw how active and hyper i am XD
though it took only one day i didn’t see you in other days T_T
but i will see you more when i come back inshallah 😀

ummmmmmmmm did i forget someone ?!!!!
oh yes….

Omar ~ The Clamer ~
lol he is about his first year old boy XD
well the people who didn’t see him should jump from the university tower XD
he was looking at me and making voices XD
yeah i know, Ali said it before, kids loves me ❤

so, that’s all…
i love you all 😀
and i promise i will be back 😀
not so far from now inshallah 😉
and hope my comeback will be like BoA’s Girls on TOP comeback 😛
you just wait and see 😛


8 Responses to ONE SINGLE TEAR ~ Riyadh 2007 Special ~

  1. TLFantasy says:

    Outstanding night! ;p
    It was nice to see you that day.

    Too bad it was only one day for me.. It’ll be ‘everyday’ next time you come here, with a non-calm mode.. yup XD.

  2. aizmov says:

    are you sure it will be a non-calm mode 😛
    i doubt that 😛

  3. karimu says:

    That was long… o.o

  4. aizmov says:

    i told you so XD
    it is 5 days baby and there are things i didn’t write about XD

  5. karimu says:

    What’s your secret? How can you stand writing all that? I have trouble even reading it X/

  6. aizmov says:

    it is the hard way buddy…
    the only way to keep this precious memories is to document them…
    you know most of the things i wrote i had to call some of the people i mentioned to remind me… for example, that lunch we had at A&G or something… and cool cafeshop with that glowing white thingie… MS is not cool
    so yeah, i have to do it like that, that hard way…
    but you know, am not sad about it !!!
    i know that i am getting support, whatever happens add these 9 people i met to the 30+ on my list and the others that are not in the list…
    and if you can get that ” the object was found ” i believe that should relief you, lol ok all what stuff i said are not linked XD… we need to MSN it or something XD

  7. DSayno says:

    What a night!!

    I wish I was there with you guys .. ^^

    Why didn’t you invite me, Feras? 😦

  8. aizmov says:

    because i don’t have your mobile number ?!!!
    i called all the people i have thier number 😀
    so, as i mentioned it is not the last time
    in January i will go to Japan then come back and go to Riyadh…
    so it is not the last time eh 😀 … get ready in Jan 😀

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