~ Happy Eid ~

although it is yesterday, but i was extremly busy hanging out with my family anf friends, the Eid term was explained by my co-writer Karimu few months ago, but i can say it is like Christamse for us or something like that lol…

so happy vacation everyone… and please tell me how was your first day XD… for me i went to the beatch house meet some friends danced for SWEET IMPACT and LOSE YOUR MIND ((damn my disease got me before the whole fun get started))… then got back and went for dinner with my family :D… what abouy you šŸ˜€ ?!!!


4 Responses to ~ Happy Eid ~

  1. karimu says:

    The same usual, nothing! XD

    I visited some of my relatives and stuff alike. But tomorrow I’m going to an amateur rap concert with my friends. I think it’s gonna be interesting!!

  2. aizmov says:

    lol we need a report about that in your dairy
    well, this is the second day, tomorrow the 3rd and last day you know lol
    i believe i will go with Broken Dust and Xeonash now

  3. TLFantasy says:

    Ordinary day..

    Taking my family to grandpa’s house in the morning.
    Eating the THABI7AH at 2 pm.
    Getting back home.
    MSNing then sleeping till midnight.

  4. aizmov says:

    no one commented about the cute sheep lol XD…
    anywayz, i don’t know why EID became ordinary while the time passed…
    i mean it should be special, THAT DAY SHOULD BE SPECIAL
    yeah, i would dnace in the street if i had to make it special…
    how about one thing guys, if we lived since then inshallah…
    how about making group IDEAs for the next Eid, i mean next year we gather some ideas and do them XD
    yeah, these 3 days should be exciting and unique, no wonder my family was getting us outside the country the past 3 years XD
    cuz i feel how boring and ordinary it is INSIDE the country XD

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