Ayumi Hamasaki ~ GUILTY ~ (Review)

Ayumi Hamasaki ~ GUILTY ~

ok, Ayumi Hamasaki fans gonna hate me for that review because i am gonna hit
it’s not what i have expected from Ayumi Hamasaki at all
her previous albums were WAY BETTER than this forced one
so let’s see

ok this is the best song in the album, it had cool instrumentals and mid-orate lyrics… unfortunately it is only 2 minutes song =/
Rating: 9/10

don’t leave me alone
this song is not bad, it has a unique flow of music and nice lyrics… but can be boring later on… and yeah you gonna sleep after that waiting for something new and interesting bridge… why do i feel it is mixed up alot ? and it reminds me alot of disicion which is a track in the same album
Rating: 7.5/10

Talkin’ 2 Myself
since i heard this single i though Ayumi gonna give us a kick ass album… well we have made a review for this song before you can check previous pages
Rating: 9/10

respect this song more after getting a tour around the album’s tracks, though the guitars intro still annoying me, but the piano intro is hella of GOOD
Rating: 8.5/10

a dark song, i like how does it start… soooo unique and dark and the first part of the lyrics she started with got my attention… but after the chorus started i pulled back and after a while i doze off for a while and got awaken by the next song >_>
Rating: 8/10

well, a good ballad song from Ayumi, but Together When was a better one for me
Rating: 7/10

Together When
this song deserves a lefting of the hat… i really like it LOVE IT… the lyrics the instrumental and everything
Rating: 7.5/10

i loved how the song started, and her voice suite these types of songs, i guess they worked on this song more than the other songs, it deserves a head up
Rating: 8.5/10

Judgment Day
another Intro for the album =/ ?!!!
Rating: 0.5/10 <<< for the nana nana part

no comment ๐Ÿ˜€
Rating: 5/10

what is special about this song >_> ?!!! i tried to find something makes me listen to it again i couldn’t find any
Rating: 5/10

another intro -____-; ALBUM OF INTROS -___-; ?!!!
Rating: 1/10

Untitled ~ for her ~
this thing reminds me of an RPG ending theme XD no more XD
Rating: 5/10

OVER ALL: well Ayumi filled the album with Intros that is unnecessary… i was shocked i didn’t expect this album from her.. at least i wanted something like criminal this song can blow your head away T_T
so over all, i can’t listen to this album more than twice… you can get bored from it really easy, so:
Rating: 7/10


86 Responses to Ayumi Hamasaki ~ GUILTY ~ (Review)

  1. TLFantasy says:

    I listened to the whole album a few hours ago, and I totally agree with you..

    except, umm.. Decision rating..
    I say 9.0

  2. aizmov says:

    not as good as T2M

  3. keracchan says:

    I hate the intros, too..

  4. karimu says:

    I’m so exited! I loved secret and I hope I’ll like this one too ;P
    I’ll be listening to it tomorrow since Shimatani Hitomi’s “crossover” got into my soul!!! XD

  5. karimu says:

    I was hoping that “Judgment Day” was a full track,, I loved the title,,it could’ve made a hot song :/

  6. aizmov says:

    i didn’t like Shimatani’s cover album i couldn’t stand the songs in there lolz
    and yeah Ayu got my big ” X ” for the albums i am going to listen to next years, now Koda Kumi, BoA, Mai Kuraki and OLIVIA on the list ^__^

  7. aizmov says:

    years = year ๐Ÿ˜› <<< SMAPer

  8. karimu says:

    I didn’t mean her cover Album. I meant her crossover Album :p

  9. Michiru-san says:

    I agree completely. This album was a big disappointment for me, and I have to say it is probably her worst yet. I just hope it isn’t down hill from here for her. I really like “Marionette” and all the singles except for “fated”. Over all, there are about five or six songs I like and one I can tolerate, the rest are all thumbs.

  10. aizmov says:

    5/10 is too low, at least we got Talkin’ 2 Myslef lol XD
    but yeah i even feel like 7/10 it too high
    man, i can’t listen to this album again i have abandon it XD

  11. Akuseru says:

    The only into on the album was Mirror, which is the explanation as to why it was only two minutes long.

    The other songs you called intros, reBiRTH, The Jugdement Day, and Marionette -prelude- (which you forgot to list) were just transitions in between the different genres of the songs. The Marionette prelude prepares you for Marionette, The Judgement Day prepares you for the pop songs (glitter and MY ALL), and reBiRTH sooths it down for untitled ~for her~.

    This isn’t one of my favorite albums from her, but I don’t think it was terrible. Ayu has a tendency to jump from theme to theme with her albums and this one happened to be a dark rock-ish one.

    GUILTY is by far my least favorite song from her. But I love Marionette, (don’t) Leave me alone, Mirror, decision, talkin’ 2 myself, fated, Together When…, glitter, and untitled ~for her~.

  12. aizmov says:

    if this is a theme she should throw it away in her upcoming albums… almost all of them are slow songs and not motivative, moreover they are not THAT unique =/

  13. anomunous:D says:

    It is kinda true, alot of her songs in this album are very…. disappointing to the ear ONLY. There are a few unwanted songs but even if they have the boring-ist melody you really should look at the meaning of the songs because untitled ~for her~ is said to be one of her best lyriced songs in a while.
    Well ayu has gone through alot, it’s kinda hard to be original since ayu probably has almost done everything or others already did it. D:
    Can’t Rate x_x

  14. Akuseru says:

    I don’t find these songs disappointing at all.

    The only song I don’t like is GUILTY. Untitled ~for her~ is a beautiful song, as are Together When…, Marionette, glitter, fated, talkin’ 2 myself, (don’t) Leave me alone, and decision.

    MY ALL is okay. It gets old after a while. The remaining songs are just instrumentals so they really can’t be judged as songs.

    That’s 8 good songs against 1 okay one and 1 bad one. I think the only thing I find disappointing is the fact that there wasn’t really that much new material.

    I still think that, while not her best work, it’s a very good album.

  15. aizmov says:

    a very good album will stand for ” not-a-fan ” ears for at leaset a week, am not an Ayu fan… but i know she can make a good music actully i have 2 of her albums because the producation was HELL OF GOD…
    but even if you gave me this album as i gift i may throw it back in my closet after the first whole run listen XD
    as anomunous:D said, i love the lyrics she used in the songs, specially GUILTY and Untitled, but i can’t stand the melody enough…
    i will give the album more runs i may get used to it but i am sure i am going to abandon it right after Mai Kuraki releases her album ^__^

  16. Kyoko says:

    Well… I’ve only heard half of it… And I think it is good that she tryes different styles… It’s just that in this album we can see that rock is something new for her… I’d say experementing is better than constantly releasing the same stuff, cause I think that Secret has the same type of songs as (miss)understood… So It is good that Ayu experiments even if rock is something she can’t do at the moment… I think she should keep on trying =)

  17. aizmov says:

    she has done rock before >_>
    and ALOT of rock well the songs i love for her are ” rockish “… and i don’t see where is the new things she is trying in this album ^__^
    not to mention I LOVE T2M and Decision but they are singles so i would buy the single and abnadon the album !!!

  18. Kyoko says:

    true…. but…she tends to work harder on singles…. I think…

  19. aizmov says:

    Namie Amuro worked very hard for her album
    and it was TOTAL love ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. Sook-rin says:

    Eh, lol, it’s not THAT bad as i believe… I do agree that the intros aren’t that great but the first intro then come the fast music of My All makes the world brighter ;DD *love My All, it’s soo good =DD* Guilty, which I believe is the main song of the album, isn’t that great as I thought.. o.o;; And then yeah, not many songs are that catchy and not as many songs express her voice throughly >__<*

  21. karimu says:

    Namie’s Album had the best album tracks ever!! BoA’s Album tracks are generally decent too but not as strong as singles.

    Ayumi’s GUILTY is good overall. Secret was way better IMO. :/

  22. aizmov says:

    i lost hope on Ayu after (miss)understood actully…
    i think she will never release these stuff i loved in (miss)understood again >_>

  23. karimu says:

    Secret had some excellent tracks too!

  24. ladymoonfighter says:

    This album is not better than My Story and Secret.

    I like “Together When…” the most (and the video clip is very good!), and then Glitter, Fated, Talkin’ 2 Myself.

    I totally dislike the intros.. OMG,, there’s no any of the intros is enjoyable. No offense,, but the Song “Guilty” is not that good. Why did she put the song become the album title?

    Rate: 6.5/10

  25. aizmov says:

    pretty much the same rating, though i know she is going to do well in Oricon Chart >_>

  26. karimu says:

    ^ She debuted with low sales…67k in the first day… PLAY did better…

  27. aizmov says:

    i thought the album release date is 1/1 ?!!!

  28. aizmov says:

    this is funny in the oricon they worte 1/1/2008 and the still counting the copies ?!!!
    no no really, what the ?!!!!
    and if AYUMI HAMASAKI ended up with 300K-+ like Namie Amuro what BoA is going to sell, 150K ?!!!

  29. karimu says:

    the official release date is 1/1 but the “actual” release date is on christas.. that’s how Ayumi gets 2 week sales in one. Quite smart huh? Oricon usually mixes 2 weeks in one on this time of the year. This happened with (miss)understood I guess,,,

  30. aizmov says:

    so the slaes will appear as 59867775498547698547 >_> ?!!!

  31. zyerie says:

    minna san…am back…
    so tired from my vacation….
    uhm…not really into this one
    but some combination of the music strings seemed to be unmatch…
    Though i like some of the songs and def.cool for my mixing materials..but still there are some songs dat i cant listen till the end coz it didnt fit my expectation..T___T…

  32. aizmov says:

    lol yeah the album was a big dispoitment XD

  33. Kurumi-chan says:

    Thank you for the downloads. Looking everywhere for them ^.^

    Uhh… Well I haven’t listened to the intros yet. Although the rating for Untitled ~For Her~ was a bit low for my opinion. I loved that song because it was about her friend that was two years older than her and she had just passed away. The whole album was dedicated to her, but that song was the one was really written for her. I love it so much because someone dear to me had also just passed away a few months ago and I listened to this song and I was like pouring my eyes out… so sad. Anyways, yes that is what I think of that song haha.

    I’m surprised that Glitter only got 5/10. I like that song. It’s really vibrant and upbeat *.*

    Marionette is my favorite song out of this album though *hee *hee.

    Thanks again! Ja ne!


  34. aizmov says:

    welcome to our blog kuru-chan
    well, because am not a fan for ayumi i didn’t know about the ” friend ” story, it’s really nice of her to make a song for that friend…
    about glitter, yeah i hate the song, i don’t know why but i don’t love these ” forced ” songs ๐Ÿ˜€
    hope to hear from you again =)

  35. Sayakim says:

    ROFL you certainly got the FACTS WRONG! This album is in fact A LOT BETTER than her PREVIOUS FEW. I mean it’s the same AyuStyle kind of music, but this time she tries to go into a darker, more serious direction. If you are into superficial sugar pop music then her last few will be the one, BUT if you’re a more serious listener and crave for more mature and deeper themes then THIS IS THE ALBUM TO GET! I really hope that she keeps this kind of quality for the next few albums (and finally makes something that’s actually original…).

  36. aizmov says:

    sugar pop is not my style at all, LOOK AT THE RATING OF GLITTER…
    and if you call this album something ” original ” then she will keep selling 200K+ frist week sales ๐Ÿ™‚
    M(U) was something ORIGINAL, yeah ” is this LOVE ” beat all the tracks in this album ^__^

  37. kyoko says:

    did you hear thar she has serious health problems now?! I heard that she said that her left ear is “dead” (and totaly hopeless) and doctors said that there is nothing they can do about it…=(

  38. mrayne32 says:

    I have to disagree with that review, because I actually like guilty way more then the last album she made. Perhaps if she was singing about nothing then it would be favored more it seems.



  40. aizmov says:

    lol i won’t delete your comment i will give you that fandom moment to have some pleasure with… morover, our blog for all to share
    want to say something people are different in taste and my rating simplifies my taste what is my guilt if my taste is not that type of songs, moreover there are alot who are agreeing with me…
    and for god’s sake don’t drama queen me with her ear story we all know she got that disease and she got diff
    man i got illness that will kill me at my late 30’s why don’t you just make the same drama queening about me ๐Ÿ™‚ ?!!
    if i sung a single shall it hit because i got MS ?!!!
    uh, some fans ^__^

  41. Hi all, chanced upon your site when i was looking for ayu lyrics for this album xD and i decided to add my two cents worth to the discussion..

    Having heard all 9 albums that Ayu has made, i will probably agree that the songs are not as original as when she first started out.. But i dont think this album is “forced” or worse than her previous ones.. In fact i felt that (miss)understood and Secret were more disappointing..

    The songs on GUILTY have more power and feeling for me than the songs on secret.. I found her lyrics more heartfelt and Ayu really made the songs her own..Moreover, the videos were also beautifully made and i love the short film Distance Love.. The short intros are also found on her other albums (my story i think) and i think they are meant to be transitions to different themes..

    I think when reviewing an album, the songs are not the only things to consider.. The overall experience is more important and for me, GUILTY was a very very pleasant experience… Perhaps better than her previous two albums.. Moreover, orignality should not be such a huge issue since MANY top selling artistes often stick to a certain style (if it aint broke, dont fix it) and thats what makes Ayu stand out for me..

    So hah… This is just my way of defending Ayu without making a fool of myself ;p

  42. zomg just realised that the previous comment was insanely long.. sorry =S

  43. aizmov says:

    LOL, i love you, that’s what they cal a civil discussion ๐Ÿ˜€
    well, yeah, i put on mind the ” overall experince “… i understand japanesw and i know what she is saying…
    well, this album is waaaay better than ” secret ” ((which i hate the most)) but no not better than (m)u…
    – is this LOVE
    – Criminal
    – Heaven
    and other VERY STRONG songs in (m)u makes the album the strongest to me for ayumi
    i just wish she had something ballish that as strong as ” Criminal ” T_T

  44. anony says:

    oot. hello there. chanced upon this site too while browsing. saw the ratings here and was thinking they’re kinda under-rated for me as i think they’re really nice songs and have very good feels. i’ve been ayu’s listener since the duty album, not because of the lyrics (i don’t understand jap / see the translations anyway) or whatsoever, just plainly on the feel and emotions i could feel through her songs.

    for me, i’d say that her albums are getting better and better, just as she grows and changes through the years. maybe there’re alot of people out there always looking for the x factors or new things that you can see or expect from albums, be it ayu or whoever out there, for people who listen for feels may actually enjoy it better:) but overall, feels appeal differently to people due to different things that people experience, unless you’re able to unrestrict yourself and get along the road together with ayu. that’s when you’ll be able to explore more of the inner worlds of the songs.

    eh.. ok.. i think i sound quite weird. anyway, hope you guys can enjoy ayu’s songs as much as i do:) wish everyone and ayu all the best ya! cheers ^o^

  45. .LightCatcher~ says:


    I love Together when…n fated….

    ๆตœๅดŽใ‚ใ‚†ใฟ ROX!!!

    (^_____ ^ )v

    ใ€Œๅใ•ใ‚ใฆใ„ใ‚‹ใ ใ‘ใ˜ใ‚ƒ

  46. H3ctor says:

    well personally i think GUILTY isnt such a big dissapointment. it is very rock oriented which many mainstream music lovers may not like. lyrics wise and musically, it is better than many albums before it. the music has matured a lot. personally i love it that ayumi keeps changing the styles instead of sticking on the same one. and about originality, i dont think ayumi cna do much bout it. shes been in the business for 10yrs and released tonnes of stuff. some of her new release might have sound like previous ones or like some other artists. thats bound to happen.

    and i dont think (M)u is because most of the songs in MU are taken from Sweetbox(try search for this). but Mu has a lot of variety i feel liek im listening to an international album when i listen to it.

    and anyway everybody has preferences. criminal is like a hit or miss. u either love it or hate it. and u can find like tonnes of people who despise it with a vengeance, including me XD

    anyway, back to GUILTY. DLMA, MY ALL, Untitled for her happens to be my favourite =)

  47. Kyori Kaori says:

    Actually,i don think GUILTY is disappointing.
    i was quite surprised to see her releasing her new album although many tragic things happened to her.
    My favourites in this album is ‘untitled~for her~,Marionette and GUILTY.’
    I simply love her songs _>
    poor thing..

  48. untilted says:

    hi. saw your review and the comments from others. personally i don;t really agree with the ratings for some of the songs. but i don’t deny the fact that everyone have different music preference. i think GUILTY isn’t as disappointing as what u hav stated. u cant really get new fresh music from the same composers all the same.(that’s something i’m a little unhappy with).nonetheless, the music quality is still great and they tried adding effects in. as for the interludes, this is the first album that i listened to all the interludes. i guess it does really help to make the whole album sound more organised. u shd listen to the quality of the interludes also. well, lets hope the her next album will rox.

    (sorri 4 the long comment XD)

  49. VnikkiR says:

    I’m baaack =]

    You already know that I’m a HUGE fan of Ayu, but I have to agree, I was completely and utterly shocked at how weak this album was. I mean, lyrically, I have no idea what she’s saying (except for a few of the singles where I’ve read the translations). What I’ve read, they sound powerful. Musically, she tried some new stuff, worked in some old stuff, didn’t quite make anything refreshing, not quite the instant hit effect I was expecting. But some of her songs had some special moments :3 Some of her songs tend to grow on me after a few listens, so for now I like it, but I don’t love it [yet]. We’ll see soon whether that love sets in or not…

    Four fillers is nuts. An intro, a prelude, and two interludes? Were they really necessary? I’d rather she give us whole songs. But fillers work for her cuz she tends to need that music for the time that she’s backstage changing. But she does use them to transition between themes on her album, so I do feel that she was using them as a way of making a journey, to emphasize the different phases and emotional scale that she’s felt this past year.

    Five new songs, and the rest are singles… I wish there were more…

    She’s been having a rather rough year. Broke up with her bf of 7 years. A close friend of hers died, hence the last track on the album. The deafness caused by a disease in her left ear, which is def affecting her live performances, pitch wise. The decline in her overall sales (physical sales speaking, her last single only sold like 80k units right? digitally, she reached the 1 million mark… isn’t that ironic?) Plus, her consecutive #1 albums streak was ended by Koburoko. And Avex stocks have declined since the revealing of her ear condition. Eek. I really hope she gets her act together and climb back to the top for her 10th anniversary.

    Anyway, I think the ratings you gave her songs are too low, but this album was surprisingly not her best, in my opinion. I still love her though :3


  50. VnikkiR says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. This album was oddly dark and emotional compared to her previous albums. I think she was finally focusing more on making an album that means something to her rather than what Avex wanted: another #1 album.

    She wrote to fans saying that after listening to the album, she cried, something she never did before.

    And she dedicated this album to her friend that died.

    So I dunno, even though this doesn’t sound as strong as her previous albums, there’s something about this album that’s very different on an emotional scale. It actually fascinates me, cuz I wanna know how Ayu went about creating this album…

  51. Raf says:

    I’m neutral to Ayumi. As hearing this album for the first time, there wasn’t anything catchy, unlike Secret. Her previous albums were way better than this. Im not feeling it. Her voice annoys me.. it isn’t suited to rock songs. Of course, artists do have their ups and downs and this isn’t any different. Hopefully she’ll find her place and make a better one for the sake of our ears.

    Oh, and Namie Amuro’s Play album was flawless. ALL the songs are soo catchy. โค She should’ve made all the songs singles.. lol

  52. aizmov says:

    WELCOME BACK VnikkiR, i really found your comments so useful and much better than the people who are just commenting to show thier fandom >_> this is what i call a hardcore fan ๐Ÿ˜€ you rock ๐Ÿ˜€

    Raf, really truely, Namie’s Album was the best of last year i should have share it after BoA’s new album with her upcoming single maybe ๐Ÿ˜€

  53. aizmov says:

    oh yeah VnikkiR, i want to hear these songs of yours, your my sapce never works for me because of the proxy firewall i have >_<

  54. VnikkiR says:

    Thanks! It’s great to be back… though I miss it over there =[ Aw, hm… I’m not sure how else you can hear them. I guess I could upload it the way you uploaded this album? I’ve never done file sharing stuff before, so you’re gonna have to help me out on that one, haha. I have the MP3’s on my computer… beyond that, I have no idea what I’m supposed to do, haha =]

  55. aizmov says:

    enter: http://www.mediafire.com
    press on Browse, choose your file and then press (Uplaod File to Mediafire)
    wait until it finishes, then you will see your song name on blue, right click then Copy Shortcut, and then Paste it the place you want it to be shared

  56. VnikkiR says:


    Ohhh snap, Veronica’s become a master at MediaFire XD

    This is one song I wrote & recorded recently. It’s a bit low on volume, so you’ll probably have to turn it up a bit. I’m still tryna figure out how to record so that my songs play at the normal volume, but yeahhh. It’s just me singing and playing the piano, so, er, it won’t be something super extraordinary, lol.

    I hope I don’t get a 0.5/10 like Ayu’s “The Judgment Day” did, haha… you’re the awesomest person in the world? <- sucking up, is it working? =]

  57. VnikkiR says:

    You know what, the more I listen to it, I feel that I should change the title. I feel like “I Don’t Mind At All” fits more… I dunno, lemme know what you think :3

  58. sanzo says:

    yup !!! i hate glitter !!! but i love my all & untitled ~ for her !!! i think this album is so great !!! love it !!! love AYU

  59. ShAdOwFeAr says:

    First time listening to ayumi songs not bad i think

  60. Well.

    She had a deaf in the left ear.
    A friend of hers recently passed away.
    And just broke up with her boyfriend.

    This album is full of her emotions poured into it.

    You say her voice aint suited to rock music.

    More to ballads i think, i agree.

    But shes been listening to bands like led zepplin since her teenage years and you cant blame her for going the rock way. But seriously, i was thinking, why dint Japan had any mainstream rock, and all pop.

    Cos pop is gay in my opinion. Hardcore and Metal ftw.

  61. Before you start flaming me, im thinking the pop in USA, Europe and such, not j pop.

  62. ZOMG softandsticky what in the world are you talking about??? Hardcore rock in Japan is definitely alive and kicking! You just need to look in the right places ๐Ÿ˜‰

  63. sookiechan says:

    The only songs I really like on the album are Marionette -Prelude-, Marionette, and Talkin’ to Myself~

  64. confused.. says:

    Hi! i listened to ayumi’s GUILTY. i think it isn’t as bad as wat u hav said.. i do agree that her interludes are quite annoying since she has only a few album tracks. T_T.
    i also saw the reviews on Boa new album. i was wondering..since u dislike pop song, why Boa album is getiing higher ratings for her pop songs compared to ayumi?

  65. aizmov says:

    i do not dislike pop songs, and i do see where is BoA’s material get near Ayumi’s… moreover, i like BoA’s style of music more than Ayumi, at least i can dance for some of BoA’s tracks here and there ๐Ÿ˜€

  66. karimu says:

    confused: I wrote BoA’s review not Aizmov. That’s why it’s different. I actually agree with you, Ayu’s album is much better than he mentioned IMO.

  67. aizmov says:

    ^ i posted my review in the same page of yours
    people hate truthful opnions it seems ๐Ÿ˜›
    just looking at the rate of people commenting on this topic XD
    well, i gave good scores for the first tracks, second half of the album was sooo boring for me XD

  68. VnikkiR says:

    Maybe it’s cuz we hear something different from youuu XD

    So, now that I’ve gotten the chance to listen to it a couple more times, I have to admit that I like it more than I did the first time around. It really grew on me. Knowing about her situation, what the songs mean to her, and just getting to know the songs, it became “special” to me too, does that mean sense? Right. XD

    Anyway, for those who are complaining about how she has too many fillers, Mirror (the intro song) is being re-recorded into a full song, and rumor has it that Ayu is filming either an AT08 clip or a PV for it. Booyah. XD

    I’m so jealous of all the people in Paris that can just walk up to her and get her autograph and take her pictures and film her and… *cries*

    Anyway, has anyone watched CDL 07-08 yet? She performed a lot of the songs from Guilty, to my surprise. It was very AT-ish of her to do that… If you’re a fan, you know how she always cries during at least one song in her big concerts XD She def cried more in CDL 07-08 (during My All and Untitled ~for her~) than she did when she sung Memorial Address about her father dying. It doesn’t matter how off she was, I was def teary eyed (;_;)

  69. confused.. says:

    well.. i guess i will comfirm the rumors. mirror will be a full song with a pv shot in paris. the name of the full version song is called mirrorcle world.
    since aizmov has high ratings for mirror, i guess this will be a great news for u?
    anyway… i jus hope that mirrorcle world wont be as disappointing as the full version of black cherry…

  70. aizmov says:

    SO TRUE about BlackCherry, i was like WOOOHAAAA, but after i listened to the full song, uh ok
    i’m glad that there will be a full version of mirror it is the best piece in the album
    is it gonna be a single ?!!!

  71. boamyjewel says:

    hopefully yes, since it has th PV!!
    Can’t wait to hear it? anyone have it?

  72. VnikkiR says:

    Mirrorcle World will be released in her new single Life. I forget the release date… I think April something? Yeay =]

  73. confused.. says:

    Life will not be the name of the single. mirrorcle world is the name for single coz life doesn’t have a pv.

  74. aizmov says:

    oh i am glad that she is releasing a new song based on my best song in that album…
    though i will leave it to Karimu to review it

  75. glitter2myself says:

    OH, i love “The Judgement Day” very!
    but i love evenso:
    don`t leave me alone
    MY ALL
    talkin’ 2 myself
    Together When…

  76. confused.. says:

    mirrorcle world has leaked.. i think the extended version is quite good also.. at least better than black cherry i think.

  77. Raidex says:

    Hi there!!

    The rating for some tracks were so low,but unfortunately i’m not an AYU-fan really to come to quarrel with you guys about it!XD,so i’ll just acceot your taste in music and let it be like this.^^people are so different in feelings they get from songs and so many other things…

    and YEAAHH!!MIRRORCLE WORLD has got leaked too soon really!XD i already have the full ver. of song and…

    IT’S COOL.song is perfect(even better in HQ since i have 192kbs ver.),but so..i have to admit that AYU’s voice acts a little weak and low in some parts that in needed to sing loudly and strong.but it’s cool overall.
    (i’m not supposed to make you hopeless but…in my opinion it’s not as perfect as the intro of GUILTY.)

    btw:yeah..a little gift for enyone who wants mirror eyecandy ^.~!:

    LISTEN TO “MIRRORCLE WORLD” here:http://www.dailymotion.com/relevance/search/ayumi%2Bhamasaki%2Bmirrorcle%2Bworld/video/x4mpes_ayumi-hamasaki-mirrorcle-world_music

    alse download links!:
    download: http://www.mediafire.com/?ex21lpgcbhs
    mirror.001: http://www.zshare.net/audio/8581781bc3da82/
    mirror.002: http://www.badongo.com/file/8164751

    enjoy!and please forgive me if i’m not supposed to post download links here.^^;
    (and so sorry for the long replay~)

  78. aizmov says:

    thanks for sharing, it is most appreciated, we in one single tear will have a review about this song and full review about the single so soon ^__^
    do not be sorry to post in here, you are always welcomed ^__^

  79. anonymous says:

    Don’t expect too much, that’s why you’re disappointed. I don’t think the rating is standard. I like Untitled ~for her~ the most. I can feel the song. Please keep support her!!

  80. Britt says:

    I can’t say I agree with the rating of this album, although I can respect it. It seems now a days people are on either one side of the fence or the other when it comes to Ayu. I could never review her album with unbiased opinions (I’m an obsessed fan xD; ) but I can honestly say I am in no way disappointed with this album. I really feel her vicariously through the music.

    I absolutely love the title track GUILTY. Listening to it gives me the same impression (miss)understood did, except in GUILTY she sounds so vulnerable. I think it’s a very powerful track, but that’s just me.

    Fated and Together When… are heartbreaking tracks that I think mostly reflect her feelings during her break up. I usually can’t stand ballads but I just can’t stop listening and singing along to these two.

    Marionette is so awesome it has it’s own prelude xD;… My imagination runs wild with this song, the PV is bone-chilling yet beautiful. I think when she performs this song it’s going to be spectacular ๐Ÿ˜€

    The Judgment Day should have been a full track. It’s the only interlude I listen to at least 5 times a day xD;.

    glitter and MY ALL are necessary in this album to lighten the mood. They may not be stellar or amazing, but without them I don’t think this album would have been as good.

    Untitled ~for her~ is very touching. Probably my favorite song on the album. To be honest, I was very disappointed with the rating for this song. Along with Memorial Address ~take 2 version~, Ayu laid her heart out on the line when writing this song. The instrumentation is gorgeous, the lyrics are her best yet and the meaning behind the song is something very dear to Ayu’s heart.

    I think for that’s what makes Ayu such an amazing artist in the first place. Her heart is always where her music is. For that I respect her more than any other artists (in the Jpop genre at least), and I will continue to support her no matter what. As long as she is true to herself and not what sells.


    that’s just my two cents xD;

  81. Britt says:

    Oh! By the way, be careful with the downloads D: Another wordpress blog got deleted because of them, just a heads up ๐Ÿ™‚

  82. aizmov says:

    we are removing them soon ^__^

  83. Bowie says:

    I just got the new album, and i absolutely love it.
    Alot of people have been complaining about it but i don’t see why..
    It has some beautiful compilations
    and ayumi’s voice actually sounds good in this album.
    I listen to most of the songs on a daily basis and am not sick of any of them as of yet ๐Ÿ˜›
    I think lots of people aren’t enjoying this new album because the majority of it is based upon rock music
    and most of the people listening to it prefer happy dance silly electronic horrible screeching voice pop songs ha
    so yeah, personally, love the new genre she has explored ! and hope she keeps rockin into a next rock orientated album ๐Ÿ˜€
    she suits it. deal with the fact it’s not stupid pop crap and just enjoy the new sound

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    or lower centers. Contact Information: Lawrence Kreger Address:
    Advanced Health Consultants P. Urinary System: This system is
    primarily responsible for getting rid of excess wastes in the body and regulating
    body fluids.

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