~ The New Year Party ~


because i don’t feel any good i decided to skip the new year party,,, but the arrangers didn’t leave me alone they kept stalking me to attend the party and make a dance stage >_>

anyways i accepted and we are working in new choreography for ” LOSE YOUR MIND “, ” Spark ” and ” SWEET IMPACT “,,, we will try to make it as creative and slow as possible i can’t move that fast,,, actually i can’t move at all i look like a penguin now when i walk and it HURTS

anyways one more thing, anyone have QUINCY’s instrumental i lost my CD 😦 i tried to search for it i couldn’t fins it >_<


7 Responses to ~ The New Year Party ~

  1. zyerie says:

    ahhh…wow?!! U DANCE????

    ahh…record n post it!!! i wanna see ^^
    wooooo…make me wanna talk to u directly…
    got yahoo or MSN Messenger?!!

    woaaa….i wanna picture that stage!!!!

  2. aizmov says:

    yeah, lol i hella dance XD
    my team ” Beat of Asia “, we won 5 conscutive dance battles from 2004-2007 which makes us a legend out there lol…
    they keep asking us to make preformances for money but we are doing this for fun only lol…
    anyways, i do have MSN, tidus_gf@hotmail.com
    you are welcomed to add me anytime 😀

  3. zyerie says:

    wow…am gonna add you^^
    if you see tr1st4ny@hotmail.com => thats me^^

    anyway…recently just finished some mixing for my friends’
    dancing music…
    try to listen…and give me some lines of comments..^^

    This one is made from Big Bang’s Songs..

    This one is the mostly SuperJunior n TVXQ

  4. aizmov says:

    WOW great mixes up there deserves and entry later on O__O
    i love the BIG BANG one more O___O
    they mixed the songs i really loved O___O
    even the second one was good mix O________O
    thanks for sharing they can make good dance stages

  5. zyerie says:

    your comments really fire my mood up..dat means my hardwork for making those 2 songs are paid..!!! can you imagine…
    it took me 2 hours n 15 mins to finish the first one…
    then i used 4 hours to finish the second one..
    and…its worthed…^^
    Today I’m sure they will like it…and i hope my friend can dance well with my remake music…huhuhuhu…
    thanks bro…
    Ps.. i’ve added u in my MSN

  6. aizmov says:

    i will make my own cheography for these 2 mix of yours 😀
    i will try to set a cam and get the help of my team and for sure i will show you the results 😀
    for now i am kind of busy preparing for my final exams so i may not finish this until late Jan lolz ^__^
    great job yeah, you should make more of these 😀

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