~ Happy New Year ~


THE yesterday’s Party ROX, well i have exam tomorrow so i would study so i will open this entry for us to share our wish and resolution for this year… sure i will share mine just give me till tomorrow i really need to finish this exam lol


2 Responses to ~ Happy New Year ~

  1. zyerie says:

    Yesterday wow…hahhaha…not bad at all..
    my friends came by to celebrate my newyears eve with me and
    i didnt know they’re coming…( great surprise girls..love you guys^^)

    well what is my resolution this year?
    ehnmph…..what is the priority?! hard question..!!!
    and the most important things are..
    01. spend less, earn more …then i can go to another country…wahahhaha…o_O!! work hard …faitooo!!!
    02. hope that i pass my Japanese test!!! T___T ( Promise!!! am gonna learn harder!!! )
    03. gonna try to find sb to fix my iPod..T___T
    04. buy myself my dreammobile n a nice home theatre set..aaaa…
    05. buy some doll collections of Naruto & Bleach
    06. tohoshinki’s singles & albums ( hope so…+_+)
    …………..by far just 6….
    the last one ever in my list….Get a BF ( then my mom wont be that ” Witty Lecturing ” ahh…)

  2. aizmov says:

    great you were having fun, like meeeh 😀
    about your resolution:
    1) lol, i can’t quit spending XD
    2) if you need any help i can do ittt 😀
    3) buy new one 😛 ?!!!
    4) home theater is a must O__O
    5) i already have some wanna share 😀 ?!!
    for the last one i would do it as well and get a GF as soon as i can XD

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