~ New Year, New Chapter, New Hope ~

~ One Single Tear: New Year, New Chapter, New Hope ~

~ New Year ~
well, this is the 31th of December, the new year eve is coming up, i get out from the university and went to the resorts there where i met my friends, musaab, maya, nadia and rakan and started our rehearsals for the new year eve…
went back home and rested for a while after that i went to a stand up comedy show from 8 PM… this was kind of HILARIOUS XD
i laughed my head out for that, i went in rush for the new year party after that
there was a problem with the lights so we delayed our stage…
after the countdown we started the stage with LOSE YOUR MIND
although my ability to dance isn’t as good as before but the people was so supportive…
i danced Spark after that and didn’t make it to Sweet Impact the disease got me
this eve was hella good one, i made some SMS and sent them to every one… if any interested of what i have wrote say it 😀

~ New Chapter ~
some stuff arrived today, unfortunately i can’t put all of them because almost all of them are gifts for some friends i won’t announce now maybe later…
but with these am ready to start a new chapter in my life…
i will post this picture
well this is the GIFTS that i bought for me, WOOOHAAAA happy new year for me lol
Code Age with SPECIAL MANGA package and Front Mission 5, i was dying to play Front Mission 5 and it is finally on my hand, enjoy the picture 😀
((PS: the box under the games are the gifts :P))

~ New Hope ~
i went with Ali and Albara for lunch, we went to a Japanese restaurant i really enjoyed it… well Ali and Bara were commenting about the way i walk but they were supportive 😛
thanks guys yesterday was DEH BEST


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