~ Zyerie Production Special ~


her work is sooooo good so i decided to make a mini-special about the work she gave me these few days

Alpha Mix:
well i let my-self rename the song lol, it is a cool mix of the BIGBANGS songs that i really like, i really love that mix specailly the last part hehe ^__^
Rating: 8.5/10

Download it

Omega Mix:
my best Mix, started with DBSK and went on to SJ and ended with the best part i ever loved for DBSK 😀
i am so going to dance on this mix at the Winter Competition later this Febrauary
Rating: 9/10

Download it

Ultra Mix:
well i didn’t recognize the songs actully but i live how she mixed these HIP HOP and ROCK songs, not my type of songs that i may dance for but the melody was breath taking 😀
kinda like i am playing some RPG game at late 55 XD
Rating: 7/10

Download it


10 Responses to ~ Zyerie Production Special ~

  1. zyerie says:

    * almost chocked by my breakfast….-_-!!!*

    Aiz^^…ahahhaha….love the logo there
    thankyou^^…yeah for the Ultra mix…which previously named
    “Omwoya” coz actually i didnt aware what i was doing..but
    it just popped out that way…
    hope you guys like them all…thx

  2. aizmov says:

    watch out lol XD
    well, it deserves the entry, anyone that would post anything to share in the blog and sounds good i would like to make a review, you know it make them do better and more ^__^

  3. CBloss says:

    Nicely done Zyerie! I think it’s awesome that you can do these. It’s more than I can do. My talents just stay with Photoshop. What program do you use for the songs? Just out of curiosity. ^^

  4. aizmov says:

    show us some of your photoshoping talent 😀

  5. CBloss says:

    I haven’t actually done too much personal PS work in a long time. My job has me living on PS. I used to draw, scan, and then color. These days I’ve just been coloring black and white manga pages to color.

  6. aizmov says:

    manga fan ?!!

  7. CBloss says:

    Yessire. ^^ Manga and Anime. I actually got into Jpop thanks to Anime. I think my first big j-pop song was BoA’s “Every Heart” thanks to InuYasha.

  8. zyerie says:

    wahahha…thanks CBloss..^^
    am using Sony Soundforge..but still not really comprehend about the whole tools..^^
    tell you what..i really adore those who are PS masters..
    they are wow!!!…and am a PS dummy^^..wahahhaha…
    show me ur masterpiece dear^^
    haaa….aizmov …i will do sth new as soon as i got another idea for mixing again..

  9. karimu says:

    looks fun! Gonna try them 😀

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