finally i was witing for this like forever,, here is the official information for the single

BoA ~ Be With You, The Spring Ballad Single ~

1. be with you.
2. precious
3. be with you. (spring acoustic mix)
4. be with you. (instrumental)
5. precious (instrumental)

the single comes with the song ” precious ” which will be another spring ballad and won’t be included in the her album ” THE FACE “, the first press limited eidtion comes with a Spring Mix for ” be with you ” and any normal edition comes with ” THE FACE ” Digit video (( i guess a CM and stuff ))…. i can’t wait


13 Responses to ~ BoA – BE WITH YOU ~

  1. karimu says:

    The cover is so beautiful! Probably her best! And I hate the new album’s face…I mean, Name. :/

  2. aizmov says:

    lol ” THE FACE ” everyone is hating it
    welll i am kind of dispointing about the name but i will actully wait and see what cover she can pull off ” WITH HER FACE ” on

  3. Dr. Tran says:

    dang “precious” and “bad drive” are not on the new album. i wish they were. but still can’t wait for this single to release.

  4. aizmov says:

    Smile Again not in the album as well according to MOMU

  5. CBloss says:

    Gotta say that I love her hair on the new cover!

    I’m a little confused though. I thought she was done with singing and going back to college….or is that in the near future?

  6. aizmov says:

    will am not seeing that happened anytime soon
    she even have a tour until the end of June

  7. karimu says:

    she said she’ll be going to america 4 years from now. you know, i watched an old interview (valenti era) and she said the same thing, she said she’ll be studying in the u.s when she’s 24 years old. that was planned from the begining 🙂

  8. CBloss says:

    Oh okay. I was kind of confused there. Well at least it wasn’t all of a sudden.

  9. karimu says:

    ^yeah, but it didn’t sound the way it sounded in the new interview. It’s all about the way you say it,you know. I read another translation of the interview and it seemed pretty normal to me.. ! STUPID BoAJJANG TRANSLATORS -_-

  10. aizmov says:

    i didn’t see the ” japanese ” artical i want it >_>

  11. karimu says:

    I don’t know where is it but, I think it’s from YAHOO!Japan if I’m not wrong.

  12. mikoto_Bii says:

    Waaahhh~~~BoA is so beautiful on the cover~~!!!!^________^
    neways…what does it mean that BoA can only speak ‘conversational’ english~~??O.o” Hope its enuff if she’s gonna go to the U.S soon..>.<”
    Hehe wonder what it would be like if I met her one day…..~~

  13. aizmov says:

    she can speak english well, i mean if you are talking with her in english she will get you directly, i met her and sopke with her she didn’t have any hard time getting what i mean and replying me though i was like in my mid-way learning Japanese

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