End of Hell ~Temporarily~


4 Responses to End of Hell ~Temporarily~

  1. aizmov says:

    that’s mean you have the Spring brake now ?!!!
    how long it is ?!!! well mine is 2 weeks from 1 Feb until 16 Feb though my exams ends at 27 Jan so it will be longer for me, lol bonuce 4 days XD
    my first exam on the 17th, my next one on the 23rd then 26th then 27th… well some of them need to be worked out T_T
    waiting for your results report 😛 !!!
    PS: loooool @ the tags specaily the ” XD “

  2. karimu says:

    Spring break = until Febreury the 2nd. Don’t remind me about the results report plz, my holidays just began!!

  3. Aizmov says:

    okies, then you should handel the blog while i am away will i will be kinda away until 11th of Feb because am traveling
    well, up news, i will go to Japan on 27th of Jan to attend Yuri’s engagment party 😀

  4. karimu says:

    ^ He’s getting ENGAGED?! CONGRATULATIONS!!! 😀

    Send us photos from the ceremonyyyyy~~!!!!!

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