How Stupid Are Americans ?!

Check for yourself,,,

This was posted for fun it doesn’t mean that we believe what is in there… i am 1/3 amarican myself 😛 – Aizmov


15 Responses to How Stupid Are Americans ?!

  1. aizmov says:

    oh man >_>
    i blame the media >_>
    or what religion is israel for god’s sake
    sheeesh !!!
    but yeah these were the ” uneducated ” people i guess lolz

  2. karimu says:

    ^yup, uneducated = most of the population out there I guess…
    Btw, it’s not just America, Europeans are as ignorant as Americans if you ask me…

  3. Edward says:

    well… that was horrible watching… but you can’t judge all Americans just from that…

  4. aizmov says:

    as i said, i am well educated and i can understand that every population has thier down and up of people…
    not everyone are the same…
    but man, these people in the video are so ignorante =/
    they are like ” Tirrorest = Saudi Arabia ” and ” Iran is Evil ” or even ” Korea is a big problem ” they don’t even know WHY they don’t even know where the location is =/
    i know the location of almost all the famous countries on the world =/
    and yeah i am an average guy =/

  5. karimu says:

    america=stupid period. XD

  6. Broken_Dust says:

    Last month our teacher asked every student to bring a topic of discussion to class, my topic was this video! Yes, I played it in class infront of the teacher =P It was no problem, because the teacher is cool and open-minded ^^ was a nice day lol. My teacher is from the US but originally German, if anyone is asking.

    Americans usually care about their own local news, and they have this “The World in 1min” international news, so they don’t know much about what’s going outside.
    And keep in mind that the media won’t air anything inless it’s interesting, and to make it interesting they must cut/edit and play with things.

    still after knowing this I’d say … aha, Americans are stupid =/

  7. aizmov says:

    they are seeing what they want to see that’s what i know and everyone knows…

  8. Missha says:

    omg this is soooo mess up cause i’m Chinese American and i think they’re mocking America and americans… i mean if you go to other countries there might be other people who aren’t educated and it’s not their fault. Also if they can’t answer doesn’t means other people can’t. Well not like everyone can name all the countries in the world…. like right now i’m learning about the Roman Empire and i never knew where’s Rome but i know it is in Europe… i mean i don’t even know what currency they use in India, Spanish speaking countries and etc and no one is perfect sooooo you shouldn’t say “Americans are stupid”.hmmmm well if you continue to think that way… you’re just making a fool of yourself

  9. TLFantasy says:

    Probably fake

  10. aizmov says:

    for the 100th time i say, not everyone XD
    the point i was talking about is that ” Media in the US isn’t showing enough for the People ” that’s all, and it is not showing of in this video,it is showing off from the people i know there, pretty much what Borken Dust have said… and yeah I am partialy amarican myself same as you… but it is i don’t live there anymore
    i do not hold anything about the US, you know, US has that power of production that alot of other countries doesn’t, i mean computers, cars and other things if they ((ALL)) were stupid where are these things came from…
    so we do no have a graudge or anything around here 😀
    just chill out gurl ((if you are a gurl XD))…
    btw, the Roman Empire was much more greater than just Europe they reached Eygpt… study well gurl 😀
    and i am kinda agree with TLFantasy, well, i followed the link and i saw ” Brithish are stupid ” wow, Suzuki is a French car ?!!! lol, Suzuki is clearly a japanese name, pretty much fake XD

  11. karimu says:

    I agree with Broken Dust. I remember Rosie from The View brought that subject up to discussion. Media is the most important key of education, local media airs what Americains care about the most which is clearly “Local stuff”!

    ps: Media in the U.S Europe is literally ruled by JEWISH! So, that may clearify some stuff 🙂

  12. Aya says:

    Mahaha I live in America and I see things like this all thime. xD; People just don’t care. And it’s really sad, cuz if we’re going to be this big “center of the world” or whatever crap then we ought to pay attention to the rest of the world.

    But hey…We try not to pick the stupid ones to run the country and make the big decisions. So it’s okay. Yeah! *thumbs up*

  13. karimu says:

    ^ George Bush…….

  14. BRITCONN says:

    It doesn’t surprise me, (the answers) I think only 15% of Americans hold valid passports and have traveled outside the States, and the rest of the population has never been out side of the USA…. It is still no excuse for not knowing our current affairs and geography of the world….

  15. Sam says:

    Sadly, this is probably NOT a fake video. He forgot to ask questions about sports, pop music, or reality television programs. Scores would go up. Priorities, etc…

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