Koda Kumi – Amai Wana & Under (PV Rips)

I didn’t hear them yet, but I’m very exited 😀
Gonna tell you what I think later 😀
Amai Wana

5 Responses to Koda Kumi – Amai Wana & Under (PV Rips)

  1. zyerie says:

    these two songs are from the Kingdom Album???
    well gonna try to listen first..^^
    ah…sangkkyuuuu….PV rips he?
    Wonder how the PVs look like..^^

  2. zyerie says:

    okay..am back again after workk..and after listening to Amai Wana by Kumichan, that song reminds me of Beyonce’s Baby Boy..but this Amai Wana is one beat slower..^^ not bad..i like it..
    And for Under? ehn…feels like am in a really tiring condition where i need sb to massage me?…wahahha…not really into this one..

  3. karimu says:

    ^yup, Under is a bit boring :/
    but Amai Wana is pretty addictive XD

  4. aizmov says:

    the PV for both are out and am trying to upload them i will link them up to Karimu and he may post them with a review
    i may review the whole album if leaked while am in the ” mid-exam-brake ”
    Under: 8/10
    Amai Wana: 9/10
    under started OK, even in the PV but got very boring at the middle
    but Amai Wana was a really good track, the MV was COOOL her fcial expression on the MV was COOOOOOOOOOL, it is right i was expecting some dance but this is the first time i see Kumi with these ((truthful)) expressions lol XD

  5. karimu says:

    ^ Me reviewing that bitch?! I’ll make her suffer!! *evil laugh*

    *joking* :p

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