Koda Kumi – anytime (Review)

anytime is the 39th single to be released by Japanese Pop Star Koda Kumi. It will be released just one week before releasing her 6th Studio Album, the much anticipated, KINGDOM.
anytime is the extreme opposite of you’d expect to hear on this time of the year. It’s actually a sweet summery pop track with soft lovely vocals from Kumi. The song was going to be released with FREAKY but, for unknown reasons, it was replaced by Run For Your Life!. This mid-tempo song is not bad , it’s pretty catchy and addictive, good job. 8/10
The B-Side, Bounce, is the typical dance track done by Kumi. It’s not as aggressive as JUICY or D.D.D, it’s between mid-tempo & up-tempo if that’s possible (?) I like the funky beat and the repetitive phrases of this track “Bounce! baby, bounce!”. A good B-Side for anytime. 7/10
It’s not an excellent single, but it’s not bad as well! I don’t think it’s the right timing to release this kind of a single. Nonthless, the title track anytime carries the single well. Only hardcore fans should buy the single, the others can wait for the Album 😀

2 Responses to Koda Kumi – anytime (Review)

  1. zyerie says:

    ywah…gonna have wait for her album…
    but full single is not a bad idea…
    ^^ kumi chan..am coming..^^

  2. hiddeyaki says:

    pow gente koda e muito linda ne vcs podem mim add eu amo a kultura japonessa eu sou oriental

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