~ S.U.R.U.P.R.I.S.E ~


ONE (10/10 of 2008)

TWO (9/10)

so, it is surprise, download and listen and don’t tell you won’t like them 😛


9 Responses to ~ S.U.R.U.P.R.I.S.E ~

  1. zyerie says:

    MWO??!! o_O!!
    now am still in my office…
    after i got home tonight ..am gonna try those songs..

  2. karimu says:

    baka! I was going to review the whole thing when the 3rd song comes out -.-

  3. aizmov says:

    you still can review it
    these are just PV rips, and the single will have more than a month and a half to be released

  4. zyerie says:

    baka???…dare..? atashi..??
    T__T…whatever…am gonna try it now…
    ahh..so busy lately…T__T

  5. karimu says:

    ^iie, I was talking about Aizy XD

  6. aizmov says:

    Karimu, have you checked your Last.fm inbox for THSK ?!!!
    well i have something new there concerning BoA
    check it, i have exam tomorrow, pai pai

  7. karimu says:

    ^ Yup, I’ve just checked it. Is that the whole Album?

  8. aizmov says:

    the new tracks ((none-single tracks)) i upload them fast
    and actully they are are powerful point for thier album i don’t care about the other tracks

  9. quantumcerberus says:

    New Album Huh ?

    It was cool

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