BoA – be with you. (Review)

be with you. is BoA‘s 26th Japanese Single. It will be released in a CD only format one week before her 6th Japanese Album THE FACE. The title track was used as a theme song for the Japanese film, “Inu to Watashi no 10 no Yakusoku.”
The piano introduction of be with you. is really beautiful, though it has nothing to do with the actual melody of the song! I was impressed -again!- with BoA’s voice during the verses, very pure and touching. It’s kinda similar to her vocals in Kimi no Tonari de, isn’t it? The chorus, in the other hand, sounds sorta off…? It’s like it was suppose to be a chorus of another song :p Regardless, it’s uplifting and dramatic. Heading to the bridge, nothing special but I like it! The song ends with beautiful piano sounds…again. 8/10
precious is similar to be with you.… -same composer/arranger?- The song is boring, even more boring than Smile Again! I was like “Dear God, when will this song end..??” And t the engrish phrases don’t help either :/ Despite that, the song is sung beautifully and the instrumentals are cool. Thanks God this isn’t included in her Album. 6/10
Probably the weakest single since she released her Best-Of complination. Both songs can get very boring after a few listens, though be with you. can have longer (life) with the Album boost.
note: Why in the HELL do BoA’s singles leak so early????

6 Responses to BoA – be with you. (Review)

  1. aizmov says:

    that what a Movie tie up do to the songs lol
    we all know movie songs always that boring and there are few exceptions for that and Be With You not one
    i like precious more than Smile Again… unlike you i would like it in the album
    for me it will go like:
    Be with you: 8.9/10 <<< i loved the lyrics
    precious: 8/10
    well, i would like them to make a new MV in her album while i don’t think Be With You is gonna be a HIT
    so, maybe an MV for aggressive would make everything HOT
    but yeah avex -___-
    they announced the X’mas LIVE just when i was happy that we were going to get them in the album’s DVD =/

  2. karimu says:

    ^ That’s weird. It’s like they don’t want her Albums to hit! The 2 DVDs of last year KILLED MIT(20) CD+DVD and the new DVD this year will kill THE FACE CD+2DVD… :/

  3. aizmov says:

    well, the 2DVD is good idea btw, but WHY THE HELL THEY ANNOUNCE THAT DVD IN MARCH AND IT IS X’MAS full of WINTER SONGS !!!!
    mrach is very hot arnound here -___-
    I read alot of comment like ” oh ? she is releasing this on DVD then i will buy CD only version ”
    so how many guy said ” bleh they distroied it i will not buy it ”
    avex managment are stupid really !!!
    they should get some fans to move thier singers up

  4. karimu says:

    ^ They’re whoring up Koda Kumi with 1625839 Billion PVs Singles….

  5. zyerie says:

    ah…Japanese film, “Inu to Watashi no 10 no Yakusoku.”
    am gonna try to find the movie later..
    and actually am totally agree with karimu…
    Seems dat the company dont want her album to hit..
    Ps. where i can find BoA’s new pic..ah..

  6. kailash says:

    Be with you: i loved the lyrics

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