One Single Tear 132 ~ 3 DOWN, 1 TO GO ~

Part1: i can’t get them !!!
the university, i can’t get them, i keep working my ass off and i still can’t pull the grades i want lol
i mean come on, i got the 8th highest mark in the class and he still gonna give me C+ ?!!!
what the highest will get then ?!!!
I hope he think about this after the e-mail i sent to him lol

Part2: 3 DOWN one TO GO
almost finished, well, so far i know 2 grades, one is 72/100 ((8th highest)) and second is 70/100 ((the lowest O_O))
it’s not actully because i didn’t do good, but because of my disease i was missing classes so he got off me about 5 marks from that, i will go talk with him about it tomorrow…
well, in today’s exam i DID well, but i do not know if the answer ARE correct lol…
but i am expecting 60/100 minimum inshallah… lol one question i didn’t know the answer and i put something funny
the question was stated as: ” with a binary full tree graph that has 7 vertices’s what is ” THE FACE ” of the graph ”
not kidding about it i wrote ” LOVE LETTER ” loooooooooool XD


2 Responses to One Single Tear 132 ~ 3 DOWN, 1 TO GO ~

  1. karimu says:


    You should work harder though :p

  2. QUEENOO says:

    part 1
    and u will never ganna get them… u should be grateful to them
    really really I want to kmow what did u said to him and what is his reply… OK
    part 2
    well … well … welllllllllllllll we all do good in exams but not all of it end well
    hummmmmmmm … i wonder why??????!!!!!!!! hahahaaaaa
    _ i never write something funny and i cant know D** , SH**, F***……..
    also i never leave a blank without stuffing it with whatever i read it in the material…hey i wont waste my reading and i want to prove to the teatcher that i did study …hahahaaaaaaa

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