Veronica Ros ~ So What ~ (Download + Review)

i stood up and start claping in the middle of everyone amazement eyes right after these sweet 5 minutes and 24 second of that solo-piano song that was done by Veronica Ros(a very active girl in this blog)…

last year i was so Amazed by OLIVIAWinter Sleep that has the same style as this song, but this year this song is for sure gonna be one of the songs that will hit a high number of listens…

i start listening to the song in a middle of some friends, when the piano started my mind directly said ” WINTER SLEEP WINTER SLEEP ” and when Veronica started to sing i was SHOUTING ” OMG ANOTHER OLIVIA “… silance was casted on the room and all my 4 friends in that room started to listen while i was raising the volume

for sure this is not a ” prefect” work as it may sound from my words, but this work deserves it, the only thing i didn’t like on this song is the volume i couldn’t get the lyrics so clear, and Veronica has A VERY VERY GOOD VOICE, i wish she had a better arrangement to this song like a few more high notes like that BoA used on ” Moon & Sunraise LIVE VERSION “ i really would like hear her voice with these kind of high notes…

something else how she flow the words, starting the song with fast notes then she got it slower and slower until the chorus, i hate it a little bit at 1:12 – 1:17 when she had a bit of mid-high note but with he second and third listen you will get use to it… am still charmed with the flow of the piano notes i play piano myself well not as good but these notes are easy for me to do, so it was tempting me to try it up !!!

i would really love if I became a major sponsor of this singer, Veronica YOU ROCK, i will start my own campaign for this song if you do not mind, gonna make my friends listen to it and proudly crediting you…

Over All Rate: 9.5/10
Download Link

i would really like if Veronica help me and post the lyrics in here, cuz it was not clear i wanna judge more known what is being said

the lyrics are out you can read the post Veronica herself put… it is A REALLY GOOD ONE, gave the song extra 0.5


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  1. VnikkiR says:


    I kept checking your website every hour cuz I was really looking forward to your critique, but WOW! I didn’t expect this! I feel so honored cuz you post some really great music from around the world and wow… I’m speechless… thank you so much!

    I do admit, the recording is not of the best quality. I’m not sure how I can get that volume up during my recording sessions…

    Olivia?! I ❤ Olivia! I also feel honored for being compared to her. She’s a musician I admire and has a significant influence on my music. Yeay =]

    Yeah, my piano compositions tend to be very simple. I can write and compose, but I’m not very good at arranging. I just don’t have the ear or imagination for it… maybe if I get a band together that will do the trick, hehe.

    My songs are still quite amateur, but I’m planning on writing a lot this year and improve on my skills so I can bring you more awesome songs! Haha =]

    This song is actually one of my lower range songs, vocally. I’ll have to let you listen to some of my other songs, now that I’m a Media Fire master, muahaha :3

  2. VnikkiR says:

    Oh yeahhh, I almost forgot, the lyrics!

    When I look at you
    I see you in a good place
    And wish I was there too
    How did you get there
    And how long did it take
    For you to find your way
    To where you are now
    I want to believe
    That I can find my own path too

    I like the way you live life facing straight
    And moving forward
    Only turning back when you hesitate
    Afraid to make a mistake
    That you’ve made before and regret
    But going on without pause
    Oh please…

    Don’t turn around
    And see that I’ve always walked behind you
    So what if I’ll never be the one to stand beside you
    If this is where I can stay close to you
    Then I don’t mind at all

    I’ve always protected your happiness
    Didn’t you notice
    Always watching you from a safe distance
    Cuz I know it’s not my place
    To interfere with your own life
    I’ll stay here in the shadows where I belong

    Don’t turn around
    And see that I’ve always walked behind you
    So what if I’ll never be the one to stand beside you
    If this is where I can stay close to you
    Then I don’t mind

    And, oh, I know I can’t live this way
    This is not how I envisioned what my life would be like
    Is it still mine
    Am I following the footsteps of
    Someone else so I don’t have to walk alone
    Why must our choices be so hard
    When they should be so damn easy

    Don’t turn around
    And see that I’ve always walked behind you
    So what if I’ll never be the one to stand beside you
    If this is where I can stay close to you
    Then I don’t mind at all

    I don’t mind at all.

  3. aizmov says:

    ok, i have to raise the Rate…
    the reasons are:

    1) I’ve always protected your happiness
    Didn’t you notice
    Always watching you from a safe distance
    Cuz I know it’s not my place
    To interfere with your own life
    I’ll stay here in the shadows where I belong

    2) Don’t turn around
    And see that I’ve always walked behind you
    So what if I’ll never be the one to stand beside you
    If this is where I can stay close to you
    Then I don’t mind

    3) Am I following the footsteps of
    Someone else so I don’t have to walk alone

    4) Why must our choices be so hard
    When they should be so damn easy

    the new rating is 9.5 ((only just if the good arrangment was in there))

  4. aizmov says:

    I am actully so picky about my songs that i hare
    alot of my friends says ” you have the taste ” and now they are all asking me to transfare this song to their mobiles..

    i got my friend Uchiha Yuri who requested to put the song in a download server for mobiles, trying to see the impact on people…

    OLIVIA infulentation is so clear on you, which is A VERY GOOD THING, that gives you the uniquness you need

    i am really looking forward to listen for more from you…
    though i will be away from the blog for 5 more days starting late tomorrow…

    mean while this song is going to go to my iPod and i will keep listening to it…

    I am good at arrnging, i have arranged 3 songs so far, a HIP HOP song ” LAST STAGE LAST DANCE “, an R&B song ” STEPS ” and a soft rock song ” Falling Stars “… they all come with good production and all…

  5. karimu says:

    sounds very promising. Wait for my review Veronica Chan *evil laugh* XD

  6. aizmov says:

    I actually wrote the songs ” LAST STAGE LAST DANCE ” and ” STEPS ” you can as well read some of my lyrics on the lyrics Section there are ” Fragments of Love ” and ” Winter Memories ” which alot of people around me tell me they are THE BEST

  7. aizmov says:

    Karimu, get it down and you die 😛
    i sware i can’t stop it OMG XD
    Veronica you must dute with OLIVIA or something T_T

  8. karimu says:


    The song is very emotional! I’m in love with your beautiful voice, the piano is cool too (especially the intro part & after the 1st chorus :D)

    The lyrics are extremely beautiful! Better than 90% of the crap they throw on us with typical Pop songs. I really bought it… convincing!!

    the only “bad” point is… ummm… the sound of the piano is a little too high, I couldn’t hear your voice very well, so I had to rise the volume up to hear it. However, as the song goes on…your pure,innocent, emotional, gorgeous voice starts to shine… Oh my God I love you… I mean, I love the song :p

    Rating: 9.25/10

  9. karimu says:

    btw: did you compose the song too..?

  10. aizmov says:

    everything was arranged by her 😀
    she played the piano and sung and wrote and arranged so this is all a self work am still wow’ed,,, man tomorrow’s trip gona be so emotional lol XD
    i can’t let this song go MAN XD
    and hey why 9.25 😛 ?!!!
    so you must be harsher than me 😛 ?!!!
    bad booooooooooohy 😛

  11. karimu says:

    ^SHE DID EVERYTHING?!!! W-O-W! now, That’s a true artist!!

    and yes, I have to be harsher than you XD

  12. aizmov says:

    lol got so excited XD

  13. karimu says:

    ^ I’m gonna begin my promotion campaign tomorrow! You can help me when you get back 😀

    btw: Tell ayumi that “The Job is done” ^__^

  14. aizmov says:

    i will let every single one i meet listen to this song in the place am going to 😛
    AVEX shall pass by here and listen to this REAL STUFF 😛 not ehm ” you know who ” stuff XD
    i have burned it in a CD
    put it in my mobile
    and load it into my iPod
    and install it on my PSP
    what else needed XD ?!!!
    he really know how to HYPE things 😛

  15. Ninpon says:


    …this song is deservingly one of the best i’ve ever heard so far and it made me CRRRRRY my eyes out…its just so simple and sweet that i cant complain at all,everything in it is perfect for me i just had to raise the volume and shut me eyes and suddenly my tears poured down i mean how can i not cry with these beautiful lyrics and voice!!

    all i can say is this is just one PERFECT song that i’ll never come across a song that is as good any time soon

    Veronica u just ROOOOCK & u better starting making that damm album soon or else XD

    I NEED MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR<<<<take it as a threat i dont care LOL

  16. VnikkiR says:

    My song made you cry? It made you CRY? That’s never happened before! I’ve never made ANYone cry! Really??? Omgosh, lol. I was at work all day, just got home, but while I was sitting at my desk doing my work *cough cough* I was reading through the comments, hehe *shhh*. And YOU guys were making ME cry! And yes, they’re tears of happiness. Nothing gives me a more warm and fuzzy feeling than knowing I created something that others like. Thanks everyone, your words have rejuvenated my muse, I am quite inspired to write my future hit song! And I promise it will be even better than this one! *Rolls up sleeves with super awesome fighting spirit*

    Actually, I do have an album full of songs… seventeen of them to be exact x] I recorded them before I left for Cambodia this past winter break =] So… you’ve heard 1/17 of them! Should I post another one? Hmmm… maybe ;D

    Feras, I’m being threatened by Ninpon! *Runs away*

    And WHERE did you say you put my songs? CD/iPod/Mobile/PSP?! I didn’t even know you could upload music files into your mobile/PSP… That’s so great, I’m glad you like my song enough to do all that, haha. Avex? YOU CAN HAVE MEEE *signs my life away to them* LOL~

    And that’s awesome you arrange stuff. Like, I can write lyrics… I can compose music for the piano… but I can’t arrange as in, if you locked me up in a room with a band/orchestra or whatever, I wouldn’t know what to do. Some people have that kind of talent. I can hear what I want it to sound like in my head, I can hear every instrument that would make it sound good, but I don’t know how to get my thoughts out into reality, know what I mean? I have a friend who’s like, the next Nobuo Uematsu, I kid you not. He can play any song after hearing it a few times on the piano. He can arrange any song using a MIDI program and include all the instruments. He even composes his own work. Like I said, I just don’t have that kind of imagination! It takes someone with a vision to work with that part in creating a song, in my opinion. I do find this a limitation on my part, but if I can write better songs with whatever ability I possess, then I’ll keep working harder =]

    I def wanna hear your work though! Do share =] I have read the lyrics you posted. When I found this page, I was just so intrigued by it, I literally glued myself to my chair and read your whole blog in one night! I def loved your words, they were very heartfelt, honest, and profound. It made an impression on me on an emotional level, I really liked it =]

    Oh yeah, where are you going for five days? Ah ah ah, you’ll have to wait five whole days until you can hear another song from me then, muahaha… unless I’m in a super good mood (like now, haha!) and post another one x] Maybe I should post one that’s like, the complete opposite of this song. Because truth is, this is probably my most simple and sweet “ballad” in my collection, heh…

    And hellz yeah, I should duet with Olivia! LOL, I’m her “friend” on MySpace, I should ask there, haha. But I probably won’t get a response… surprisingly, she subscribed to my blog, but I dunno if she does that for everyone… I doubt it cuz she has like a couple thousand “friends”… but that’s just me wanting to be special cuz I love her so >.< Oliviaaa, sing with meee ❤

    Karimaru, you know you love ME more than the song! ;p Thank you so much for your super review! (Although you gave me a -0.25 rating… BOO! XP) LOL. I dunno if you’ll still like me after you hear my other songs. A lot of them tend to be on the dark side. This one was sad in a way, but more on the optimistic side, know what I mean? Right… lol =] I hope you’ll stay my fan and write me more awesome reviews! :3

    Woooo… I wrote too much XD

  17. aizmov says:

    ” a talent is a talent ”
    that what i believe in, it is not the song, it is the talent that’s why some of us sometimes listen to songs they do not know what are they saying, for example i couldn’t understand your song fully without the lyrics but i was shocked by the talent…

    you got an ALBUM O_O wow lol,, released yet?!!!, i wanna buy 100 album and throw one to all my friends… this song must be a single that if there are no better songs XD

    if that may get you happier, my friend Yuri installed this song in a mobile service and the download rate so far reached 57 downloads your rank is #167 ((it is local network not nation)) but not bad i believe more people will listen to it and it will get higher, you are charting gurl 😀

    you sat and read my whole blog O__O woowiiish O__O
    never knew that am good at writing dairy, then i know you knew now why i love the lyrics it is kinda speaks of me XD

    and about that friend of yours, am in love with Nobou Uematsu, does he have a solo work or something composed by him O__O ?!!! if you remember Final Fantasy X’s ” The Way To Zanurkand ” this piano piece was THE BEST O__O i would really like listen to someone makes something like it O__O

    and for sure, you can try and use any of my lyrics ^__^, i would really wanna know how a lirycs that i worte will sound in an actual song specialy with a talented girl like you… i may can help you arranging it somehow ^__^

    oh yeah, I am at the airport now, I am going to my capital home, for about 4 days it may extend to 6 though but not sure, but i will ask my friends for Internet access whenever possible O__O

  18. aizmov says:

    blog wise statics:
    page views: 53
    link download: 14
    e-mail download: 33 (out of 50)
    total downloads: 47
    i hope people who likes it leave a comment and spread the love of the song around 😀

  19. Ninpon says:

    so you DOOOOO have an album !!! O___O

    see my threats always pay me LOL…i am so eager to listen to any other song u have done especially those darker ones u talked about,i sooo love the dark songs X__X

    aaaaaaaaaaah i am so excited right now am gonna go run or something X3


  20. zyerie says:

    seems dat i missed sth here…
    am so busy at the moment..and am using my office computer..
    ah..i read so many WOW description here and i defenitely gonna download this as soon as am in front of my own computer…
    and am gonna drop my comment soon…!!!

  21. zyerie says:

    seems dat i missed sth here…
    am so busy at the moment..and am using my office computer..
    ah..i read so many WOW description here and i defenitely gonna download this as soon as am in front of my own computer…
    and am gonna drop my comment soon…!!!!!!

  22. zyerie says:

    Okay…am on my own computer now…
    Overall the song and all aspects led me a good impression on the song..
    and this, da way you sing my dear remind me to JEWEL…
    still remember her? you sing so much like her…
    This song is really touching, it reminds me to my sad memories dat i dun wanna remember but..i recall the scene as soon as i heard your intro…
    ahh…i got no more to say..ur talented dear..^^
    but i think you have to work a bit harder on high pitch, coz i didnt know what u said till i read the lyric..
    but swear to God..this is very amazing, my friend cant even make it this smooth… gonna put the link in my Blog..
    is it okay??
    Veronica, am gonna make my friends know dat Ur dat GOOD!!

  23. karimu says:

    Veronica: How about releasing some of your songs as digital singles, I mean not officially, just on the blog. And we’ll do the promotion part, it’ll be fun! 😀

    What do you think?

  24. aizmov says:

    Zyerie it is OK to put it on ur blog, i would like you to put this entery link as well, cuz if anyone liked this song would leave a comment here,Veronica deserves it…

    i have something for Veronica from Uchiha Yuri pretty much the same of what Karimu has said, but as i am in a very limited time i will be traviling in 2 hours to my capital home… ((PS: Uchiha Yuri is the headmaster of a very known communication company))

    so i would like to pause the idea and cool the things down until i come back, let people get to know this song and spread the link as mush as you can ^__^

    still can’t leave the song am on my 100’s listen T_T

  25. zyerie says:

    done..and am gonna be so proud to introduce you to my friends..
    and am totally agree with Karimu, why dont you make some of your songs into Digi Singles..ah…
    you know what..if you do make gonna make some editing for the have made the short preview of your ” So What ” and of course i reedit some of the arrangement..

  26. VnikkiR says:

    I am definitely an avid listener of music whose language I don’t understand. Music can be a language in itself, that’s what some people don’t understand. Certainly, it’s not as direct as lyrics itself, but a note makes you happy or if a note makes you sad, that note has served its purpose, has it not?

    I always get teased by my brother about listening to Asian music, more specifically, anything that’s not in English or Khmer. He always asks in a mocking tone, “Why do you listen to that? You don’t even know what they’re saying!” Perhaps that’s not what I’m listening to. Perhaps words aren’t what I’m searching for. Yet I can’t blame him for such a thing like ignorance because it’s understandable where he’s coming from…

    LOL, I’m not signed, so I don’t “release” anything. At the moment, music is more of a hobby until I can debut in Cambodia… that’s actually my dream. To go to my country and share music with them. But I’m quite unprepared, lol. So maybe in a year or two, I’ll be ready for that. But yes, I do have 17 songs recorded. They’re a collection of songs I’ve written since I started song-writing in high school, so a lot of them sound very amateur…

    Woah! That’s insane. You’ve got to tell your friend Yuri that I thank her for the support and for spreading my music =] What mobile service is it? How do you keep track of its download rate? I’m very curious myself to see what the numbers are =] Charting locally? Where is local, if you don’t mind me asking? I’m actually not sure what country you’re in, lol.

    Omg, I looove Nobuo Uematsu. There aren’t enough words to describe how amazingly and extraordinarily talented he is… the man is a genius… revolutionizing video game music into something on another level. Ah, now that is a composer with a vision. My friend’s name is Josh. I met him in high school, and we keep in touch mainly through Facebook (it’s a social network site… a simpler, more personal, and much more efficient version of MySpace, if you’d like a comparison. It was originally made for college kids around America to keep in touch =]) I’m not sure where I could find his work. I only know that he dreams of going to Japan and doing something in the entertainment industry, most likely in music. He’s very talented, I’m sure you’d like him =]

    Zanarkand was brilliant. I have the sheet music. You said you play some piano right? If you’d like me to scan it, just let me know =]

    I still can’t comprehend it… I have a bit of an inferiority complex, so it’s a bit hard to grasp that there are people out there that are interested in my music. I keep checking the DL counter, and the number keeps increasing. Warm fuzziiies! I’ve been feeling that a lot since you posted this entry, haha, I should write a song about it! WARM AND FUZZY! It’ll be a hit, lol.

    I have no way of seeing your blog stats, or any other stats for that matter, lol. So please keep me informed, even if they’re small numbers, I’m still touched =]

  27. VnikkiR says:

    With the long comments I write, I might as well have my own blog, right guys?! Haha…

    Ninpon, you should threaten me to write, maybe I’ll stop being lazy and do it out of fear x] Haha, it’s not that I’m being lazy per se… I’ve been sick for a few weeks now, so I haven’t been able to sing at all *cries* But the second I get better, it is on like Donkey Kong! (Does anyone say that anymore…)

    I’m not sure how you define “dark”. I dunno. My high school music teacher was the one most responsible for pushing me to become a song-writer after he heard the first song I wrote for the school talent show, hehe. And he always wanted me to experiment with different writing styles, more specifically, “you should try writing a happy song!” whatever that meant… lol. I guess I was going through a typical dark teenage phase, and that translated into my music, because now, I can’t write the same kind of lyrics. It’s kind of cool to see that change progress over songs =]

    And I love you too for being my faaan ❤

    Zyerie, you really did post it on your blog! Thanks so much for the support and feedback. I do know Jewel! I love her, she’s very underrated, but much more talented than people give her credit for. She’s quite brilliant to me, minus that 0304 phase where she went all mainstream pop… that was just wrong… but I understood her need to try something different and embrace a new sound and image. Sometimes we need to stray into a place we are unfamiliar with to find our true identity… I’m very glad you like my song! I’m sorry for any sad memories I made you recall… if you ever want to talk about it, I’m all ears =] After all, sharing my music is like letting people read my diary. What I had written were feelings I felt, and there was a person that the song was for… Since you’re all taking the time to hear “my story”, I’m always welcome to hearing yours =]

    Oh by the way… that preview you made, how did you adjust the volume?! I was shocked. I knew it was possible, but I couldn’t figure out how to raise it. I must be putting the wrong settings during my recording sessions because all of my songs are very quiet… Perhaps you can edit my songs and make them louder before I post any more songs?

    Karimu, digital singles? I’m getting that warm and fuzzy feeling again :3 It does sound like fun! I’d love to… I’m just hoping I don’t get into any legal binds in the future, because I’m not signed, and though I can copyright my songs, I don’t know where my songs will ultimately end up… ah, but if that happens, I guess I’ll just have to write even BETTER songs and release them officially and say, “IN YO FACE!” to whoever does something bad with my songs x] Hm, so I guess this is a yes? x] What do I need to do?

    Ahhh, surprises. What does Yuri have for meee? I’m a very anxious person when it comes to “surprises” x] Ahhh, Feras, forget your trip, come baaack! Haha… you’re already on 100? (o.O) Even I can’t listen to that song 100 times, LOL. But that’s probably because I’ve written it, tore it to pieces, put it back together, tore it apart again, and somehow found the right combination… to the point where I get tired of my own songs, haha x]

  28. zyerie says:

    oeh..glad you like my cutting for your preview..^^ first i was so shocked to edit your song..the volume is SUPER small..then, i had to adjust and smoothen it before i cut it..
    well, if you need my help in editing, sure i can do dat for you before u post them..glad to..^^coz ur lyrics and music touched me..^^…
    i havent written any lyrics since december 2006…
    u make me wanna write again..^^ whahaha..^^

  29. Ninpon says:

    AAAAAAAH am so glad you are getting all these ideas and all the the help from Zyerie and everyone =D

    sooooo now u dont have any excuses to not make more music…U HEAR ME? MORE MUSIIIIIIC ! LOL got a little carried away

    anyways LOVE u and just keep getting brighter u big shiny STAR ^_^

  30. Ami says:

    So pretty!

    The piano composition and your voice mesh very well. The only problem I have is with your enunciation. It’s hard to hear what you’re saying when you singing, so working on pronouncing your consonants will help fix that problem. And try to strengthen your higher range.

    That’s all I really had problems with. Otherwise, it is a gorgeous song. The piano, your voice, and the lyrics. They’re all amazing, you have GREAT potential. I look forward to you debut. =)

  31. VnikkiR says:

    Yeay! Well, for the posting, I just want you to adjust the volume so that it’s not like super low. If you wanna make a preview/mobile thing, you can cut it later x]

    Writing is such a beautiful thing, because there are only such a number of words, but so many ways to use them to express the reality we live in. You should definitely start writing again when you find a reason to. It’s one thing to have that bursting desire to say something, but it won’t have as much meaning unless you discover that reason. Like, I’m also a writer (of fiction), and the story that I’m currently working on is a way for me to figure out how I view life philosophically. There’s a lot that I unexpectedly ended up learning about myself through that… it makes writing very rewarding :3

    Yes Ninpon, I’m very greatful that I suddenly have this small group of fans, haha =] I do make a lot of excuses for not making music. I’ve been song-writing for many years now, but I haven’t done much because I’m so focused on other things. I wish I could make it a priority, but sometimes other things in life get in the way of the things we want to do =[ Ah ah ah — but I’ll write forever, even if its one song per year (you’d love that, right? LOL) Careful, I might become brighter than the sun, then you can’t look at meee x] Muahaha… cheesy… x]

    Ami, thanks for the review! I’m glad you brought that up. My family always criticizes me for that. I’ve improved over the years, but I still have problems with being clear and concise with how I pronounce words while I sing. It’s a lot harder than people think! When I sing classical music, I’m a Soprano II, but when I sing using my full voice, I’m more of an Alto. I wish I had a higher range, but I’m working on what I’m able to do =]

    I’m glad you like my song! :3 <— more warm and fuzzy feelings

  32. VnikkiR says:

    $5 says that Feras is sick of my song by now XD

    I’m feeling better each day, so when I can breathe properly, I’ll be writing more sooongs 😀

    Out of curiosity, what kind of song do you want to hear from me next? I have something that’s somewhat upbeat, something a bit on the “rock” side (if you can make a song on the piano sound like a rock song… lol), something on the classical side, or something “slow” like “So What”?

  33. karimu says:

    ^ an Upbeat song would be great 😀

    btw: I can’t wait to release ur first digital single XD Zyerie can do the remixes XD

  34. zyerie says:

    well…am in my bro’s office using his facility…*…nobody is working..due to chinese new year..^^*
    *sigh…come on bro, fix the internet connection for me please..T__T*

    yeah…talking about the next song..why dont you try something upbeat just like what karimu said…
    i think that would be a nice one to try..
    just dont forget to inform me later on..^^

  35. aizmov says:

    finally back…
    i would like to say that the song did really well in DoCoM local song download network, the only problem it faced was the qulity, it sounds really low in mobiles and iPod but it did reach the top 30, not bad
    i guess it is the time work on our ideas all togather, for now Veronica we can contact through LIVE services lke MSN Messenger, please do not post your e-mail her for security issues, but you can add mine:
    the main idea in my mind is to have a theme and 3 songs for now, instrumentals may be included maybe not…
    there will be 3 main sources for the single:
    1) our blog
    2) official e-mail list
    3) local mobile distrbution
    all opnions are welcomed to my e-mail
    other wise wait until the first phase arrangment is done and we open the official thread in here at this blog
    and yeah Veronica, i need this 5$ because still am not sick of it 😛

  36. aizmov says:

    i was surprised by the blog status:
    * Entry Clicks: 382
    * Download Clicks: 133

    that was a low quality song only, hehe, we better work hard for the digital single ^__^

  37. VnikkiR says:

    @ Karimu:

    I’m new at this, so what makes a “digital single”… a “digital single”? LOL, did that make sense? Yeahhh, what qualifies as a “digital single” versus just posting the song up like this entry? x] OMGOSH, I wanna have a super smexi photoshoot and beat Koda Kumi’s Kingdom coverrr!…which probably won’t happen considering they’re super smexi already *tear* (;__;)

    @ Zyrie:

    Happy Chinese New Year! LOL, I was wondering why there weren’t many people in my building where I work at too… I get to celebrate three new years! American, Cambodian, and Chinese! :3 When I say “upbeat”… LOL, it’s not gonna be this super fast, super happy song. It’s just something on the lighter side of what I usually tend to write. Sooo yeah. We’ll figure out what to post next x]

  38. VnikkiR says:

    @ Feras:

    Wooo, cloggin’ your comments (that usually means I don’t have any homework, muahaha… sigh)

    Welcome back! What’s DoCoM? I Googled it, but only found Docomo, a Japanese mobile company. Top 30? Wow! What rank did I peak at? How exciting! :3 Yeah, I have MSN Messenger too. Does your e-mail address have anything to do with Final Fantasy… =] Woahh, that whole process is confusing, lol. Buuut I’ll learn along the way. Let’s work hard! *Suddenly wants to go write a super awesome song*

    How come my MediaFire account only says 74 downloads if its 133? =[

  39. aizmov says:

    yes it is DoCoMo, Yuri owns some shares on it, i forgot the last ” o ” lol…
    you peaked at 30 lol XD
    about the digital single as i told you, while we can’t access big stores like iTunes to put it in there we just can start releasing it at, this blog, DoCoMo local service and e-mail distrubution, you know that ” group e-mails ” can be spreated very fast and to so many people ^__^
    i do not know about the ” download counts ” but i know about the link ” clicks ” from our blog and sometimes people use an IP protuction so a program like the one mediafire has can’t count thier IPs, but the blog can count thier clicks ^__^
    and yeah it is the same Tidus from Final Fantasy X lol !!
    i recived your add, we can speak about the theme and the announce day through there… after we decide the genere, theme and style, we will announce it here first…
    ummmm, about the cover, i think we may keep it as ” photoshop logo design ” unless you got a really ” fit to the theme ” photo we can use ^__^

  40. Amara says:

    Nikki poo-p, or shall I say Veronica? You know that I absolutely adore this song, along with all of your other ones. I’m glad that you’re now recieving recognition for your talents worldwide and you’re not limited to local fame, although that’s not a bad thing at all. Your lyrics truly reach out to me, and all of the other listeners as it seems. Can’t wait till you finally post Outside Looking In, although I have to say..I’m your muse for that song, don’t forget it! lol

  41. Amara says:

    oh yeah, forgot to mention how cool it was to see your name on my iPod ^_^

  42. Ami says:

    No problem! It’s the least I could do for the beautiful song you gave us. =)

    I used to have that problem when I first started choir. I found that when I have an enunciation problem, it helps to work on the consonants that are particularly difficult to bring out. If you remember to put a conscious effort toward it, then you’ll start emphasizing those consonants without that effort.

    I’m also an Alto when I sing classical music. I know how hard it is to sing the notes on the higher range when you were limited from the start, but I practiced using songs that were in the Soprano range to increase my range and did so for quite some time. I was surprised to find that that hard work helped me increase it significantly. So just continue to sing on that higher register and strengthen those muscles and you’ll be able to reach those notes in no time! As my choir teacher says, “All women are sopranos, they just don’t know it yet.” 😉 I’m rooting for you!

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