BoA – THE FACE (Review)

THE FACE is BoA’s 6th Original Album. It’ll be released on February 27th , one week after her upcoming 26th Japanese single 「be with you.」. Three different versions of the album are going to be released : A limited CD+2DVDs, a CD+DVD & a CD Only version. THE FACE is one of 2008’s most anticipated Albums.
Karimu’s Review:
The Album starts off aggressively with the hot, strong & very catchy AGGRESSIVE. A song which kicks out very trance-ish, then turns, and with a kind of BoA-ish way, to hot pop beats with a booming chorus. The verses are very fun and the chorus is very catchy. BoA’s voice fits perfectly to the song, I think that BoA can sing anything with that voice. AGGRESSIVE ends with that trace-ish music, cool. 9.25/10
Sweet Impact is a great follow up to AGGRESSIVE, as both songs feature synth. Well, Sweet Impact uses synth chaotically, as many of us believe, the song uses no real instrument at all! Regardless of that, the chorus is EXTREMELY catchy! Hearing the song only one time makes you memorize the chorus, pretty addictive. 8.5/10
Let’s move to heavy R&B with the Album’s 3rd song 「My Way, Your Way feat. WISE」. I’ve never heard of this WISE before now, whoever he is, he did a great job! The melody is very catchy and I love the way the song started. BoA sings cutely & I’m loving WISE’s rap in there. 8.5/10
Time to move to a relaxing song, the 1st ballad of the Album be with you. The song has grown on me since the last time I reviewed the single but, still, this is far from being my favorite ballad of hers. The song somehow sounds more beautiful in the album. 8/10
LOSE YOUR MIND is the kind of the song that makes you want to get up and dance on your feet! Although BoA has lots of upbeat songs, this song is different from any of her previous works. It’s fun, it’s funky, it’s edgy. The song is filled with electric guitar chords & dance beats. The chorus is crazy & catchy, the fabulous bridge is provided by Yutaka Furukawa of the rock band DOPING PANDA, which adds flavor to the song. 9.5/10
I’m not really fond about this track, Girl In The Mirror. It kicks off with a chaotic chorus then moves to slower verses with hot tango-esque beats. The pre-chorus’ are the best parts of the song. I love the parts when she sings “Rock Star? Sniper? Celeberties? Whatever you want!” 8/10
Happy Birthday is a pure pop track filled with extreme cuteness. I was expecting something more edgy “like YUI’s song”. It’s very pleasant and a great birthday song! 7.5/10

Diamond Heart
…This song brings lots of summer memories. Nothing has changed since, I still feel the same way as I did before. I still (kinda) enjoy the song. 8/10
I admit I still enjoy LOVE LETTER as it was just released. It feels so warm, oh, this song is pure love! The chorus is sung so emotionally & the bridge takes the song to another level. One of the best songs on this Album. 9.5/10The next track is a rock influenced song that is very different from any of BoA’s previous works. BRAVE has a dreamy chorus accompanied with strong vocals from BoA. The verses are sung with some kind of “attitude”, I like that. The bridge features electric guitars similar to those on Winter Love’s bridge. Hot track. 9/10

I expected ギャップにやられた! to be a “Dark” song similar to DayDream. However, it turned out to be the complete opposite! It’s a pure pop track with a cute melody. The chorus is somewhat catchy. This song is kinda similar to Happy Birthday. I like the bridge. 7.5/10

WARNING! Style is ready to attack!

The song kicks off weird but as soon as the verses start you’ll be drawn to ACTION. I love the chorus of the song, it’s extremely catchy and -again- it’s different from any of BoA’s previous works. It’s composed by Nao Tanaka, the same composer who did OUTGROW~Ready butterfly~ & Lady Galaxy, but it differs in a great way. 9/10
Smile Again is the 3rd ballad on the Album. There is nothing much to say about the song. It’s kinda boring but BoA’s vocals are good cover . The chorus is sorta catchy, nothing special. 7/10

Beautiful Flowers
is a true inspirational song. It’s one of those songs that work as theme songs or national hymns, lol. Very upbeat and catchy. I love the orchestral instruments in the bingeing and in the background. Worth a listen, definitely. 9/10
Our journey with THE FACE ends with the heartful ballad, Best Friend. This is the perfect ending for the Album. The song is addressed to her friends & fans. Isn’t that the sweetest? I’m in love with the chorus & the bridge of the song, very catchy. Great song. 9.5/10
This is, in my opinion, one of BoA’s best albums to date. It showcases a more matured BoA, voice wise, music wise & style wise. Exellent new tracks were included in the albums as well as great single tracks.
Recommended Tracks: AGGRESSIVE, LOSE YOUR MIND, LOVE LETTER, BRAVE, Style & Best Friend.
Tracks to skip: Smile Again
Aizmov’s Review:AGGRESSIVE:
i didn’t even imagen BoA would pull such a style good intro, although am not TRANCE Fan, but i like the lyrics and the arrangment is so good

i loved this song since forever, but it doesn’t deserve more than what am going to give it…


My Way Your Way:
people around here knows that am R&B lover from the picks all around this blog, this song reminds me of WINDING ROAD, but WINDING ROAD is a lil better hehe…


Be with You:
ummmmm someone dear to me loved this song when he heard it lol…


still addivted to this song and i will be forever


Girl In The Mirror:
i wonder why Karimu hate this song but here take this on the face


Happy Birthday:
cute song, i like it


Diamond Heart:
not cute song i hate it




started like WOW, went to OK chorus, ended like WOW


uh, ok

it is a STYLE but so much mess

Smile Again:
ok i grow to love this song after someone dear to me loved it 😛


Beautiful Flowers:
i liked it one day


this ballad is goooooood so goooooooood



Rating: 9/10


41 Responses to BoA – THE FACE (Review)

  1. Rizuk says:

    I like this album. Recently BoA has been starting to bug me because her Japanese music has been emotionless (in my opinion). But thanks for posting it!

    By the way, I run a blog similar to yours (it just started too…) Would you like to exchange links and contact information? I’d really appreciate it. If you do, just email me at

    Alright, thanks! See ya around.

  2. Pete says:

    Love your posts and thanks for uploading the albums! Keep it up.

  3. karimu says:

    Rizuk: Nice to meet you! we’d be happy to exchange links too! Just be patient, we’re a bit in a chaos right now XD

  4. Ro says:

    Hey there, i can’t download BoA’s new album for some reason, mediafire says it’s removed the files! 😦

  5. karimu says:

    ^ Okay, don’t worry I’ll fix the link a.s.a.p!

  6. zyerie says:

    wow…i havent touched anything since chinese new years eve…
    aha…i dont get alot of red pocket..and one more thing, my internet connection suddenly off for some reasons…(ahh Chinese new year man…ah…i cant play any internet..)
    wuahh..i cant listen to any of the songs above…
    hope dat my bro get da internet fixed asap then i can listen to BoA’s Songs!!!
    Cant wait to listen to the full album,,,,… internet..T__T

  7. karimu says:

    ^ Good luck XD

    The album is HOT!

  8. Broken_Dust says:

    As usual Karimu’s review is detailed and he adds colors and icons to make it attractive and fun to read, Great job!! Unlike boring Aizmov =P

    Best Friend + Brave = ❤

    The album is so good, I’m just disappointed about the single selection, as much as I loved e.g “Style”, I’m sure I’d have loved it even more if it had a MV, and a big focus with live performances and stuff for a long term =( I mean what does “Make a Secret” have that “Style” doesn’t? it just needs time to grow up, hopefully during her tour!
    Avex needs to focus on this issue, because even Tohoshinki’s A-side single tracks were Meh~, if we compare them with the B-sides and Album Tracks (Darkness Eyes <3) why wasn’t it a single T_T

    Anyway,, Rock on BoA!! I really think AGGRESSIVE needs a tie-in with Initial D lol.

  9. aizmov says:

    baka i worte my review in super rush afte ri came back from Riyadh moreover it is just a sub review Karimu did the full job i wasn’t reviewing everything just a few words 😛
    moreover, yes Karimu is much better explainer than i am in term of music reviews, am good at selecting music i can share in this blog lol XD
    I WANT GITM MV T_____T

  10. silveriusakhiles says:

    i love your post n keep going…
    i really like her voice n her song.

  11. aizmov says:

    i noticed i can skip 3 songs from the whole album
    for MI20 i skip about 5
    outgrow i skip about 5 as well
    lol this album is different XD

  12. aizmov says:

    oh man i can’t let Girl in The Mirror go…
    anywayz guys, if anyone wants a re-up for indivisual links using mediafire as the other albums we shared here tell me…
    another review for the DVDs containent will be made and a high quality rips when the album arrive to me ^__^

  13. karimu says:

    Thanks for praising me Broken, I know I’m the best 😛

    BoA Albums Ranking:

    I still listen to OG like hell even after 2 years of release… WOW!

  14. aizmov says:

    mine will goes like this:
    2) THE FACE
    5) VALENTI

  15. Xiao Rui En says:

    Her songs have no emotion what-so-ever anymore.
    They lost emotion when she became depressed.
    I hate her songs now, she needs to quit her career as she so desperately wants..

  16. aizmov says:

    what emotions are you talking about ?!!!
    like Koda Kumi has any, Ai no Uta was a joke for me
    Under was fake, Ami Wana was the only one with true feelings… even Aishou, as much as i loved it but it was fake…

  17. karimu says:

    Fake? The stupid interview seems to affect your opinons. And BoA is NOT depressed.

  18. jefry says:

    I love THE FACE way better than MiT, Love & Honesty and outgrow.

    but Valenti is still my favourite album to date.

    is it true that BoA is releasing a new single IMAGINE for her new cm? sounds good to me

  19. jefry says:

    and BoA is NOT emotionless.

  20. aizmov says:

    Jef, there is not such a single being announced as far as i know
    there is still ” Best Firend ” to be used on her next CM

  21. aizmov says:

    seems what you have heard jef is right, i surrfed some Japanese Boards and they said that she sung the song in a concert and it is called ” IMAGINE ” lol

  22. karimu says:

    ^ Well, it’s actually a song by John Lennon. She sang it at the end of the concert along with other artists.

  23. jefry says:

    oh, then i must have misunderstood.
    wow karimu. how do you know that?!

    well i don’t think koda kumi is emotionless too, she’s just over-acting sometimes. and she may come across as “fake”.
    well but i still like her songs^^

  24. tatiana :3 says:

    I love this album too and I love “Best Friend” the most! :3

  25. Rei says:

    Thanks soooo much for this upload. ^^ BoA is such a lovely artist, but I wish she’d produce another Korean album. *grumblegrumble* Lol. As for her being depressed, I don’t think it’s that so much as her just being burnt out in general, as in more of a “OMG! I’m tired! *faints*”. Once she “wakes” back up, she’s just as energized as ever. In truth, I haven’t gotten through the entire tracklist (yet), but I think this is a pretty good album. (Can’t decide where it ranks with OUTGROW and MIT as those two are fighting for the number one spot. lol) I think she’s doing pretty well despite people saying she’s losing her position. (I mean hell, if I was the number one artist in two different countries, I’d get tired at some point, too.)

    As for emotion, I don’t think BoA’s losing it, per say, it might just be a wee bit subtle, and well, I believe you can’t really compare Kuu’s emotion to BoA’s, but I’ll try anyway. *giggles* (Since Kuu’s Japanese, I’ll only say something about BoA’s Japanese ballads.)

    As for BoA (even though “Candle Lights” is my fav. ballad), “Everlasting” displays tons of emotions as well as “OUR LOVE” and “your colour” (The Boa the LIVE version was GORGEOUS.)


    Now as for the songs mentioned by Kuu, I really doubt “Under” had the intention of being “emotional”, just “lustful”, so I’m not sure if that really counts. “Amai Wana” does have emotion in it, but not the emotions of “I love you; I wanna be with you” as displayed in “Everlasting” and “your colour”. It’s more of a “I feel betrayed; why are you doing this to me?” as shown in the lyrics:

    If you really do love me, then try and tell me so
    I’ll bet you can’t even say it once

    Tell me— the place we kissed
    Tell me— my favorite place
    Tell me— what’s my favorite song?
    Just try and say it
    Tell me— “You’re my only one”
    Tell me— “There’s nobody but you”
    Tell me— try and say it
    “I love you”

    (But then you probably knew that huh? lol)

    As, in my eyes, BoA’s ballads are more uplifting, saying I love you, Kuu’s ballads are more downplays, expressing the hurt which is clearly shown in “hands” and “you”, though I must say that “Pearl Moon” is beautifully simple in saying that seeing one’s name in the inbox makes her happy or that a simple phone is all that’s needed to close the distance between her and her lover.

    I believe if people actually get past how she’s exploited and whatnot, they can see the beauty of her lyrics. ^^ Wow, this was hella long! Anywho .. thanks for the upload again. *runs off snuggles plushie BoA*

  26. karimu says:

    ^ WOW! You can WRITE! XD

    I hate artists’ comparaisons and I don’t feel like I wanna get into the “BoA Vs. Kuu” thingie :p I’ll leave it to Aizmov XD

    Thanks for commenting Rei-san 😀

  27. boamyjewel says:

    hahaha I love BoA a lot of mora than kuu! I’m good at comparing Mwehehehe

  28. Lauren says:

    hey im new! lol
    i agree that BoA’s japanese stuff has lost alot emotionally.

    I don think she is depressed- when you get a bit older you get restless, unfortunately. you dont have as much energy. Im 22 & i feel like shit alot of the time & im a fit active girl!
    i think being kept from the world, ALWAYS working and being away from home all takes its toll. AND! if those rumors of her & the dude from GOD were true & they were bf+gf who broke up- that’s also heartbreaking. Not being able to parade your love sux & then breaks ups are always hard. She said herself that it was after Best of Soul

    I have to say that as much as i will always love & support her, her japanese music has become very generic. most albums have fillers- they have nothing on her korean albums, which are packed with awesomely composed songs & heart filled vocals. i miss korean BoA….

    my japanese album picks:
    1. OUTGROW
    3. THE FACE
    4. VALENTI (very emotional album imo!)
    5. MADE IN 20

    Outgrow & Love+Honesty just had tracks that clicked. Everything flowed, everything sounded sooooooo BOA. I still think The Face is a brilliant progression, but lacks that pizzazz her older albums had. Also, i dont think The Face has any memorable ballads. (i dont think LoveLetter is a ballad?!)

    HER VOCALS! sooooooo AMAZING!
    *Lose Your Mind!* soo good!

    good reviews too, i agree with them. I dont get the whole diamond heart thing- i think its TERRIBLE!

  29. karimu says:

    ^That was a bit long, but very interesting too XD

    I kind of disagree with you, when it comes to BoA’s Korean Albums, they always have the catchiest & most memorable title tracks but the rest is … crap? no, they’re fillers! Take her latest album for example, Girls on Top had “MOTO, Girls on Top, If You Were Here, Love Can Make A Miracle, Addiction & Garden In The Air” , those are the only songs I could enjoy from the whole album! Then again, MOTO is better than 90% of BoA’s Japanese Discography IMO.

    With her Japanese Albums -in the other hand- you can expect the whole album to be -at lest- above average! The only problem is that they don’t contain “Killer Tracks” like her Korean ones. None of the songs on THE FACE are ‘AMAZING’ IMO, but most of them are very enjoyable. OUTGROW has amazing tracks, DO THE MOTION, Ready Butterfly, Dakishimeru, Everlasting, make a secret and Silent Screamerz were all WOW!!

    ps: What is LOVE LETTER then? XD

  30. boamyjewel says:

    LOVE LETTER is a song she wrote for me LOL! XD

    agree wif karimu! XD but about 90% thingy… I’m not aggree!
    I’m a big fan of her japanese songs! hahaha
    LOSE YOUR MIND, LOVE LETTER is my current fave!

    OMG can’t wait for GoT and My Name Japanese Version! XD

  31. aizmov says:

    Japanese Material > Korean Material for me
    and the reason is obvious, because i understand the language so the japanese ones WIN directly
    but right now i miss the korean stuff i WANT IT BACK

  32. karimu says:

    boamyjewl: I wonder if she’ll be doing a Japanese Version of those 2 songs, it would be PERFECT ❤

  33. winterlove000 says:

    i really like this album
    its my new fav.

    and i dont get the emotionless part.
    what was bad?
    honestly, i think boa is really strong to go through this kinda workload only being 21 this year. i want to wish her well and always be supportive. i also heard that theres gonna be a english album sooon. i CANT WAIT!!!

    i might buy this one
    just because it might be played on the radio. i would love to hear other people at school talking about boa. not just asians. it would be GREAT!!! HOORAY FOR THE ASIAN INVASION!!!

  34. mango says:

    WISE is a member from the teriyaki boyz

  35. Rai says:

    I found this page called, they have a big collection of BoA pictures and videos. Check it out yourself

  36. Rachel says:

    Um, hi. Really good review there. I was just wondering whether you guys had posted a link to download the whole album?

    If you guys did i don’t see it…or perhaps i’m looking at the wrong place?

    Please reply to this ^^

  37. aizmov says:

    dear Rachel <<< OMG FORMAL AIZMOV XD
    from now on you can get links for download these music via the new download system, to register visit this link:

  38. Lyem says:

    i love BoA

  39. YUNHO ROCKs says:

    Tri Angle..coz, Feat by TVXQ! kyaaaa~

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