~ Crystal : Trade Cards Online Game ~

it’s been long time since i showed a real work made by my team(s)…
this one is the latest and was submitted as a university project by a partial team out of the original team…

Team 22
Part of B-12

((Trading Card Online Game))


well, many of you will jumb on me ” you stole Final Fantasy 8 ” well, while it was a university project i really didn’t give a damn about ” i am stealing something from someone ” but at least when i publish this game in a real server i will get the main team to work in some art cards that will be so unique and briliant

for those people who doesn’t know what is this, it is a trading card game when you will have a dock of 15 cards you will use 5 of them to play with another guy through the internet, baiscly there are 4 numbers on the card if you put a number that is greater than the other card number of the opposite direction the card will turn into your team color, when the game finished the one with more cards truned on his/her color gonna win and take a card from the other player


crystal-homepage.jpg  cryv1.jpg  cryv4.jpg

The trial game servers to be openned at 15/4, version 1 of the game suppose to be ready at this summer… keep checking up guys 😀

PS: only choosen people will be allowed to get into the trial servers mostly gonna be friends and people choosen from this blog


7 Responses to ~ Crystal : Trade Cards Online Game ~

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  2. karimu says:

    Looks kinda cheesy to me XD

    I’ll be waiting for the trial version 😀

  3. aizmov says:

    go listen to Yuna Ito and define back CHEESYNESS XD


  4. karimu says:

    ^LOL, I’m gonna try that album later. Is it better than HEART?

  5. aizmov says:

    WORSE x 100000000000

  6. karimu says:

    ^Up it to me please, gonna review it 😀

  7. aizmov says:

    DONE, the links will be sent to you via ” last.fm inbox “.
    me myself will review THE FACE again with special content yeah that’s after i got the original album lol
    and some games reveiws ^__^

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