BoA: I’m a Happy Individual!

Despite her emotional problems, which she revealed in a recent interview, she says she is still a happy individual.

I think that I am a really happy person. I’d give myself 99 points out of a 100 points. Is that too high? I did something that I wanted to do at a young age, and there are many people out there who have interest in me and love me. It’s something that can’t be easily obtained so I’m giving myself such a high score,” BoA says laughing.

Although a sense of accomplishment and happiness is there, stars nonetheless have to cope with loneliness. Sometimes life in Japan can be lonesome. Lately, she has found her comfort in cameras and cars. Since early last year her interest in cameras has increased, so the camera is now the first thing that she puts in her bag.

“I didn’t know that it was this fun to take pictures. I take my camera around a lot while doing my schedules. I like to photograph landscapes and staff members. It feels as if I am getting a bit closer to my fans when I put up an entry on my blog with a picture and a short message, and it’s fun too…. And since I have my driver’s license, I visit nearby suburbs when I have the time and take pictures as well as take in fresh air because I feel my head being cleared up. So when stress piles up I drive or go out shopping for my favorite hats and accessories.”

Her New Year’s wish is to send her parents on a world trip. “I’ve been to many countries because of my overseas performances, photo shoots, etc. I want to show those beautiful places to my parents.”

NOTE: The interviews in which BoA stated that she was “losing her identity” were kinda miss traslated!  I found a better translated version of the interview and it does not sound so horrible. So, stop saying that she’s depressed or what so ever!! 

3 Responses to BoA: I’m a Happy Individual!

  1. aizmov says:

    I kept following BoA on her intreviews the past few months and i do not see her depressed at all, at HEYx3 she stated that she is enjoying her latest album so much, she said as well although it was so much rush and she had to work in holidays but she has personal feelings for some songs in there she doesn’t have in her last one (MI20 i guess)…
    i can see her on ” My Way Your Way ” this song is just awsome in term of the lyrics i can’t stop listening to it
    and BEST FRIEND, that’s what emotions are all about
    her song that she wrote in the album ” Gyuppu ni yararita ” was good in terms of lyrics as well… BRAVE was awsome, all in all this new album is just better [lyrics wise] than MI20 ((but not OUTGROW cuz Everlasting, DO THE MOTION, soundscape and even Dakishimeru, Make A Secret and OUTGROW has good lyrics lol XD))…
    people who comes and say ((her new album are emotionless because she is depressed)) i would ask you for one thing, translate My Way Your Way for me and then we are ready to talk 😛 ((yeah listening to a singer knowing what she is saying is much different))

    my fav part in My Way Your Way [translated by me]:
    some time we fight
    there are times we couldn’t show our feelings
    and draw no smile on our faces.
    yes we fought, but
    only the smiles
    only your kindness
    remains in my heart
    for the bright days we spent togather
    let us clear the tears and look up
    your happiness and my happiness
    is linked between us
    I wont forget
    I promised sencirly deep in my heart
    that from now on I will strongly keep living on

    wow, that was emotionless XD

  2. jefry says:

    love you, BoA!

    i’m just glad that she’s not actually depressed.

  3. boamyjewel says:

    WOW!! finally I heard a good news bout BoA!!

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