Namie Amuro – 60s70s80s

Namie Amuro – 60s70s80s
Nearly 9th months after her very successful 7th Studio PLAY, miss Amura is back with a new hot sexy single, 60s70s80s that is. This is Namie’s 33rd Single and her first triple A-Sided one. The single features a total of 3 songs: NEW LOOK; representing the 60s, ROCK STEADY; representing the 70s and finally WHAT A FEELING; representing the 80s.
Karimu’s Review:
NEW LOOK is very sweet mid-tempo song. The verses are very fun, you can hear Namie talking about fashion and how she wants to get a new look! The song features a sample from The Supremes’ Baby Love. Nothing else to say, brief: NEW LOOK has the soul of the 60s! 9/10
The second track represents the 70s. ROCK STEADY is much more upbeat and fast peaced! The verses are sung with power and the pre-chorus part is very cool! I thought that the chorus itself isn’t as cool as the rest of the song but it’s still catchy though. What bugged me is how messy this song sounds sometimes, there is too much going on in my opinion, just like BoA’s Girl In The Mirror. ROCK STEADY features a sample from Aretha Franklin’s song with the same name. 9/10
NEW FEELING is a true piece of art! I love everything about this song! The vocals, the music, the instrumentals… everything! The chorus is extremely catchy and the verses are very fun. I believe everyone agrees that the 80s era was the best western music era of all time! The proof, you still can hear it very often on radio stations, people still remember them…etc Namie did a great job with this. Love 80s, Love Namie! WHAT FEELING features a sample from Irene Cara’s song with the same name. 10/10
Will this be 2008s best single? I don’t know, but this is a very tough competitor! All 3 tracks are decent and I love the idea of the single Namie knows how to innovate. Definitely looking forward to see how it’ll chart.
Aizmov’s Ranking:
NEW LOOK: 9/10

10 Responses to Namie Amuro – 60s70s80s

  1. aizmov says:

    i can’t actually stand WHAT A FEELING like you did, it is your first 10/10 of the year, mine was ROCK STEADY, i don’t really know if there is another song will go and beat that lol XD

  2. jaysenryan says:

    I adore all 3 songs as they each bring something new and fresh and fun to the table. My favorite is What A Feeling. Although I do not agree about the 80’s being the best musical era, I can say that the influences were a great touch.

  3. karimu says:

    ^ It’s my mom’s influence I guess XD But a lot of music reviewers agree with me(us)…

    Aizy: Thanks for the download linkies :p And don’t you think we disagree with each other alot these days? XD

  4. boamyjewel says:

    WHAA wotta high score!
    for me…I love What a feelin’ the best Hmm ya ya!

  5. Dear karimu,
    that’s a lovely review 🙂

    Take care!

  6. Aizmov says:

    i am missing WHAT A FEELING download link i guess
    unfortunatly i can’t upload it now because i am going away from my home town today for about 2 days =/
    kinda need someone to up it, work it up karimu 😛
    and about the disagreeing things i blame the weather O_O

  7. sittingpugs says:

    oooo. Lovely. “New Look” has a Diana Ross & the Supremes vibe to it. Not sure I’m so keen on it. “Rock Steady” is more my taste…but it’ll take a few repeat listenings.

  8. boamyjewel says:

    whaoaaahh Karimu reviewed every word of the song! aaahh I don’t understand japanese so much!

    aishiteru arigatou hontou ni? LMAO

    one more : Watashino Engrish Hehehe

  9. jefry says:

    i love namie!!!

  10. j.lyyn says:

    hmm haven`t heard any of her songs before cuz im a boa or nth fan 😡 but because of this review im going to!!!

    boamyjewel: maybe it’s better to write hontou ni arigatou and watashi no engrish is emm My english?

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