~ no more downloads, i guess ~

seems they hated us for love to share with other people XD
i think one single tear will be a review blog more than a download + review blog
we were gaining alot of attention and visitors with the time passes
so, i think i will leave the download links for just few hours and then i may remove them eternally
fortunately Veronica Ros’s single is being copy righted with credits for us we can share that lol
((karimu can declare this for us))


9 Responses to ~ no more downloads, i guess ~

  1. Feylady says:

    Ah, that’s very sad. I enjoy your reviews, however, and will continue to read them.

  2. aizmov says:

    thanks alot for your support Fey ^__^

  3. VnikkiR says:

    You’re baaack! How was your trip? =]

    Hm… well, even if it’s just for a couple of hours, at least it’s still put up XD

    I mean, I get the whole you should purchase and not download for free argument. But for someone like me who’s in the U.S. who doesn’t have as much access to Asian music. Have you seen YesAsia’s prices? I wouldn’t invest in that kind of money unless I knew I’d actually enjoy the product. There’s just way too many artists out there to throw a couple bucks here and a few bucks there, you know? So I like the download & review concept, especially for people who are new to the Asian music scene, or are just looking for something different. There are SO many artists that I listen to now because of this blog alone. Meh…

    Do be careful of Avex artists though. I’m not sure how tight they are with other artists, but they’re usually on top of things with Ayu. Like YouTube vids are taken down within hours of being put up. It’s like they’ve devoted a team to doing so XD I’m sure they’re adept to all forms of marketing for her… but in my opinion, I find that taking down YouTube vids isn’t exactly the best thing for her. Millions of people use YouTube, it’s easy to share vids with people through that, and that’s how I first started getting into Ayu’s vids/concerts. Again, bringing up the foreign argument, by leaving those videos out there, it could reach out to more people around the world. Perhaps they see it as a negative effect on sales, but whatever…

  4. aizmov says:

    i totally agree with you, really come on, like the download links i put in this blog gonna make people ” NOT TO BUY ” the albums and singles they are making !!!
    almost 80% of the visits to this blog are not-korean-or-japanese people… moreover, as you said only people with steady outcome can make it out ALIVE from CDJapan and YesAsia, well last year i spent about $200 on these sites alone for BoA’s and Namie’s stuff…
    it is not like ” i will download and not gonna buy ” i download and buy after i like the thing, for example, 60s70s80s will be the first Namie Amuro single i buy, i still listen to the ripped one but i still have the eager to own the CD, yeah the quality make a difference for me, on the rip ones we get 340kps on the JAPANESE CD quality we get 1140kps just more than triple the quality… and if i really loved the music i would buy, AM NOT GOING TO BUY A SINGLE BEFORE I LISTEN TO IT EVER… ((that doesn’t count on BoA though because i collect all her stuff))

  5. VnikkiR says:

    Exaaaactly. People don’t jump into this blindly. They have to have some knowledge first. Like, why would consumers want to purchase ANYthing without having not only the means but the desire to buy it? Like, in the U.S., if I wasn’t on YesAsia, AND I didn’t have something like YouTube, AND I didn’t have someone like youuu to point me out to different artists, I’d probably never get into listening to Asian music because unless you REALLY search your butt off and do a li’l research yourself, you’re never gonna know about them. And sometimes, you don’t realize how much you’d like them until you hear it. And sometimes, it’s not even that good the first time around, but if you keep listening, you’re like “oh yeah… I LOVE that” sumsing sumsing.

    You’ll still share download links with me on MSN right ;D

    Oh yeah, and fans fans fans DO collect stuff too. Sometimes they’ll buy multiple covers just for the sake of collecting, even though they already have one XD Good times.

    Have you seen the cover for Ayu’s Mirrorcle World? She’s half naked agaaain XD (Her album LOVEppears cover featured her topless with only hair covering her breasts. And one cover she was dressed to look like a Caucasian girl, the other cover she was dressed to look like an African American girl. Interesting, huh?

  6. zyerie says:

    fans fans fans DO collect stuff too. Sometimes they’ll buy multiple covers just for the sake of collecting, even though they already have one XD Good times.<<<<===== this is absolutely right..!! coz am doing da same things..^^

    What??? Ayu?? where? i want to see..!!!

  7. boamyjewel says:

    She was naked at her RAINBOW album too! XD
    She loves to get naked

    I’ve reviewed it on my blog Hehehehe
    Love the cover so much! and the song is like WOW

  8. VnikkiR says:

    Was it RAINBOW? My bad, I wrote LOVEppears XD One of those albums she was, haha XD

    It was only her second time doing a topless shot, but they were both in no way exploited in an over-the-top sexual manner (thank goodness).

    Zyerie, you should see the covers for ayu-mi-x 6 Gold and ayu-mi-x 6 Silver. They look so coool XD I personally like the Gold cover better. The star design on her face in Silver wasn’t that great, but the rest of it was awesome XD

  9. VnikkiR says:

    No wait. I take it back XD LOVEppears is the topless cover, and RAINBOW is the one where she’s like, blue and has rainbow colors in her hair. Is she naked? I can’t tell, cuz she’s sitting. I thought she was at least wearing some shiny pants XD

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