Ayumi Hamasaki – Mirrorcle World

Ayumi Hamasaki – Mirrocle World
Mirrocle World is Ayu‘s 43rd Single. The title track is a full-length version of mirror, the opening track of her 9th Studio Album GUILTY. It’s been 10 years since Hamasaki’s major debut under avex, thus, this single celebrates her 10 years anniversary and includes two previously released songs with new mixes: YOU & DEPEND ON YOU (1998)
Mirrocle World kicks off with a great orchestral introduction, it is a bit long but quite enjoyable. The actual song starts with hot techno sounds & dance beats. The verses are cool & fast peaced, though compared to the chorus, they’re nothing. Still, they’re strong enough to build up the enormous power of the chorus’. The chorus literally EXPLODES! With balanced vocals from Ayu & strong instrumentals to back it up. As the chorus progresses, more instrumentals & effects are added which gives it a great overall sound. I thought they did a great work with the bridge, it fits perfectly to the song. A hot rock instrumental part is included, then BOOM! Explosions everywhere!! I loved the Bridge-Chorus transition by the way. I enjoyed Mirrocle World very much, I loved how the melody changed several times but without ruining the climax of the song. One of my favorite songs from Ayumi Hamasaki, definitely! 10/10

Aizmov’s Review:
Grade ((you can shadow it if you can’t read it =P))


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  1. confused.. says:

    wow. nice review. glad u like this song. i think its great too. especially the sound effect of the mirror breaking. it makes me imagine her doing that in her pv.. i love how she changes the tempo of the song at different parts to make the mixture of feelings. slow, fast, explosive.. its great.

  2. karimu says:

    ^I can’t wait to see the pv!! I think it’s gonna rock 😀

  3. aizmov says:

    over rated, i loved the song
    but not a 10/10 it no where near being addicted at all
    sorry not as strong as ” ROCK STEADY ”
    9/10 from me

  4. confused.. says:

    well… i kinda agree too. i don’t think its 10. but i think its worth at least a 9? i think compared to mirror, ayu’s vocals tend to be too soft and is overpowered by the background music for the first chrous in mirrorcle world..
    but at least its way better than black cherry~~~
    (no offence to kumi’s fans…)

  5. VnikkiR says:

    I’m assuming this is Karimu’s review then? XD

    Woo! I’m glad you loved the song enough to give it a 10/10! When I first heard it, I wasn’t crazy about the orchestral part… It just seemed unnecessary for the rest of the song. But the more I listened to it, it grew on me (though sometimes I just wanna skip to the actual song).

    I definitely liked the way they developed the verses to build up for the EXPLOSIVE chorus XD And the bridge? OMG, the briiidge was asdfjk;lkjfdsa. It was the most short-lived best moment of the song XD I agree about the transition between the bridge and the last chorus. Ahhh, and then they ascended a key, asdfjk;lkjfdsa. Rawr.

    I can’t wait to see the PV and hear the anniversary specials (^_^)

    And the cover’s pretty :3

  6. jefry says:

    i really like the cover.

  7. Broken_Dust says:

    The bridge reminds me of LOVEpper era. So lovely, then suddenly.. *BOOM* modern Ayu hops XD !! .. don’t forget the ending, and of course as you mentioned the orchestra intro ❤

    The past two weeks I became addicted to her classic songs I used to love back then. Appears (Her best song imo), LOVE~since1999~ (No comment, just LOVE), End Roll (Female ver. of Tohoshinki’s Lovin’ You lol).. duuno what made me play them after so long? Anyway, getting to hear YOU and Depend on You again would be cool ^^ I hope its new recording not just a remix.

    The covers are nice, and you get the feeling that the PV is going to be awesome because the song is awesome =D .. I read it was filmed in Paris. *starts imagining awesomely awesome things* .. Ayu steals the monalisa, gets surrounded by police so she commit suicide from the top of the Eiffel Tower *PV ends* XD

    It’s easy to know who wrote it. Just use this check list..:

    [X] Has a nice banner on top and an introduction.
    [-] No intro/description, just start reviewing.
    [X] Colored font, colors, colors! Bold words and stuff.
    [-] No Colors.. boring~
    [X] Detailed, with good thoughts.
    [-] Quick opinion, and must throw something unrelated (BoA usually)

    If you get X-X-X- (like we got now) then its Karimu. The other way -X-X-X .. That’s Aizmov =P

  8. VnikkiR says:


  9. boamyjewel says:

    YEAH YEAH part rocks!
    Boom boom part rocks too
    but her cnaked cover is thr rockest-est one

  10. Ty says:

    Your favorite Ayu song? :O Wow! Must be one helluva great song then!
    Now you’ve got me more eager than ever to get my hands on the new single! 😀

  11. aizmov says:

    after i read what Broken Dust wrote
    i swear am not gonna review anything until real apology is provided
    actually not the type of joke i am ready to read since i have a very complicated exam in 5 hours !!!
    *sigh* T__T

  12. Broken_Dust says:

    Next time when you have a “complicated exam” on the way, tell me so I don’t joke =P .. ok, ok .. gotta be serious XD But you gotta be ready for anything too next time. Never thought a joke from a friend can hold you back..

    puff~.. Aizzy you know I’m totally joking nothing personal or sensitive, and come on you even know that 90% of the people visiting the blog agree with your opinion. See “confused..” for example, he agreed with your rating and not Karimu’s.

    About the cool nice colors.. duhh I can read things without colors, even sometimes I’m forced to (*cough*universitytextbooks*cough*).. But this is supposed to be the classic joke of the blog, ’cause Karimu really rocks everyone in painting and the rest of us suck at it (or lazy, lol). You gotta be proud of him =D

    Lastly, the throwing-something-unrelated issue. That’s the only (only) annoying thing about your reviews (gotta be honest ^^”). For this review you thrown “Rock Steady” and I don’t think it’s a pro way of reviewing especially since the two songs have nothing in common.

    Sorry? .. nah! Don’t be like that, we’re friends small things don’t block a thing =D .. only since you vowed, here .. SORRY, lol. Now go on reviewing =P

  13. aizmov says:

    lol i haven’t expected you to make ALL THAT post BAKA
    it wasn’t necessary, was gonna send you SMS to ignore it XD, lol i was in the rush of the exam and when i was at the hall i figured it out and said ” DUH why i drama queened IT XD ?!!! ”
    nah it is not me the one who will block friendship for a bad joke =P
    i throw bad jokes all the time =P
    we still have ” the grandma gathering ” idea around to execute =P
    actually, i had the idea of getting in and delete my reply and make a new post that is review for one of Minwoo’s song and make every word in different color for you =P, i am still doing that though =P
    and about ((throwing-something-unrelated issue)), for me and for a song to get 10/10 it must be addictive ” that’s why ROCK STEADY took 10/10 for me and i was comparing the ((addictiveness of ROCK STEADY with Mirrorical World’s)) ” done of that =P
    but it was so true about BoA btw =P
    LOL @ the university text book =P
    remind me to show you mine =P
    it is SO COLORFUL =P
    and had some video games pictures in there =P

  14. Broken_Dust says:

    Counts the “=P” … 11? OMG XD
    lol delete the posts now!!

    YaY, I’m looking forward to the grandma gathering, textbooks, and especially the colored review =D … =P

    PV aired!!
    There are people runnung after Ayu for something but she didn’t throw herself from the Eiffel Tower. So yea, I guessed 50% right =P
    Since the song is rock and has a dark feeling I was hoping to see guitar, drums and stuff playing in the streets of Paris at night. That would fit the atmosphere better imo. But you can still see that they paid a lot for the quality of the meaningless plot lol.
    Ayu breaking the glass after the bridge was so mafia style. Good teeth btw, lol.

  15. karimu says:

    Wow! so many posts XD

    Thanks everyone!!

    BD:The PV sounds good 😀 I hope that she doesn’t dress like anything “Bitchy” or “too strange” like she sometimes does :/

  16. Aizmov says:

    well, i saw the MV yesterday, I LOVED the red dress scene SO MUCH… and i like the close up scene with the feather thing
    but what i hate is the scene where she walkes around in kinda ((military)) style, it SHOUTS ” LOOK I AM MADONNA ” specialy with that blond hair, so much reminded me of madonna on her Kiss Never Die era !!!
    but after all good pudget MV

  17. TLFantasy says:

    10, indeed.

    The best from Ayumi by faaaar.

  18. confused.. says:

    hey. don’t u think this pv is a little funny? the first scene i saw, i was think who the hell walks so fast? after that, she shows her dramatic singing.
    the scene of her running with the red dress.. i think its quite funny, seeing her run like that.. (for your info, that dress weighs 20kg!)
    oh ya.. i like the feathery scene. she looks veri cool. but… it kinda reminds me of koda… do u think so?

  19. aizmov says:

    TLF, you hate ROCK STEADY and you loved Mirrorical =P ?!!!

    confused, i loved the red dress scene and right the feathery scene so koda-ish but it does suit Ayu ^__^

  20. karimu says:

    The PV was plain BORING and STUPID IMO! The way she was walking in the 1st scene reminded me of Reese Witherspoon in “Legally Blond” , or wait a minute, is that how girls really walk? My mom certainly doesn’t XD

    The red dress scene was stupid, was that her underwear? Oh he smell it O__O; XD

    I didn’t get the story at all! The acting was bad :p

    Oh, and yeah, stupidly enough, I was expecting a dance scene… I forgot that Ayu’s not a dancer T__T; HEART BREAK =/

  21. aizmov says:

    go up there and make the review 9.5/10 ?!!!

  22. TLFantasy says:

    9.5 because of the MV?! Get lost >.>

    well, just don’t compare between Ayumi’s and Namie’s.. They’re different in many things!

    Anyway, since you put it that way, Mirrorcle World >>> ROCK STEADY.
    But ROCK STEADY MV >>>> Mirrorcle World MV by far!

    I just watched Namie’s DVD.. Dude, all of the three MVs literally ROCK!

  23. karimu says:

    Can you believe that I haven’t watched Namie’s PVs yet o___o’

    Aizmov: Are you serious? XD

  24. aizmov says:

    i am so serious, am not seeing this song getting 10/10 in anyway
    it doesn’t ever get any near the title of the ” best single of the year ” while Namie’s has BIG chance enough said it sold 100K+ for the first time in Namie’s NEW STYLE career…
    and again i am not comparing 2 songs of different style… the only thing can give a strong song more than 9.5/10 is its addictiveness, it means you can’t get enough of listening to it, and i can see on Karimu’s LAST.FM the song doesn’t get as many plays as 1/4 of my ROCK STEADY last week XD
    Aizmov’s ROCK STEADY: 90 plays
    Karimu’s Mirrorcle World: 11 plays
    not to mention i had the song on my iPod and a CD burn for my car and my room lol XD
    and i can’t get enough >_>

  25. karimu says:

    ^ Feras, you & I are different!!
    1)I don’t listen to the same amount of music as you do and you know that! Once my laptop was broken, the amount of music I listen to decreased A LOT (check my last.fm!)
    2) Songs have much more longevity in my charts than in yours. You usually listen to the song 200+ times in one week then you suddenly stop listening to it! While I can listen to a song around 40 times in a week but I continue listening for a long time. I gave it 10/10 because I think it deserves it, if you don’t agree it’s ok, it’s your opinion! I mean, I gave Sweet Impact 8.5 and I listened to it more than any other song on the face!

    Plus , I gave 10/10 for Mirrocle World (song) not the whole single you know! I’ll rate the whole single when it comes out.

    ps: Dude, you’re making such a big deal out of nothing …

  26. confused.. says:

    woah, hey guys. relax.. don’t get too heated up..
    pv is pv. songs are songs. in the past, ayumi’s albums are only CD only and yet they sell like hot cakes.. u get what i mean?
    PVs are just an extra entertainment to complement the music. what matters is the aquality of the songs rite?
    if the music sucks, u won’t bother watchin the pv also..
    if u all realli want to rate the pv, make it another topic.

  27. confused.. says:

    oh shucks. typo error.. its quality, not aquality.
    lol.. sorry! XP

  28. confused.. says:

    hey guys. do u think mirrorcle world pv is quite random?
    i tht so too.. maybe u will change ur mind when u see this analysis.

  29. VnikkiR says:

    Finally watched the PV today (but without sound, argieee).

    Loved the Paris setting, that was definitely one of the stand outs from her previous PVs. I’m assuming those guys in the PV were French? And I loved her wardrobe!

    Outfit 1: I can see WHY you think it’s “military” like, but I don’t think it looks “military” at all. I mean, she DID wear a military outfit that comprised of boots, a long coat, and the tilted hat in one of her previous concerts, but that was on purpose. I think in the PV, this was just a fashion statement to emphasize the fact that she’s in France.

    Outfit 2: The lingerie! LOL, I love how she can just wear stuff like that and still keep it classy XD It reminds me of one of her photoshoots for a magazine spread where all of her pictures were of her in lingerie, muahaha. Again, it emphasizes fashion in France. I thought it was very caberet and smexi yo XD

    Outfit 3: The poofy red dress XD She’s worn bigger dresses, believe it or not. I liked the way they used the skirt. She’s not drowning in it persay, but she can swoosh it around. I think it would’ve been better if the fabric weren’t so stiff and heavy, that way she could swoosh it around less awkwardly. But it seemed French-ish, so yeah.

    Outfit 4: The dress in the phone booth. I couldn’t really see it, but I’m assuming it’s pretty, har har. Like she’s going out for a formal dinner in France! Rawr rawr.

    Were there any more outfits? I can’t remember, heh XD

    I don’t believe that it was boring, but I DO agree that the ending just didn’t do anything for me. I mean, the song alone is full of builds up, constantly bringing you to new heights, and then BAM! But the PV had like no climactic moment for me (perhaps it’s because I couldn’t play the video with sound, har har). So that was the only thing disappointing for me.

    And THE WALK. I get where you got the Elle Woods’ walk (from Legally Blonde), but I disagree. She doesn’t walk like that, like, ever. I think she was only walking fast because she was trying to match the tempo of the song. Or perhaps she’s got somewhere to go and doesn’t want to waste any time. I think by her walking fast, it creates a sense of urgency. Walking slowly just wouldn’t do for this song.

    Hm, what else? That’s all I can think of at the moment, har har. Ohhh, I heard about that AHS forum analysis, I haven’t read it though, but it’d probably allow me to understand the PV better. If only I knew what she was sayinggg =[ Her PVs can be better when you actually know why she does what she does, XD

    Oh yeah, and be nice guys. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, even if you don’t agree =]

  30. VnikkiR says:

    Oh yeah, I don’t think it’s fair to bring up Namie’s sales to compare, because Ayu hasn’t even released this single. Since it’s the single that marks her 10th anniversary, AND it has a new song, AND it has two remakes of two of her older songs, AND the fact that it comes in SIX different jackets (woahhh), she’s bound to have a good number of sales. But granted, if you think about her last physical single sale (talkin’ 2 myself sold like 70+k when it debuted, right?) Her PHYSICAL sales have gone down, but her digital single sale (Together when…) had reached over a million. That’s like 10x’s more than her last physical sale effort!

    And… this is just MY opinion, not to attack anyone, so don’t be offended by it. But even if Namie’s single (all three songs) is super addicting and good, I DO take into account that they are not necessarily original (since they’re remakes of old songs). Since Namie doesn’t remake songs often, I don’t find this disappointing persay, but I’d give Ayu an extra point for releasing her own original song.

    Now let’s all be friends XD

  31. aizmov says:

    since when we are all not friends =P
    it is just a disagreement issue nothing to do with friendship side =P
    just look @ how many comments are in this entry just because we are discussing the issue, it is fun rather than being throwing heatrage on each other lolz XD

    @ Karimu:
    i listen to the music on my PC until i get something new, my PC is a mess when i get something new the old files of music is removed to ” unknown ” places and sometimes when i feel like i want to hear for example ” FREAKY ” by koda i do not actually remember in which file i threw it, so i then go to my desktop and press on the songs i downloaded there lately until i remove them to the 100 JPOP files in my PC XD
    but in contrast i drive my car alot, and it is obvious i know what i am playing there because the CDs are known what it contains, i keep listening to old songs i miss on my PC in there steadily
    you gave it 10/10 i understand that :D, but i am just searching for the reason ^__^ not making a big deal of it, it is just a phase of discussion XD, moreover, a bad joke such as the one Ali made, lol sorry about that XD

    @ confused:
    wow, lol the one explained the MV up there was very very very on it O_O
    i can’t even watch an MV and to such analyzes

  32. VnikkiR says:

    Yeah! I finally read it when I got home. It all makes much more sense now. Seriously though, all of her videos are constructed in some way or another that’s deep with meaning and relevance. It’s just overlooked. Like, in my AP Literature class in high school, my teacher told us that by the end of the year, we’d never watch anything without analyzing every aspect of it. It’s true… when someone shows you the way once, you start finding your own way after. Maybe now, after reading that analysis, we all can learn to appreciate these not-so-obvious meanings that artists try to convey =]

  33. confused.. says:

    well… i was kinda shocked when i saw the way the person analysed it. it was so unexpected and DEEP…
    lol.. but sometimes i wonder.. if ayu’s pv really has this deep meanin or its jus the person thinkin too much. hahax!

  34. karimu says:

    PV are made to be watched and entertain the audience, not to be some sort of Agatha Christie mystery IMO XD

    Aizy: I gave it 10/10 because I Loved it… that’s it XD

  35. aizmov says:

    and i still love you, you know tht =P
    and SO true about Agatha lol, moreover, i am more the ” dancing songs MVs ” than ” stroy MVs ” i prefare beatiful background and CGI working + dancing than long story ballad song >_>

  36. karimu says:

    I love you too :p

    and hey, go get iTunes or else…I’ll kill you XD

  37. aizmov says:

    it takes so much space when you convert them to iTune right =/ ?!!
    what are the benefits then =/ ?

  38. karimu says:

    ^you don’t have to convert them! iTunes reads mp3. But you’ll have to convert wmv songs… >.>

  39. VnikkiR says:

    @ confused..:

    Yeahh, I know right? It’s like, if that’s the case, ANYthing can be interpreted in some way or another. When he/she was making references to The Matrix, I was like huh? Maybe she just wanted to wear a RED dress cuz it looked good on her? XD There’s one thing to understand what she was going for as a whole, it’s another to overanalyze something. But I do give him/her props for their interpretation. I don’t believe I’d come up with half the things mentioned (O.O)

  40. aizmov says:

    the 40th comment
    and you can read my review up there now in the main topic
    =) =D =D =P =P =P =P =P

  41. confused.. says:

    lol! i’m surprised she got a 9.8 from u! tats unexpected.

    so we have “YEAH~~~ WOW~~~” from ayu,
    & “i want you moRE~~~ EVERYTHING MOORREE~~~” from koda! XD

  42. VnikkiR says:

    So it HAS grown on you! I agree, confused.., I didn’t expect such a high score either XD

    BTW Feras, there’s an EXTRA “WOW” you need to take out in the end ;D Bahaha ❤

  43. aizmov says:

    Veroooo, do not get THAT focused =P

    Karimu, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, it is not 8.9 for sure do not worry =P

  44. confused.. says:

    oh ya.. i forgot hikki’s ah~~~

  45. Raidex says:

    in my opinion,it was a really good song from AYU so faaar,but i can’t give up about “ROCK STEADY” easily also!XD that was so cool song too!but i myself truely have more hopes for AYU’s mirrorcle world than NAMIE’s single….;P

    and about that analize;it was both perfect and WEIRD!!O-O” what was really weird that how that person thought on PV and…i really didn’t except AYU’s songs to go to that way!!i personally don’t like to think about “what may happen to our future human” and such objects -.-” it’s scary….

    i thought it may be something AYU promised to her fans about what she said in one of her dairies ;”i can’t say what’s in my heart(about her ear getting deaf),so…i may sing it.”
    so i could take it as her words for herself too…o_o” why some kind of people are used to think hardly about things around them?!!XDD

    but it was a good review.^^i agree with 10/10,but also if it was me i’d give her 9.9/10 ‘coz her vocals get weaked in chorus parts and is overshadowed by the isntruments.but the overal song is just awesome.

    thank alot for the review though!^^d

  46. aizmov says:

    someone hit it with me =P
    ah i have lotta fans in here =P <<< what is he talking about xD
    but true about can’t give up Namie they have different styles anywayz
    well, i thought her last songs were about her ex or no ?!!!

  47. VnikkiR says:

    It depends on the individual, but I have some friends that can’t let go of the past, some friends that only live in the present, and some friends that think too far into the future. Some of them think only of themselves and the world around them. But some of them think beyond that and sees the world as a whole. None are right or wrong, none are better than the other. To me, Ayu is one of many artists that brings forth a perspective that, like you mentioned, she can’t publically talk about. Like, she once said in an interview that she accepts that she is a product. So with that comes with responsibility. She understands that there are things she should and should not talk about. So in a sense, it’s almost “safer” for her to convey her thoughts thoroughly and concisely through her art of music rather than talk about it in a serious conversation.

    For me personally, I’m the type of person that can get lost in my own mind. I can sit down for hours and just think about everything. There’s a lot that I wonder about, so I don’t particularly find it strange that she would ask about something like the future of human beings. I think a lot about philosophy and existentialism, so it’s really cool that someone as mainstream as her can bring up such a deep topic instead of singing about surface level superficial topics whose meanings can’t transcend through time.

  48. zyerie says:

    for this song mah…for meh..this time…
    gyah..i prefer this to 607080 ….XDDD
    don’t know why….this song is rockin’ly awesome..??!!

    V, get lost in own world, may i join?
    XDDD…actually me too but not by sitting for hours and think about everything. Still remember that i told u i couldn’t sleep because i was thinking of which Tohoshinki goodies to buy,,,
    yeah i ended up – ” not sleeping ” till 5 o’clock..becoz everything just appeared ..zinggg!!!..and dat’s absolutely normal i guess if a star,a he or a she would ask or talk about something like the future of human beings, just like what u said…

  49. Raidex says:

    aizmov: LOTSA FANS?!!XDD
    yeah,they have so much difference in their music.=_=” and it seems that Namie has just falled in the past about her ex boyfriends and soooo on……*someone tell:GET UP GIRL!!let it go and don’t make people headache of your songs!!*XDD
    but her music still is so cool that they can be campapred in someways….they’re both under “pop” catuguries anyway =p

    VnikkiR:i totally got what you meant.i also like to think about philosophy and existment objects alot,but you know…some people*includes herself* jusr can(or btter to say:they “want to”) think og good objects that can happen,i mean…when you wanna goi think about such deep objects,you can choose 2 ways for thinking about it:good way or bad way.(and this goes for any kind of person,no metter how they think about their surroundings,you know.^^)
    i’m the type that can see the good sides of future,always.hardly can think of horrible things that may happen(such as machine and technology objects ;_;”)so…that was my piont.i can come to terms with what Ayu meant in this song.it was so deep,serious,and…good.but it scared me alittle,that “we would transcend our bodies in future”!XD
    but yeah.. :/ i think it’d be rather hard for het to can’t talk about many things,including her feeling,such objects like this,etc.this is waht artists always should fight wath,in their job though:should say,sould not say it!…

    sorry for such loooooong reply.XDD

  50. aizmov says:

    Long replies always welcomed on this blog ^__^
    everyone are welcomed to discuss however they want =D

    about the friendship VnikkiR talking about earlier, it is what the single she is herself gonna release later next month ((maybe lol))… i loved the song we have prepared for the single =D
    you need to wait for it guys ^__^

  51. Raidex says:

    A SINGLE?!!woow~it;s great^^did you do all of its works by yourselves?o.o like..lyrics,instrumentals,etc?
    *can’t wait to see it since those words she said can make a good lyrics XD*

    (sorry,off topic XD)

  52. aizmov says:

    offtopics are also welcomed =P
    yes we made everything, she made almost all the the job i am backuping ^__^

  53. karimu says:

    I usually DO think of “bad” things happening in the future! You know, I’m like the opposite of “normal” people! I used to think of horrific things happening to me or the world around me, but now, I’m more of an optimistic person. I still have some “black thoughts” though :/

    Life is just a passage…

  54. aizmov says:

    i saw the dark side of the life, with the Disease i hold
    i am now on the better shape of my life ever… but still as i will write the next chapter of ONE SINGLE TEAR in few minutes i am very sick now !!!

  55. VnikkiR says:




    Asdfjkl;kjfdsa, I’m sooo pissed!!! There was literally only THREE pennies, THREE PENNIES, in my wallet. WHY on earth would ANYone wanna take MY wallet?! (T_T)

    Meanwhile, I will have to contact everyone I know in the music department to “get” me a new keycard (technically… I’m not supposed to have one, shhh XD). It’s the ONLY place that I can record. Juuust great (T_____T)

  56. karimu says:

    ^ I hope that was a “bad” joke XD

  57. karimu says:

    and, only pennies in your wallet? Where is your pride gurl? :/

  58. aizmov says:

    lol at the pride part
    OMG, that may get us to re-shedual the single then O___O ?!!!

  59. VnikkiR says:

    What does pride have to do with this… I have to replace EVERYthing(I only emphasized that I had pennies, but there WAS other stuff in there). One of them is my debit card, which I had to cancel in case someone uses it to buy $1234567890 worth of stuff. When I said three pennies, that was left over change from whatever I last bought with cash. Some Americans have adapted to buying stuff using credit cards, not cash, so no, I don’t always keep my wallet full of it. I only mentioned the three pennies because it seems ILLOGICAL that someone would keep my wallet knowing that the ONLY useful thing that I had in it would have been cash, cuz any person with common sense would know to cancel their cards right away.

  60. VnikkiR says:

    OHHH, we might not have to reschedule!

    I’ve sent out a notice to my friends who may have a keycard. One of them transferred to a university, but still has his keycard. I’m asking him if I can have his if he’s not gonna use his anymore. Will report to you as soon as he gets back to me (^___^)

  61. VnikkiR says:

    Asdfjkl;kjfdsa, he said I can have it, muahaha!!!

    Yesss… but now I have to figure out how to get it from him (o.O) He said he could mail it, so it may take a week or so for it to get to me (he wants me to send him a SASE). Hm… YEAY! XD

  62. aizmov says:

    what is a SASE, wow we are so out of the main point of the entry =P
    guys how about open a special entry about ” OUR STUFF ” we can spam and talk whatever we want there xD

  63. confused.. says:

    the b side life has already leaked..
    its quite a calm song i feel but a little nostalgic. something we haven listened to some time.. something that fits in the my story album i feel…

  64. aizmov says:

    lol life gave me YUI feeling, well ok song, i guess

  65. confused.. says:

    hmm.. guitars? i tht the beginning sounds lik seasons..oh well. at least its away from the usual rock even though the electric guitars are still there..pity..
    the song is kinda short for me..
    talking about mirrorcle world.. i feel that the background music for mirror is nicer.. even though MW is nice..
    haix. nth is perfect. sad.

  66. NaNa~ says:

    Best Covers ever! I enjoyed the PV and most of the songs so far. I am only waiting for my copy to come to fully listen to life. Congrats Ayu, good luck at your 10th anniversary. She’s the best in my eyes and Heart! ❤

  67. confused.. says:

    oh hell… bad news.. ayumi’s streak for singles is gonna break also…. she is losing to some new boyband..

  68. Dex says:

    Don’t worry about it,confused.
    From today sale report,Ayumi had claimed victory for this week.
    Really happy with it!!!!!!!!
    Mirrorcle World should not lose cuz its songs are so great!!!!

  69. confused.. says:

    ya.. i was informed of it already..
    i am very happy for her.. even though the jump in sales is a little suspicious.. if 2nd week sales fall very badly.. then something must have been done on the last few days of 1st week other than promotion i think..

  70. ahjia says:

    no matter what her sales are, she will be my favourite j-pop singerrrrrrrrrrrrr
    i love ayumiiiiiiiii!!

  71. karimu says:

    confused…: heard of “avex magic” ? They buy extra copies of their own products so that their artists could grab #1. Done with Ayu, AAA and several others.

  72. nov1st says:

    OMG you review Ayu ,too? thats wonderful!!

    I love Mirrorcle World!! MV,too~ I think Ayu is really good at acting…in the MV her emotion showed sooo well ..even though I duno what the song is about…

    She is getting prettier,too! So mature and classic looking…wahh so graceful!!!

    I always have a werid feeling on Ayumi’s MVs..like fairyland, ladies night, pride, mirrorcle world..they kind give me creeps,, very nice very pretty but creeps…scary…ghosty feeling~~~~~

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