~ Final Fantasy 7 CC, COMING SONG ~

i will FULL review this game as i got through 10 hours play time
watch this game’s trailer i will be posting its review soon

15 Responses to ~ Final Fantasy 7 CC, COMING SONG ~

  1. VnikkiR says:

    I watched FFVII CC YouTube vids aaall night, haha. Omg, that sounds awesome, I didn’t even know about it D: I’ve been so out of the FF loop since I stopped playing video games (SO SAD!) I must’ve outgrown my gaming phase. As I did with my Anime phase. Now if only I can outgrow my Asian drama phase… XD

  2. aizmov says:

    drama are hard to be outgrown lol, i am not as a player as i was
    but still i like to play and all ^__^

  3. VnikkiR says:

    Do YOU watch Asian dramas too? (;__;) ~ ❤

    LOL, I’m really late on them, but I’m trying to get my own copy of Palace (I believe is the rough translation…) and watch Romantic Princess (cuz Wu Chun’s in it :3). That’s about it. I don’t have time for dramas though!

    The other night, I like, watched Ashiteru ze Baby AGAIN! Ahhh, I WILL have a daughter as cute as Yuzuyu-chan and marry my own Kippie-onii-chan (as she likes to call him). Good Anime, you should watch it, it’s so cute and touching, hehe XD

    Does anyone know where I can watch Tsubasa Chronicles? I’ve only seen season 1 =[

  4. CBloss says:

    Gah! I wanted to leave a comment a long time ago, but…I’ve been distracted. We finally got a DS so I’ve been living on it and playing Zelda: Phantom Hourglass for awhile. ^^; I’ve been on major video game overload. I got Smash Bros. for the Wii and the sequel to FFXII. (I’m sorry, but I couldn’t resist buying and trying out that game even if you told me it sucked T_T)

    The trailer looks AWESOME!! I actually got to see the commercial that night after you posted this entry. Granted I only saw the last part of it, but I was happy neither the less. ^_^ hehehe. It looks so awesome! Once I finish the games on the DS, I was planning on buying a PSP, but right now, I have enough games to play. Hope you enjoy it!! You gotta tell us what you think!

    I used to be a hardcore anime person, but as many of the good series ended, I find it hard to find any good series as of late so I haven’t been really watching many animes. I find myself watching more dramas than anything. *shrugs* Just seems like there’s more to offer there. I am looking forward for some of the new anime series that starts here in April. The new season of xxxHolic is one of them!!! -^^- About video games, my obsession tends to come and go. When a new Zelda, FF, or KH comes out, I tend to dive right back into the games, but then I won’t touch them for awhile. Just gotta wait for an awesome game to come out, I guess.

    VnikkR, sorry but I don’t know where you can watch Tsubasa since I usually just download the eps. ^^; It’s not up on youTube?

  5. CBloss says:

    Oh and I agree about Ashiteru Baby. Such a cute anime!! ^_^ I loved it as well! Yuzuyu….I can’t express how super cute she is!!

  6. aizmov says:

    WOW, CBloss i was waiting for your reply for ALONG TIME, kinda you are the only one around the blog who discuss games with me haha
    OH, you got a DS ?!!!
    PLEASE, try Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicals, IT IS FUN… but not as fun as FF7:CC as it seems…
    i can’t wait until you buy PSP, there lotta games i have to recommend for it =D

  7. CBloss says:

    Gah ^^; Sorry! Like I said, I’ve been a tad bit distracted. ^_^

    I saw FF:CC for the DS, but was a tad bit hesitant. Was it like the GC version? I didn’t make it through the GC version. ^^; Maybe I should go back to it. *shrugs* It was just too different…and I think I had some other game I was preoccupied with.

    Oh and don’t worry. You’ll be the first to know when I get a PSP. ^_~ I’ve really haven’t looked at the games (I have seen FF:Tactics in the store though) so I’m relying on you to recommend some awesome games. ^o^

    I’ve been keeping my eye on “The Last Remnant” and they haven’t given a release date yet!! Not that I’m in any hurry. Guess I should get a PS3 first. ^^;

    I haven’t heard of any new news on the 2 KH games coming out (I’m not counting the mobile phone one), have you? I hate it when they leave us in the dark. >_<

  8. aizmov says:

    haven’t finished FF:CC DS yet, but pretty much the same as GC one but this one has better story line and can be played solo, the multitasked quest one is the one i haven’t tried but seems fun…

    i got alot of recommendation for PSP, i have non for DS for sorry *checks his games list* FF3, Children of Mana, Front Mission, Luminec Arc, well that’s all what i have, it is weak console in term of the games i like…

    “The Last Remnant” is the awsomeness, i can’t really wait to see how the game play is, i think the next consoles show ” upcoming E3? ” they will show the game with the release date i can’t wait

    the 2 KH, the DS one will release before the PSP one… the PSP one has deeper story and higher budget than the DS =D

    happened that you like Wild Arms series ?!!!

  9. CBloss says:

    The DS is fun and different, but on graphics…yea, it’s scoring in the low areas. It seems to be quite popular, despite that. When I was going down to NZ, all I saw were little kids with DS’s. *shrugs*

    When is the next E3? Hopefully they’ll be giving some release dates. -^^-

    LOL! The budget is hire for the KH game on the PSP? Not surprising. Better graphics, right?

  10. aizmov says:

    if they didn’t give us a release date for The Last Remnant this E3 i will commit suicide O__O

    the KH on the PSP is linked to the main story of ” what happned after KHII ” i believe… it is about the CGI movie we saw on KHII:FM… so for sure it has higher budget and better graphics, and the PSP won’t be an easy console, both PSP and DS has high number of sales

  11. VnikkiR says:

    @ CBloss: Only the FIRST season is on YouTube, but the rest, I have yet to find *insert dramatic music here* Maybe I should just read the Manga, LOL. We have the whole series in our bookstore (I think… I haven’t really checked, but there are A LOT of volumes!)

    Do you prefer Manga over Anime or Anime over Manga? =]

  12. aizmov says:

    Anime over Manga for me, i am a SOUND guy, can’t get hooked with the story with out SOUNDTRACK

  13. VnikkiR says:

    I prefer to watch Anime as well, BUT, if I wanted to read the Manga as well, I’d read it FIRST, cuz once I watch it I can’t sit there and read it, haha.

  14. Xeonash says:


  15. CBloss says:

    I will commit suicide if they don’t give us SOME info. T_T Geez. Love to leave us hanging.

    I’m kind of curious about what they are gonna do with the story. I read that Sora’s not gonna be the main character anymore. I’ll miss him. 😦 *shrugs* I’ve also read that the PSP KH will, just as you said, follow the three characters showed in the Final Mix. It shall be interesting.

    Anime or Manga? Dang. Matters on the series. Series like Lovely Complex, I prefer the manga, but other series like Detective Conan, I think I like the anime more. With Tsubasa….ummmm…..I like both. ^^; I can’t decide.

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