~ Teriyaki Boyz – ZOCK ON ~

with all the Ayumi Hamasaki Mirrorecle World HOT discussion we are being through into i thought of inviting something TOTALY different yet so funny by Teriyaki Boyz, although i am not a fan of the RAP music, Teriyaki Boyz the ones who sung the famous ” Tokyo Drift ” song, the not THAT famous group consist of the well known VERBAL of M-FLO, and the one who sung with ((((((BoA)))))) in her latest album WISE and other members one from RIP SLIM and the other famous DJ… the song comes with collaboration with 2 huge American singers, the famous composer and producer Pharell and the old and famous Busta Rhymesi like the intro that VERBAL started lol, the lyrics are funny and he is really fast on singing i can’t keep tracking with him, then when Bysta Bus ((as verbal introduced him)) came to the scene and i was really laughing at this guy’s movies, lol at the way he acts like drinking from the glass and the way he sing and express his face, that was FERICE lolz, the second part of the song when Pharell comes to the scene, when he sung i was like ” he said KAWAII BABY ZOCK ON ZOCK ON ?!!!! ” lol then i hear him say ” moourai moudai ZOKC ON ZOCK ON ” i was then satisfied that he was singing japanese lol that was funny to hear and watch at the same time XD, i am as mentioned up there not a FAN of RAP music but this MV is very cool to see, so much fun, FEEL FREE HIT THE ROOF ZOCK ON ZOCK ON !!!

5 Responses to ~ Teriyaki Boyz – ZOCK ON ~

  1. VnikkiR says:

    I wonda if you know
    How we live in Toh-kee-yo
    If you see it
    And you meet it
    Den you know you have to go
    Fahs an fuyoooos (fast and furious, LOL)

    I think that’s what the girls say, LMAO. That song is so ridiculously addicting. At first I was like “what the eff?” but then I couldn’t stop listening to it, hahahaaa.

  2. aizmov says:

    lol yeah Tokyo Drift was da awsomeness loolz
    so addictive >_>
    i still like this one though, ZOCK ON ZOCK ON

  3. karimu says:

    The vid doesn’t work for me; put the link plz :p

  4. zyerie says:

    i love the songs..^^
    kinda cool but not as addictive as dat ” Toh-kee yoh ” dat V said^^

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