Namie is back on track; 1st #1 Single in 10 Years!!

Namie Amuro
Namie Amuro‘s 33rd single 60s70s80s which was released 2 weeks ago,  sold a massive 114,719 on its first week and ranked at #2. Those were Namie‘s highest 1st week sales since 2000’s Never End. Though the single failed to top the charts on its opening week, 60s70s80s jumped to #1 due to massive promotion & low competition from other artists. This made it the 1st #1 single by Namie ince 1998’s I HAVE NEVER SEEN. This single proved that Namie Amuro, after 16 years in the industry is still one of the leading Japanese Artists. Congrats!
Namie Amuro – 60s70s80s
Peak Position: #1
1st week sales: 114,719
Total: 152,881 (2 weeks)

10 Responses to Namie is back on track; 1st #1 Single in 10 Years!!

  1. aizmov says:

    i was going to write something about that but well you know lol
    anyways on my agenda ((which i do not know when i will start write what is in it)), there is specail topic about Namie and BoA

  2. karimu says:

    ^where’s BoA’s LIVE WORKS review? ;__;

  3. aizmov says:

    i wrote it but i still haven’t posted it =/
    you know, again, and again, THE UNIVERSITY

  4. jefry says:

    i’m so glad for namie.
    i hope BoA would have a great comeback soon.

  5. boamyjewel says:


    can u believe i dun really like this single!? hahahaha silly the songs are so humble

  6. aizmov says:

    actually i can’t let go of ROCK STEADY
    i am sure it will hit 400+ in my >.>
    for BoA to make this huge comeback she needs something sooo worked out >_>

  7. CBloss says:

    You know, this is the first time I’ve listened to Namie. I totally enjoyed Rock Steady. It’s awesome. I love the other two too. I’m gonna keep my eye out for now on.

  8. VnikkiR says:

    I actually can’t believe this is her 1st #1 single in 10 years. I haven’t kept track of her stats, but that really surprises me. She has some great singles out there, but no #1’s lately? Hm…

    I know everyone’s fighting for #1, but I start to feel like if you DON’T get #1, you’re not respected as much. It’s like, #2 is good too! So is #3! Just to be in the Top 10 in the whole country should be an honor.

    Oh yeah, I’m just saying in general btw, lol. Sometimes I’ll read in forums and people are like, well so and so got #1, so they’re better than everyone else! But it seems unfair… =/

    I finally got Namie’s 60s70s80s. I AGREE! Rock Steady is ridiculously ADDICTING. I can’t get enough of it either. New Look was my second fave. What a feeling was my third. Which is funny, cuz it’s like, the complete opposite for my best friend! He didn’t like Rock Steady AT ALL. And I’m like, whyyy? He thought it was too “busy” and had “too much going on”, which I can understand, cuz that’s the reason why I wasn’t into PLAY when I first heard it (oveeerproduced). But it’s grown on me, nya (^_^)

    I really hope Boa has a major comeback, not that she was in the pits or anything, but she’s become kind of… boring to me? Her music doesn’t have much staying power with me… (after a couple listens, it gets kinda old?) But I really liked the songs Anyband released (^_^)

    YESSS, do a LIVES review. I forget which live show I have of hers… the one where she doesn’t dance at all, she just sings. I loved that a lot, cuz I got to hear her music played by a live band as opposed to electronic synthesized stuff. I think I actually liked her songs MORE when it’s arranged that way, hahaha XD

    “Ain’t no sunshiiine when she’s gooone~!”

  9. confused.. says:

    well.. i tht boa kept using the same material for her album and singles.. kinda those poppish or ballads…(i don’t mean all the songs)
    maybe she should try somethin different in her next single..
    maybe she should pull a ayu.. do a rockish song. show her agressiveness. then the attention will go to her again..

  10. aizmov says:

    nah NO ROCK FOR BoA or i will hate her
    i think she should pull Namie Amuro and some DO THE MOTION style, well she invented Girls On Top style, why doesn’t she send it up to Japan ?!!!
    about the ” #1 issue ” it is big deal yes, but the top 10 as well are big, every week in japan the average releases are 20-30 CD single and about 10 albums… so getting the TOP 10 for the singles MEANS you are SOMETHING

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