~ Sincerely Head News Part 1 ~

~ Sincerely ~
the upcoming single for the blog-surprise talent, Veronica Ros, at its finalizing phases, the songs have been chosen and some of them was fully recorded, all the songs of that single will be used for different activities all around Japan, though the company dealing with the single having a problem getting the copy right for the songs outside Japan but as they informed us, the copy rights in Japan are strong enough…

the single will be coming with three songs wrapped arround the idea of friendship:
to find… to love… to leave
that is Sincerely theme
sure i won’t announce all the details now because we are hiding some for the release date which will be postponed to May 2008 for sure
up until now here is the full information for the songs and its tie-ins

Veronica Ross
Release: xx.05.2008
genre: Piano Solo
CDSN: 0889UG :: sit of 100 copies limited distribution
DSN: 19788DoCoMo :: official online downloads ((Japan Only no iTune))
Sponsors: One Single Tear / Veronica’s My Space

Track list:
1- My Eyes Never Lie (rotation-song for several stores/branches)
3- Fake Smile (Theme song for the CGI animation ” LOST IN THE RAIN “)
4- My Eyes Never Lie Instrumental
5- YOU SAVED MY LIFE Instrumental
6- Fake Smile Instrumental
7- YOU SAVED MY LIFE ~ short version ~ (Bonus Track for One Single Tear only) (not confirmed)
8- CD ONLY TRACK: TBA (this is for the 100 copies limited release) (not confirmed)

((track list subjected to re-arrange))

~ My Eyes Never Lie ~
this song was finished, and the production was a pleasure, i won’t speak alot about it but here is a preview ((sorry if the preview is not perfect))

Download here

~ You Saved My Life ~
in a conversation we made with Veronica Ros last night, veronica stated that ” she is planning to make ” You Saved My Life ” her best production so far with new techniques she never used before “, what are you hiding for us Veronica ?!!!


3 Responses to ~ Sincerely Head News Part 1 ~

  1. VnikkiR says:

    Even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious
    Don’t you know to spell my name, it doesn’t need two s’s
    So take it out, take it out, take it out, yes yes~

    That’s the lyrics to my new song called “you spelled my last name wrong” XD

    Hahaha, well, you got the other ones right! It was probably just a slip of the finger =]

    What’s a SN? Serial Number? You’ll have to give me a tutorial on what those codes are XD

    As an American consumer, is it possible for me to access the DoCoMo online download store?

    What if some of my family members want to reserve a physical copy of the single, could they do it even though they aren’t in Japan?

  2. aizmov says:

    Serial Number, yes, it is copy rights issues 🙂

  3. zyerie says:

    gyah!! out!! wow….
    so happy to hear this…
    lah..but…only in japan?

    ahh…sounds cool with the SN stuff..^^

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