~ Koda Kumi 40th Single ” MOON ” ~

the Japanese singer Koda Kumi is getting ready to release her newest single next June, the description of the single to be ” 4 different elements ” will have 4 different songs half of them haven’t been decided yet as of now we got the song ” Moon Crying ” ((engRish?!!)) which is a ballad song for the drama PUZZLE, a collaboration with the American hottie Fergie and another collaboration with the singer PUSHIM added to another original track that’s not been decided so far, although the idea seems to be like the one ” 4 HOT WAVES ” had but only 2 songs will have Music Videos, more information to be revealed soon


3 Responses to ~ Koda Kumi 40th Single ” MOON ” ~

  1. boamyjewel says:

    PUSHIM will be a reggae, hmm i forgot he title


  2. confused.. says:

    koda’s single covers are out.. and i think they are way better than boa’s..(no offenece..)

  3. aizmov says:

    Koda’s new single covers are her best covers ever
    they are LQ that’s why i haven’t them yet

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