~ Sincerely Head News Part 2 ~


the first production for the hit song of Veronica Ros’s first single ” You Saved My Life ” finished
the song is one of the most touchable songs i have ever heard in my life, the production and the flow of the song was not only ” wow ” but even ” WOW

i’m very impressed with the outcome of this song, so touching ” – Yuri, the single sponsor
seems that Yuri himself the one behind the single promotion and distrubution was very pleased by the song, moreover, he said ” actually I am thinking of a double-tie in and more promotion now, you saved my life exceeded my expectation

is it not special because it was written about my dearest friend, neither because i helped in writing it, but the song itself is HEAVEN put together ” – Feras
Feras, the one who helped Veronica Ros writing that song, seems to be more excited than ever to release that single, but somehow he wants not to, ” I wish I can hide this song and release it for my game project ” Eternity ” in the future

You Saved My Life, is the main song on Veronica Ros’s Spring Debut Single ” Sincerely that subjected to be released next may, promotional videos for the song will be ready as of late May/early June


3 Responses to ~ Sincerely Head News Part 2 ~

  1. zyerie says:

    i wonder how the song’s gonna sound…
    aaa…sounds very promising..^^

  2. Fullmoon says:

    i like ur blog, ur reviews are very good, it helped me on finding songs!!

  3. Aizmov says:

    thanks alot, it is bitty that i am very busy these days…
    i hope we can return to our old activities by summer 🙂

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