first of all sorry for the slow update
first, i was extremely busy these days getting what fell down repaired
second, the university is eating me up, i guess i am not getting a hand free until next June

to the subjective of the title, BoA is coming back AGAIN with new material for Japan this summer
a single Called ” VIVID ” with 3 songs, as of now they are ” Kissing You ” and ” Sparkling ” and these two has MVs all together, the third song’s title haven’t been announced yet but it seems it won’t have MV
more details will be revealed later on


6 Responses to BoA’s NEW SINGLE ” VIVID ” 4/6

  1. jefry says:

    i hope vivid will be as good as 60s70s80s.

  2. jefry says:

    i hope vivid will be as good as 60s70s80s.

  3. VnikkiR says:

    I bought A-Nation 07 on DVD… Boa wasn’t in it (;__;) Do you know why she wasn’t included that year? Hm… I’m thinking of getting another A-Nation on DVD, but I was a bit disappointed with 07’s so I’m not sure…

    Do you happen to know of any concerts on DVD that have a variety of artists like A-Nation and Rhythm Nation does? ^^

  4. aizmov says:

    no BoA last year, she was in Korea at that time, i guess no BoA this year as well…

  5. VnikkiR says:

    Aw poo =[

    I was watching one of her concerts the other day. My aunt likes her XD I forget what it’s called… it’s the one where she’s just onstage singing, but doesn’t dance. Oh yeah, Boa the Live? The one with Moon & Sunrise? :3

    I have another concert where she comes out wearing the butterfly costume (that song sounded kind of… horrid… live, no offense XD) I’m not sure how it sounds recorded cuz I don’t have it.

    But yeahhh. I actually prefer her doing that smaller concert where she was just singing, cuz she didn’t have the crazy outfits and wigs (that didn’t really suit her…) and it really focused more on her vocals (which sounded amaaazing) and the music (I actually like the arrangement with the band better than the original “electronic” sounding recordings…)


  6. aizmov says:

    i recommend ” BEST OF SOUL 2005 TOUR ” the one i attend 3 years ago and ” LOVE & HONESTY 2004 TOUR ” the one where i returned from Japan before i catch it up T_T
    they are like good both vocally, customs and dance ^__^

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