BoA – Vivid (Covers + Tracklist)

Hey guys! This is Karimu, it’s been a long time..! I’ve been real busy this past month -and still-, that’s why I couldn’t access the blog or comment on it.. but I guess I’ll be back in late May or early June. Meanwhile, I invite you all to check out Vivid‘s covers & tracklist. Very promising 😀

CD Cover:

CD+DVD Cover:

M1- Kissing you ※テレビ朝日「7人の女弁護士」主題歌 / TV-CM song
M2- Sparkling ※zespri gold奇异果 TV-CM song
M3- Joyful Smile ※TIE UP日后公布
M4- Kissing you (Instumental)
M5- Sparkling (Instumental)
M6- Joyful Smile (Instumental)

M1- Kissing you Music Clip
M2- Sparkling Musc Clip
M3- Making Off影像收錄决定(只限初囬限定版)

*Making Off-shooting for both PV’s

★CD only features both PV’s in an enhanced CD feature, in addition to the『Vivid Special Movie』, only available on the CD-ONLY version!


13 Responses to BoA – Vivid (Covers + Tracklist)

  1. TLFantasy says:

    What!? When did she really take those pics?
    Oh my, she looks way younger! XD

    I like them.. I really do! even though they’re so very simple.

    The only thing I don’t like is the word “VIVID”.. its position on the cover is stupid.. the font is also typical! Meh, amateur work.

  2. aizmov says:

    and her name is not on the cover LOL XD
    neeeeeeeeways the covers are omigooood
    they are sooooooooo ” QUINCY ” vibe, i hope Sparkling are QUINCYish
    i am so getting the CD+DVD version, although the CD is also tempteing anyone want it so i can see the Special Movie with him 😛 *points at TLFantasy XD*

  3. aizmov says:

    there is a preview for ” Sparkling ” flowing around, well, it is not dakishimersu, no QUINCY, but maybe fast based Beautiful Flowers ?!!!
    guess a passing single for me, maybe better than Sweet Impact, but while it is POPy, maybe lower than Nanairo No Ashita/Your Color, cuz Your Color is unbeatable song XD
    well, preview means nothing i shall wait a little longer for MVs ((i guess for this single i am not listening to the leak, i hope i don’t lol))

  4. karimu says:

    She looks like Namie in the CD cover doesn’t she? XD

    *gonna listen to the previews*

  5. TLFantasy says:

    CD+DVD cover >> CD cover by far.
    Forget it! :p

    Okay, I just listened to Sparkling preview..

    Well, it’s neither bad nor great.. sounds fine.. Refreshing!
    I think I’m gonna like it more than Nanairo no Ashita.

    But overall, I expected Sparkling to be more like STYLE than any other song.. I guess I was wrong.

    Meh.. Whatever.. it’s only a 20-sec preview.. We can’t judge now.

    I still have faith in Joyful Smile, anyway 😀

  6. jefry says:

    will vivid help BoA regain her career?
    i hope so.

  7. karimu says:

    The Japanese public usually digs this kid of “happy” or “refreshing” songs. Shine We Are! & 7Iro both were able to grab #1 spot on the daily charts, and they both had pretty high sales so there is hope!!

  8. aizmov says:

    there is nothing called ” BoA regain her career ” i guess lol XD
    she is so popular there i don’t actually get people when they say ” BoA’s career is declining ” she is still pretty hot over there…
    just have a small spin in Japan, every winter when i go there i still hear them playing Merikuri all around shops/malls, you can see her in all the ADs at the street and TV CMs, how possible a singer face a declining in popularity have 3 tie-ins for her upcoming single ?!!
    even the upcoming Koda Kumi single doesn’t have 3 tie-ins >.>
    the sale figure is not ” popularity scale ” IMO XD

    in another issue, the CD+DVD version have something called ” BoA TV season 2 ” I REALLY LOVED the first season in THE FACE’s DVD… so that’s decided it i am pre-ordering the CD+DVD *PS: TLFantasy, want one with me ?!!!*

    there is another preview for the song that is 1 min, ok i really like it XD but now we got our POPY song, next what ? Merikuri version 3 XD ?!!!


  9. Boamyjewel says:

    Bang! Can any1 upload da preview? I need it badly,

  10. jefry says:

    come to think of it, i keep hearing BoA songs in the shoping malls when i visited japan last december.

    well, it shows that she’s still very popular but her selling power has decreased. oricon should count downloads too!

  11. aizmov says:

    exactly 😀

  12. boamyjewel says:


    Sparkling is RAWK!!! OH MY GOD!! Want to shout this blog out!

  13. zyerie says:

    why the covers are like the..naaa…just dont suit the name..” VIVID ”

    just now one of my colleague passed by, and said..
    My colleague :” eh, itu cewe sapa yang di poto ?” ( that’s indonesian = eh, who is dat girl? “)
    Me : ” yah.. si BoA itu loh..neh gambar single album baru neh.” ( yah, it’s BoA and dats her new single album cover “)
    My C :” kog kliatannya biasa aja, malah kae taon 80an ” ( how come it looks so typical, more to the 80s style )

    when i heard…it makes sense..XDDD…
    but i will try to take a look..n listen..after i got my exam n exercises done at least 30% this week..T__T”’

    ughh..i need vacation..T__T

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