BoA – Kissing You Music Video


and here is finally the Music Video of Kissing You, actually i have never been down by any BoA MVs since i became a fan of her up until now, but don’t get me all wrong, i am not ” down ” bu i rather say i am not ” pleased “, the outfit she wore in the MV was like ” OK OK i got why you called the single VIVID BUT COME ONE LESS COLOR COME ON “, actually i would like it more if it was more like a shirt rather than a dress, the red thingie she wore as well was making me ((PLEASE SHOW LESS COLORS)), but anyhow, and please don’t let me start talking about the hair style that she got in be with you and warped it up here it was really unnecessary, but any how, the ” cute ” acts she was forcing was nice, and I LIKE the song, well the MV do no better for the song but at least the song is NICE, well better than what i have expected… for your information the song in the MV is about 4 minutes and in the single CD is about 5 minutes so they cut it short in here, i wish it becomes better and better in the long version in the CD, well, low budget MV after all i hope Sparkling will have better quality… Rating: 7/10

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18 Responses to BoA – Kissing You Music Video

  1. Kibou says:

    I agree with you. BoA has been appearing with weird outfits and hairstyles.. but I also agree the song is nice. =) It’s a good PV, and the lyrics are very sweet! ^^

  2. TLFantasy says:

    Definitely, her worst MV.

  3. aizmov says:

    yes, the song is nice, lol @ TLF we discuss that tomorrow, you know i am coming eh 😛 ?!!!

  4. boamyjewel says:

    I couldn’t say it’s her worst but Hmmm..

  5. aizmov says:

    her worst was ID Pace B Korean one for me lol XD

  6. boamyjewel says:

    hahaha her 1st PV after all, but i forget when I think about BoA’s bad PV!? I HAVE NEVER!! XD

    Telling about something

    Sparkling PV, she will be using a black hat and brown curly hair ^^
    It’s a secret

  7. aizmov says:

    i saw the leaked pictures, he is pulling make a secret style again i hope 😀

  8. confused.. says:

    haix. i tht this will be a breakthrough single like 60s70s80s.
    but nvm. hope the overall content will be good..

  9. jefry says:

    well, i thought kissing you as a whole is a really good song. way better than the preview. but i’m not satisfied with the mv. it’s cheap… it’s boring…

    can’t wait for sparkling mv though!

    i thought BoA’s worst mvs are japanese key of heart and sara. and korean id;peace b.

  10. karimu says:

    I like the concept, I was excited at the beginning but then I was turned off… WTH? She didn’t even move her ass.. When she got out with the umbrella I thought she was going to dance or something but nothing!

    She “tried” to act cute.. but she it was “over” IMO. Though I laughed at how she was acting lol

    The song is kinda bland but very catchy… It can be compared to Kumi’s anytime and it’s somehow better… I don’t like the arrangements though.. USE REAL INSTRUMENTS DAAAMN!!

    Song: 8.0/10
    MV: 6/10

  11. jefry says:

    i guess she didn’t dance in her new MVs because of the fact that she’s too busy with her concerts and all.

  12. november1st says:

    ” OK OK i got why you called the single VIVID BUT COME ONE LESS COLOR COME ON “,

    Ahaha thats funny, I thought the dress was OK, cuz I think BoA pulled it off..i cant imagine other ppl wear that ‘flower” dress..-_-

    I love how the MV goes but I kinda..feel werid when BoA sang in front of the camera..she looks like she is forcing to look cute..pretty but not really natural..not like Spark,when she was really truly cute..

    anywayz BoA lose a lot weight!! O_O her cheeks are so thin! yet she eat all the good food (photos in her blog)..-_-…I should learn the tip..or maybe singing really cuts off calories….

  13. aizmov says:

    i wonder why she is losing weight while she doesn’t really dance THAT much last season XD

  14. november1st says:

    sigh..I hope I can see BoA dance, I love her dance at GOT and Sweet Impact…

    wahh maybe she’s born that way! no matter how much she eat she never gets fat!!…gosh why I dont have this gift..-_-

    …but if i can be like that I’ll do nothing but eat everyday..-_-

  15. karimu says:

    BoA was chubby, even a little fat during her VALENTI days so… I guess the rehearsals and stuff made her lose some weight!

  16. November1st says:

    Ahaha yes!!! she was only 16 in VALENTI…O_O really..a lot accomplishments..!!!

    VALENTI sold soo well!!!
    But i thought BoA was really really pretty in listen to my heart..the album picture of her is soooo gorgerous!!!!

    and now BoA is mature and sweet!

  17. Rai says:

    I found this page called, they have a big collection of Lee Hyo Lee pictures and videos. Check it out yourself here

  18. Phill says:

    well, the reason why she doesn’t dance is because this vid is for Japanese, and in most of Japanese vid, singers mostly don’t dance and i think it is cute
    her dress is very cute too, it’s Miu Miu dress ridiculously expensive, around 1700$, and i love her hairstyle, i think this is her best vid so far, it’s cute

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