New Download System: 1ST

and here is the not-THAT-long waited new Download System ” 1ST ” which represents ” One Single Tear
basically, the new system will send you one e-mail every Sunday that contains uploaded Albums/Singles/Music Videos for the artists you used to hear in One Single Tear The Blog and even more… in the previous entry i wanted to be sure that there are enough people supporting the system or not and this topic to show you how to sign up to this service and here we go:

what are we expecting from ” 1ST ” ?
you will get one e-mail every week with the title ” 1ST : (SUBJECT) ” the e-mail will contain one album, one single, one Music Video and some links or updates happen into the blog that may interest youi.e. ” JPOp disucssion, Diary special entry and so “

how to sign up to ” 1ST “:
1) log in to your e-mail account that you want the e-mails to be sent to
2) compose a new e-mail with the title ” One Single Tear Download System “ to
*note: the system will not accept your e-mail if it doesn’t have THAT EXACT title
3) do not write anything in the e-mail just send it blank with that title
4) in 24 hours you will get a confirmation e-mail that the system accepted you
5) if the confirmation haven’t been sent to you in 24 hours, try to send the e-mail once again
6) first e-mail will be on Wednesday and the second one in Sunday, then it will keep on coming every Sunday
7) every e-mail will have a number, if you missed an e-mail and you want it to be sent to you again just write blank e-mail with the title of the e-mail i.e. ” 1ST#3 ” and the system will send it back to you in 24 hours
8) if you are signing up with ” gmail account ” you will receive more features from any other e-mail account, just to mention lol

are there any new features are coming ?
i am working on ” 1ST request system” which is hard to implement but i will try my best yo finish it before end of June…

good luck everyone, and wait for more interesting stuff from the

One Single Tear team



(( any question comment about them here ))


9 Responses to New Download System: 1ST

  1. confused.. says:

    so i am to send an email to u with that title?

  2. aizmov says:

    One Single Tear Download System, yes

  3. aizmov says:

    so far only one sent it and got accepted
    if it is hard for you guys i will make a picture tutorial 😀

  4. CBloss says:

    Gah! Sorry I’m late! ^^; Just sent the e-mail!!

  5. aizmov says:

    i didn’t expected that but i am having 16 so far, lol more than the number who signed up for the original topic, i hope by wednesday i finish the first e-mail set 🙂

  6. CBloss says:

    hey! That’s awesome news! -^^- The more the merrier, right?

  7. boamyjewel says:

    I’ve sent one hmmph waiting for something good ^^

  8. boamyjewel says:

    btw 1st is cool name lol

  9. Rose says:

    Hey sounds like a great idea but is it a free servie and download ? Thanks 🙂 Nice site BTW only found it a little while back but i think its brilliant!

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