Today, my summer vacation has officially started! I got my results from school and I ranked 1st on the scientific stream -and of course the whole school :p- 😀

I got a crappy picture from my mobile:

Religion: 100/100100/100 (Average: 100/100)

Arabic: 147/150 – 149/150 (Average: 148/150)

English: 150/150150/150 (Average: 150/150)

Physics: 97/100 – 95/100 (Average: 96/100)

Chemistry: 98/100 – 96/100 (Average: 97/100)

Biology: 95/100 – 100/100 (Average: 98/100)

Maths: 196/200 – 198/200 (Average: 197/200)

Economy & Management: 98/100 – 100/100 (Average: 99/100)

Technology: 98/100 – 100/100 (Average: 99/100)

P.E: 90 90

Arts: 95 95



11 Responses to SUMMER VACATION!

  1. aizmov says:

    lol, i even didn’t start my finals i have 3 more weeks to go T_T

  2. jefry says:

    wow. you’re crazy.

  3. CBloss says:

    Hey, hey!! *whistles* That’s AWESOME news!! Wow!! Hard work pays off! Nicely done!! Congrats! I’m thrilled for you!

  4. november1st says:

    wow!!!! thats all i can say!!!!
    you are on top of everything! 1000 congrats!

    are you study at u.s? cuz the form, the language behind the scores looks like arabic..

  5. karimu says:

    Thanks guys XD

    November 1st: No, not in the U.S, I’m currently in Palestine.

  6. aizmov says:

    i had a dream that we met 😛 ~so off topic~

  7. karimu says:

    ^ I had tons of dreams that we got out of here… -__-
    I’m starting to lose hope…

  8. karimu says:

    btw tell me about it XD

  9. DS says:

    But ¿you do have a SOCIAL life don’t you?

  10. Sun says:

    Is there only one student at school? That’d make it a little easier to come first, wouldn’t it 🙂

    Jokes. Congrats!

  11. ellison80 says:

    well done on passing your exams you must be really proud of what you have achived i know i would be!

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