~ are BoA’s sales REALLY going down ~

debut at #3 today on Oricon with 8000 copies sold only
it keeps me concerned, since BoA‘s popularity is still GOOD in japan
what makes her sell less than before, specially for a single that has 2 A-Side songs with 2 MV
i am with everyone that this single doesn’t have SOILD material but still it has good tie-ins and enough promotion but still won’t exceeds 25K this week 😛
meh, it is time for BoA to pull Namie‘s style now, or what do you think 😛
i wanna shout out loud ” GO BACK TO KOREA GURL


43 Responses to ~ are BoA’s sales REALLY going down ~

  1. CBloss says:

    Wow. Only 8,000? >_< That is not good. I’ve listened to bits and pieces of the songs and I agree, they are weak, but still….only 8,000? Wow.

  2. karimu says:

    She still has the power to debut in the top 3. That’s pretty good IMO. The single in nothing spectacular after all…

  3. aizmov says:

    well LYM was a better single than this and debut with around 4500 or less lol…
    still, i myself started to get bored from BoA, like i don’t wanna hear another single from her until like she blow it up in Korea or something… really, i don’t want another Japaneses song for like another 6 months unless she is back with something brilliant, even another ” DO THE MOTION ” won’t work for me now >.>

  4. nov1st says:

    I saw on the oricon chart it’s 4533 (copies?) or something…

    sigh..I duno but I thought the singles were good, ,espcially double A sided …I thik it should sell at least over 10000 at first day!
    Maybe technology is better ow and ppl just download it for free..i’m waiting mine to arrive!!!

    I was looking through BoA’s single history and saw Do The Motion sold appox. 160,000 copies..its almost same as THE FACE Album..

    she should work more at korea, her sellings werent bad at korea..maybe japanese likes her music cuz she have the different style, and now she became a j-pop artist..there is not alot excitement in it..

    waaaaa@#!@#$#@ BoA Aja ja fighting!

  5. karimu says:

    ^ A flop single in Japan = A Hit Album in Korea… in terms of benefits Korean CDs are far cheaper…

    Aizy: LYM’s debuted @ #6… we couldn’t see the sales at that position 😛

  6. aizmov says:

    people who have a prepaid-access to Oricon ((i.e. me)) can see that in the singles history…
    and yeah, even if BoA returned to Korea, she is going to sell like 100K MAXIMUM from her album which makes her Japanese releases way better, well that IF it wasn’t less then 100K
    her Girls On Top sold over 120K only lol XD
    it is just a mess for her XD
    i can’t wait to see the DVD content when my copy comes that what i care about lolz

  7. aizmov says:

    and yeah she dropped to #5 today
    ok BoA now, you need a turn around thing O_O

  8. karimu says:

    Go check your archives, the #3 in LYM week had 4500 copies. So LYM had way less…

  9. nov1st says:

    ..still…#3 or#5 is not bad..i’m glad that at least she made to top 10,,, but the sellling are going too low..how can BoA sell only thousand copies instead of 10K or higher…VIVID are really just OK songs…but it should go higher..T_T Maybe promotions are important,too.. I thought Make A Secret is really impressive but its sellings were low,too..-_-..

    BoA should come up with something fresh and different, not to rush all the singles…

  10. aizmov says:

    LOSE YOUR MIND – BoA : 2532 (( 2532 x 1.75 = 4431 ))
    first day that is ^__^

  11. karimu says:

    ^ I thought 4500 without (x1,75) :p

  12. aizmov says:

    i expected that lol
    OK, now Raise your hand if you want BoA to go to Korea and then i will send that to her via SOUL club 😛

  13. karimu says:

    ^I don’t care as long as she makes good music. VIVID isn’t necessarily spectacular or anything but it’s still a “good” product.

  14. aizmov says:

    it is not even better than BE THE ONE 😛

  15. nov1st says:

    But BE THE ONE is sooo good! I duno why it was so low on chart but I thought i was really good song..

    come to think about it..BoA’s early jpop singles never hit #1 but all really good and also sell good(valenti, Every time…) I duno how Oricon chart works..really..

    T_T but I heard BoA only have 2 more year with AVEX TRAX ..so they might just hurry make money and let her go!!!

    what will happend to BoA after the contract ends? Oh did she mention she want to study aborad???

  16. aizmov says:

    they will re-new it again…
    i can’t wait to see what Koda will do next week XD

  17. aizmov says:

    and today she is #6, lol this is hopeless XD

  18. confused.. says:

    koda.. bound to get no.1 i think. as for sales.. nt sure..

  19. nov1st says:

    I thought she can at least stay at #3…or #4…
    Hope sales up!!!

    really? they will re-new contract with BoA? but she want to study aborad I heard…:-(

    I duno if all the promotions are really working..I mean the PV was out like 2 month early?..ppl download it already, except some really obsessed with BoA’s fans..and albums are always leaked to internet really really early..-_-

    But then Utada’s Flavor Of Life sold so many..so I guess its still the quaility of music…I hope BoA can make something powerful like”Flavor Of Life”. she totally sang her emotions into the song!!!

    But she should rest after THE FACE Tour..how can someone work for 7 years straight..she missed her teenager life already..she should rest..yes rest..

  20. VnikkiR says:

    To be honest, this doesn’t surprise me at all…

    This is just my personal opinion, but even though I like her, I find her to be very boring and dull. Ok, we know she can sing and we know she can dance. Sure, she wrote a couple songs here and there. But I don’t feel like she’s really grown as an artist. It’s kind of like, she consistently releases “pretty good” stuff, but she doesn’t release anything AMAZING.

    She’s incredibly talented, but that talent isn’t being utilized to its fullest potential. The alluring excitement that she used to bring just isn’t there anymore. What she really needs is to focus on QUALITY and not quantity.

    I’d rather not hear anything new from her over the next few months, but then have this super mega awesome single thrown in my face than to have her releasing these mediocre “ok, this will get her by” songs.

    Like, if you look at other big name acts (Ayumi Hamasaki, Koda Kumi, Namie Amuro, Utada Hikaru for example…) to me, they’ve all grown in some way or another. But that growth just doesn’t reflect in Boa… is it just me that doesn’t see it or do any of you feel the same?

  21. VnikkiR says:

    P.S. She looks insanely pissed off in the pic of her in the featured artist area, haha… XD

    Another note: This is kind of off topic, but I just have a question. I read some relatively old stuff around the internet that Hyori Lee is/was supposedly the “highest paid female star” in Korea, but 1.) is that true and 2.) HOW? XD

    Is there a reason why Samsung stopped using her for their Anycall commercials? Cuz I really liked the whole Anyband concept (^_^)

  22. jefry says:

    i will blame all this on her manager who failed in finding her great songs.

  23. karimu says:

    VnikkiR: OMG completely agree with you ;__; The last “Amazing” song she did was OUTGROW IMO, everything after that from “ok” to “pretty good” but nothing really “mind blowing”, except for Winter Love :p

    VIVID sounds like something that she could’ve released around LISTEN TO MY HEART era… -at least at the time, this ind of songs was popular-.

    I personally think that “any” of the new songs on the face had better quality than the 3 songs on VIVID. She should have saved AGGRESSIVE, My Way Your Way, Style, Best Friend, BRAVE or even Girl In The Mirror to release -some of- them as singles… Happy Birth Day & ギャップにやられた were the most popular new songs on THE FACE though :p

    About Anycall: They planned only one project. I don’t know if they’re gonna make another one… it was extremely popular though…

  24. nov1st says:

    VnikkiR I agree with you,too!
    Is that what’s called..uniquness or special spot????
    I think BoA can sing pop/ballad songs well,,,, but maybe she should find her unique part and work with it…like Utada..she have her style…or Koda…

    Maybe its because she is too talented on everything she cannot decide..

  25. aizmov says:

    i lost BoA after MADE IN TWENTY, her Your Color was AMAZINGLY AMAZING
    i guess she has to go to ” Namie’s Road “, i insist on that
    in japan, Namie now pretty HOT, i don’t think you guys were around when i first listen to Namie with her album ” STYLE ” she sold kinda a little bit higher than THE FACE, and that because ” She Changed Her Style ” i kept hearing that alot while i was in there, although i was so hooked on her, Mai Kuraki and BoA… but alot of people were like ” MEH, we prefare BoA ” now look she kept the style until the japanese people got used with it
    BoA has the same potential to pull that sexy, fun, easy going image Namie pulls, not even mentioning that BoA is a better dancer, guys just go listen to ” ALARM ” for namie, and imagen BoA singing/dancing it
    although it is ” THE BEST DANCING VIDEO ” for Namie by far, but BoA in that image ? COME ON, I WANT TO SEE IT

  26. karimu says:

    BoA should have her own style rather than pull a “Namie Style”. Almost every well-known female singer has her “own” signature. Ayu’s Pop/Rock, Namie’s Hip-Pop, Kumi’s Slutty/Dance songs, Hitomi’s Crossover…etc. BoA? She’s like a cameleon! But unfortunately, a “safe cameleon”. I guess that she fears dramatic change… though she did it with My Name. Is she waiting for the “right moment”?

  27. confused.. says:

    i know wat boa falls into… winter ballads/pop. but i don’t think this will help much in her sales.. especialy pop.. her music is lik yui’s. the same for quite some time. yui’s third album is still guitar.. i first time i hear i got a little irritated though..

    i hope ayumi reduce the number of pop/rock songs in her next album.. at least go to some other genre she used in her old album or get some new genre lik koda..

    koda expriments with music genre quite a lot i think..

  28. aizmov says:

    BoA can do Urban, SHE REALLY CAN DO URBAN, ” My Name ” and ” Girls On Top “… none in japan holds the Urban signature

  29. aizmov says:

    LOL she dropped to #10 today XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD

  30. nov1st says:

    I love GOT…her voice gaves me goosebumps!!
    But she lipsync GOT live performances..must be hard to sing such strong song…

    I think BoA match the style of DO THE MOTION…what style is that? Her voice is really..umm i duno how to explain..like water floating? really smooth with no cracks..I like Ayu’s voice but sometimes her vibrato is too long…

    Her album is always composed of ballad(most of them sounds alike) and dance songs..until the FACE album, I think her music turned more into hip hop?

    #10?! OMG!!! I checked yesterday and it was #5!!!

  31. nov1st says:

    wait wait! VIVID is #9 now…
    😀 hope it made into #7/8 weekly…

  32. karimu says:

    If she has just some little luck, she’ll debut within the top 5.

  33. aizmov says:

    **1 72,977 GReeeeN
    **2 68,973 タッキー&翼
    **3 24,533 LM.C
    **4 22,778 清水翔太
    **5 20,221 BoA
    **6 16,432 柴咲コウ
    **7 14,956 米米CLUB
    **8 14,169 Aqua Timez
    **9 14,028 ORANGE RANGE
    *10 13,548 トータス松本

    lol @ karimu’s prediction 😛
    oh well, so guys what’s next XD ?!!

  34. karimu says:

    Where are the days where a single had to sell 40,000+ to access the top 10…?

    BoA honey, finish your tour and go relax for 3-4 months before coming back. And DON’T go back to Korea until the rest is over… ;_;

  35. aizmov says:

    that’s true, it is not the 40K days, it is ” where are the days where was the 11th sell 80K ”
    well, i don’t want BoA to rest if she is going to make a Korean Album, unless if the main song turned out to be as stupid as the Korean songs these days -.-;

  36. karimu says:

    btw: Feras, can you re-upload Miz’s Albums for me… ?:p
    Sorry for posting this here but I’m kinda in a hurry :p

    PLZ PLZ!!

  37. aizmov says:

    lol check up the last.fm inbox, well, not the albums but it is easier way for me and you to contact 😛
    DO IT NOW 😛

  38. aizmov says:

    Koda debut #2 today with 41K total lolz
    that scandal haven’t effected her much it seems
    because honestly ” MOON ” is way worse than ” FREAKY “

  39. november1st says:

    Aiyaaa! If BoA needs to rest..then it should be a long time like half year…

    And she shouldn’t just finish the TOUR and go…she should come up with something that blow everyone off then go rest..other wise she might be forget..

    Just my imagination…those ppl rush things is not good…

  40. confused.. says:

    honestly speaking.. i don’t think the scandal will affect her much.. i thinki served as promotion.. lol. u think the teenagers will care so much on wat she said..

  41. aizmov says:

    lol maybe XD

  42. TiTis says:

    omg boA only 8,000????I feel sorry now lol…well actually she sold 7,936 to be exact. well still ok I guess and 20,221 for one week.

  43. soukaina says:

    Ecouter et telecharger

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