in 2D or in 3D ?!!

Hello everyone, it is Aizmov ^__^
well, i have till the end of this day to give up answer to this question hehe
so i found out myself throwing this question in here to make a small survey about it
well, for my summer training this year i (may) have to work with a company who will make a short animation paced on a story comic written by the old yet famous ” LEGO ” company, the story about children who saw an AD about a LEGO  competition and they decided to join they search for a name for their group, a sponsor and tool kit to make a robot for the competition…
now the problem is, i am a 3D expert, my colleague who will work on that with me is a 2D expert
we are both now confused, shall we make an animation with ” TOY STORY “, ” SHERK ” or ” CARS ” style or we make an animation with ” CAPTAIN TSUBUSA “, ” POWER PUFF GIRLS ” or ” Spy Girls ” style
knowing that, our target are children of the age between 8-10 years old
what do you think we shall make it of ?!!!


11 Responses to in 2D or in 3D ?!!

  1. nov1st says:

    OMG OMG TOY STORY!!!! It looks very cool and its a classic!

    Or SHREK, I think those two are the best

    OMG thats so wonderful you can make 3D movies! I love PIXAR’s animation film!!!

  2. aizmov says:

    that makes your answer ” MAKE A CRAZY 3D ANIME ” XD

  3. confused.. says: depends on wat gender u r targeting.
    i dono about shrek.. but i think toy story is nice.. but it must be veri funny though.. lol.

  4. nov1st says:

    what…ORZ I didnt even read the question carefully…sorry..

    I was so excited about Toy story and shrek that I forgot what the main topic is relaly about..T_T

    ahaha yes make a 3D Animation!!!!!

  5. TLFantasy says:


    You finally found one, I see.
    Is it in Riyadh?

  6. VnikkiR says:

    I personally prefer watching 3D over 2D. I’m not sure about the opinions of 8-10 year olds… but with the ever evolving world of technology, their preference to better graphics may have developed in earlier stages of their life, so 3D doesn’t sound like a bad idea… I’ve watched a number of short film animations in 3D and they’re really good. For example, before watching a Pixar film, sometimes, they’ll play a short film right before it. Hm… yeah, I definitely agree with everyone above, it may be more appealing to go with 3D (^_^)

  7. karimu says:

    Combine both …. :p

  8. aizmov says:

    actually we thought about combining both…
    we still not sure we may go 2D though because he will have work to do, in 3D i will be like working alone XD
    we still thinking well let me get you the comic:

    here it goes:

    so now what do you think guys XD ?!!!

  9. confused.. says:

    i think go 3D for most of the parts.. some funny moments maybe u can use 2D?
    I agree with VnikkiR that the times are changing already. these kids are already exposed to the graphics of ps3, psp, xbox..
    so i guess if its 2D.. they may get turned off or something..

  10. confused.. says:

    oh ya.. forgot one thing.. u r doing an animation based on that comic u posted?

  11. aizmov says:

    yes ^_^

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