~ First Look : Metal Gear Solid 4 ~

finally, Finally, FINALLY, F I N A L L Y O_O
Metal Gear Solid 4 on my hands, well, people of United State, Japan and United Kingdom haven’t got their copies now, because the game won’t be released before tomorrow, and here is the surprise i’ve got my copy since last Monday :D…
i will talk about this on the opening for this FIRST LOOK, but yes guys, this is all about Solid Snake FINAL mission

~ 1ST First Look, by Aizmov ~

12/6 is the official date for the world wide release of METAL GEAR SOLID 4, but this is not for the people who lives in Suadi Arabai, Kuwait and United Emarites, yes we managed to put our hands on the full and early copies of ” METAL GEAR SOLD 4 ” since Monday 9/6, i picked up my copy that day to be precise but i haven’t played the game until today, yeah i had 3 exams in a raw the past 2 days and i really couldn’t have the time to give it a try, the noticeable thing in this matter is we didn’t get copy or two, we got HUNDREDS of copies ready to be sold in the stores right now, and for the first time i felt that we have exceeded Japan’s power in getting Video Games early lol, enough of that, let’s see what Snake was ready to give us…

Opening Scene ((SPOILER FREE)):
not gonna talk about what happened but i got really amazed by the act, stealth, player mode transaction, the although i was pissed of because the opening haven’t got much of instruction to guide you about how to play the game, i guess Hido Kujima thought that whoever will play MGS4 have played the ones before, well i did, but i was searching for OLD abilities snake was using but i couldn’t find which made get exposed more than once lol, i mean come on, SOME INSTRUCTIONS lolz, i believe i have seen a ” Training Mode ” option at the Start Menu, but who thought that there will be NO INSTRUCTION at all on the OPENING SCENE, however, nice introduction for the game, it give me a heads up that my summer vacation will be hot for a week at minimum rate…

Game Play:
what i can say is, I MISS WHEN SNAKE WAS HIDING FROM THE SOLDIERS ON HIS BACK, yes this is no more, now sanke hide using his front body, NOOOOOOOOO, i was going to cry when i saw that lol, but yes the new well, i am having the same game so far, stealth, hide and get rid of the soldiers by sleeping them or killing them but since the last MGS we played was like 3 years ago, i guess I MISSED THAT lol


amazing, well not the BEST as of now, but it is AMONG the amazing ones, though it uses the same SAME animator used in MGS3, but this is no problem for me as long as the GAME IS HERE

this is a game i will keep playing for quite sometime, and i will never forget along the time
so far i can go with easy 9.5/10
full review when i finish the game 😀


3 Responses to ~ First Look : Metal Gear Solid 4 ~

  1. CBloss says:

    Ah yes….MGS. While I haven’t played it myself, I’ve heard/seen plenty of the up coming game. The first time I’ve heard of Snake, though was when he appeared in Super Smash Bros. ^^;

    Lucky you! Getting your hands on the game early! *whistles* Beautiful graphics. Nice and crisp. While great graphics aren’t necc. for a game, it’s definitely a plus in my book! ^_~

    You know…you never said how the latest FF game was. Was it as awesome as you expected?

  2. aizmov says:

    You mean ” Final Fantasy : Crisis Core ” ?
    think i will put up a late review for it along with MGS4 review, yeah i am kinda super free this summer to do ANYTHING 😛
    i just finished the first chapter in MGS4, the story is coming up so slow, but the game play is getting more and more exciting ^_^

  3. Danae says:

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