Vivid is BoA‘s 26th Japanese Single, it was released on June 6th and ranked at #5 on its first week selling 20,000 copies. The Single came in 2 editions: A CD+DVD edition & A CD Only edition. The DVD contains video clips for Kissing You & Sparkling, plus BoA TV 2nd Season. CD Only buyers get Vivid Digest and footage from the Jacket Shooting. Vivid is BoA’s first concept single

Kissing You opens with scratchy old-sounding piano followed by BoA singing the chorus. The arrangement of the song is very interesting, it gives the perfect summer-y atmosphere that the song tries to get you into. The verses quite simple but not dull at all. The chorus is really catchy and BoA sings it with the sweetest way possible. Unfortunately, once you’ve heard the verses & chorus, you’ve heard the whole song already.Though, I melt when I hear the “hummm…” in the bridge, a longer one would’ve been nice. Kissing You is perfect for summer, but only for those with a good mood to hear the whole thing!

Sparkling, the second song, is an up-tempo pop song. The song reminds me of old european songs, like… this song could compete in Eurovision Competition, I swear! The song starts with ballad-ish verses then dance beats and other instrumentals are quickly added as the song progresses. The Chorus is extremely catchy though it’s a little too short for my taste. Sparkling’s performance gave me a Garnet Crow feel, the pianist, the guitarist…etc The only difference is that BoA’s are fake. The only problem is that the song gets repetitive after a few listens, heck she repeats the “Every Me, Every You!” part more than 10 times in less than 4 minutes! Still, BoA enjoys the song and we do too.

The opening of Joyful Smile was very promising until the chorus came and ruined it all. I like the “damdarada…” and the verses flow well too. There’s nothing wrong with the chorus though I expected a faster one. Actually, the whole song is cliché, it’s a (there-aren’t-millions-of-people-dying-from-hunger-poverty- or-wars-and-we’ll-all-live-happily-ever-after) kind of song. You know what? I like it. Especially the bridge part of the song, very dreamy. So, “Joyful Smile for You, Joyful Smile for Me”…kinda girly huh?


When you hear a “concept single” you’d expect something really good (ie. Namie’s 60s70s80s), well it is not the case with Vivid. While the 3 songs are pretty good, none of them is ground-breaking. Vivid sounds like the type of songs she would be released around LISTEN TO MY HEART era, when this kind of sugar pop was popular. Vivid is not what I wanted to hear from BoA in this new era, especially if she’s going to realease a second Best Album.

Though that seemed a little tough, it’s really what I think of the single. However, it does not mean that the single is bad or anything, it’s BoA BITCH!


11 Responses to BoA – VIVID

  1. aizmov says:

    the songs in this single started to grew into me
    but saying the truth, i sell all three songs for Sweet Impact XD

  2. nov1st says:

    Did you make the picture of VIVD black white on purpose because its not refresh and colorful like the title? I agree~
    I have those songs and I never listen to them again after the first time I heared it..its like you know whats going on already//I agree I love BoA’s “hmmm”…Kissing You and Sparkling are so similar, they all have the similar concept…I didnt even finish Joyful Smile..cuz i knew its another good BoA ballad but same thing over again just like “be with you”…

    20000 is not bad..better than beside you…sigh so bad for a concept single though..I was hoping something like 60s70s80s…

  3. VnikkiR says:

    I probably missed this, but what is the concept behind this “concept” single? XD

  4. jefry says:

    i had hope for vivid before i listened to the songs.
    BoA can do better than this.

    i still like kissing you though.

  5. aizmov says:

    Veronica, this single was suppose to have ” colorful songs ” that is VIVID for everyone lol
    best 2-A concept so far is: 60s70s80s and Sincerely because they both have a meaning

  6. boamyjewel says:

    lol I guess.. Vivid is better than 60s70s80s though what a feelin’ has grown on me.. but New Look and Rock steady like GOOD, not great..

    Well personally Vivid is better for me..

    and once again who did review?
    Aizmov o karimu!?
    Just wondering…

  7. aizmov says:

    Karimu always writes in BLUE

  8. confused.. says:

    i cant believe he said the word bitch..

  9. jefry says:

    60s70s80s is way better than vivid.

  10. confused.. says:

    i agree.. at least namie tried something new.. boa is still playing with her usual genre..

  11. jefry says:

    no, it’s not even her usual genre.
    vivid is worse than her usual genre.

    i’m hoping for another valenti^^
    i really love lose your mind though!

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